Cold Lake Minor Hockey

Cold Lake Minor Hockey



21 May 2008

Held at CLMH Office

President - Les Wilson (vote incase of tie)
VP Business Ops – Kathy Burke
VP Hockey Operations – Shane Steptoe
Dev. Coordinator – Justin Belcourt
Initiation Director – Jacki Cook
Bantam Director – Rob Mears
Midget Director – Warren Platzer
Fundraising/Tournament – Deb Thomas
Treasurer – Dan Trynchuk
Registrar – Deb Josvanger
Executive Assistant- Tracy Spears (no vote – paid employee / Absent:
Director at Large – Glen Hawco
Novice Director – Angela Belcourt
Atom Director – Brian Wareham
Peewee Director – Greg Bullivant
Female Director – Nicole Mavridis
Bingo Director – vacant
Ice Scheduler- Cathy Wilson
Equipment Manager- Larry Karenko
PR Director – Lee Wendell
Referee in Chief – Lloyd Belcourt
  1. Call to Order – Les Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.
  1. Adoption of Agenda – under #5 cross off Reports, and it will be Executive Committee Orientation Presentation.
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes – Shane Steptoe motioned that the last executive minutes from April 16/08 be accepted as read, Rob Mears seconded. All in favor. Carried.
  1. Delegations – none
  1. Executive Committee Orientation Presentation – Les presented a power point presentation. Each member of the executive introduced themselves then gave a brief description of hockey or sport involvement, as well as personal history and their hockey pet peeve. The purpose of this orientation presentation is to ensure all members of the executive are on the same page. The purpose to CLMH is lead an organization through tough times, good times and developing times. The role of CLMH is to ensure that the players have a fun, safe and positive environment while developing their skills and learning the value of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  1. Unfinished Business –

6.1 - Hockey School - CLMH membership has until June 15 to register, after this date it will be opened to the public. Justin has all the information and just needs to get hold of Lee to get an add drafted up for the paper.

6.2- Hockey Alberta AGM – 5 members of our executive will be attending the AGM June 13-15 in Red Deer.

7. New Business

7.1 – Executive Emails – Les has new emails and passwords for all

new executive members. These will be the addresses that information

will be mailed to once everyone has them up and running.

7.2 – Jersey Numbers – this was brought up at the AGM and it was

said that we would discuss it at the next executive meeting. This is a

coach matter, we will leave it up to the coaches to decide how to issue


7.3 – Coach Package – the coach application can be found online. All

coaches need to fill this out. The deadline for applications for AA

coaches is July 15, all other teams the deadline is August 15.

7.4- Executive Jackets - at the next executive meeting Tracy will have

the book from K3 for the new executive to order. These jackets are not

to be worn on the bench.


  1. Open Discussion.- still have no bingo coordinator, Cathy will be done by June 15.

-need to look at a casino license, Kathy and Deb to talk

about this.

-anyone that is on the bench or in the dressing rooms, need to have a

criminal record check done.

-next cash calendar draw will be June 2. Deb, Deb and Kathy to do the

draw at 11:00am.

-on June 17, there is a gaming seminar, we have 2 spots secured one for

Kathy and Deb. We are going to try and get a 3 spot for Tracy to attend, as

she gets lots of questions in the office about gaming funds.

-we will need to look for a VP Hockey Ops as Shane and his family

will be moving out of the area.

  1. Next Meeting – will be June 18 at 7:00pm at the Hockey Office.

10. Adjournment – Dan Trynchuk motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:55pm,

Seconded by Rob Mears.


Les Wilson (President) Tracy Spears (Executive Assistant