Client Review Instructions for IFA S

Client Review Instructions for IFA S

Client Review - Instructions for IFAs


The Client Review application is used by your client to complete their fact find or amend their existing details that you already hold within Simplicity.

You do not need to install the Client Review application. It is intended for Client use only.

Fact Find data is sent from you to your client and from your client back to you. The Client Review application is intended to work with Microsoft Outlook to perform these tasks. If you or your clients don’t use Outlook as their email client, you should consider the technical level of your client because they will need to work with email messages & file attachments.

The Client Review software is easy to use, your client can complete their fact find in one-go, or in any number of sessions. Whenever they exit the Client Review application the data they have already entered is automatically stored.

When your client has finished entering the details of their fact find, they can export the data to you via email.


The Client Review process is straight-forward:

  • If the client you are sending Client Review to is a new client that you currently hold no data for, you just send the client the email link we have provided so they can download and install the Client Review software onto their computer. Once installed your client can use the Client Review icon on their desktop to enter their data. Once they have completed their fact find they can export the data and send it to you via an email message.
  • If the client you are sending Client Review to has existing data within Simplicity that you want them to amend, you use the temporary export feature of Simplicity and attach the export file to an email which you send to the client. The client can then use the Client Review application to search their Outlook inbox for export files, and import their data, amend it, then send it back to you.

You should use the File – Import Client Review feature of Simplicity when importing data that has been created by the Client Review application. This will provide you with details of what has been changed by the client.