Click on the Mail App at the Bottom of Your Device

Click on the Mail App at the Bottom of Your Device

Setting up E-mail

  1. Click on the mail app at the bottom of your device
  2. Click on “Microsoft Exchange”

Email: full email address


Domain: leave blank

User Name: full email address


Password: should be the same password you use to log

into a district computer

Description: Leave blank

  1. Click “next”

Server: should populate on its own, if it does skip the next step

** If it doesn’t you may have typed in, your email,

username, or password is wrong.

In this case, press cancel and start over.

  1. Click “next”
  2. Click “save”
  3. Go to “settings”:
  4. C Users bhendrick CLOVERPORT AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Content Outlook W92P9YOP photo 2 PNGSelect “Mail, contacts, Calendars” on the left side

On the right side change:

  1. Under “mail” turn on “ask before Deleting”
  2. Under “Calendars” change sync to “all events”
  3. Under “reminders” change sync to “all Reminders”
  4. Click on “Exchange” under accounts
  5. “Mail days to sync” change to “1 Month”
  6. Click “done”

**Side note: You can set your signature here as well.

(See graphics to make sure your settings are correct)

Setting up the Infinite Campus APP

  1. Click on the IC app on your device
  1. Under school district, click the District ID box and type:
  1. Your username is firstname.lastname—all lowercase
  1. Password: lastnameBirthday (Birthday must contain 10 numbers, no dashes)
  2. Example: John Smith who’s birthday is January 1, 2000 would have a login that looks like this:
  3. Username: john.smith
  4. Password: smith01012000

Enrolling in MDM (REQUIRED)

  1. Click on Safari
  2. In the URL box, type
  3. Type in your username—same as logging in to computer

Password is the same as computer login

Domain: Cloverport

Check box next to “This is a Company-owned Device”

  1. Click Submit
  2. Now go to the App Store
  3. Search for Absolute Apps, swipe to the second page, and click Install on this icon:
  4. Let it completely load, and the click the Gray icon right next to it
  5. It will automatically configure
  6. Once it has loaded, select Install next to Absolute SAFE
  7. These 2 apps should remain on your iPad indefinitely

For Middle School:

  1. Click the Accelerated Reader app:
  2. Click Connect to My Renaissance Place
  3. The URL to enter is:
  4. Click Next
  5. Your username and password are the same that you use to login to Accelerated Reader on the computer

To change Apple ID Password:

  1. Click your iTunes icon
  2. Make sure Music is selected at the very bottom
  3. Click where it says Apple ID:
  4. Press View Apple ID
  5. Type in the Password: Changem3
  6. Press the Apple ID box under Edit
  7. Then remove all of the characters beside Password and Verify
  8. Type in your new password beside each of them and click Done

**This is the password you will use to download all of your free qpps, music, etc.

To change the name of your iPad

  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. About
  4. Name
  5. Change to your First Name and Last Name
  6. Example: John Smith

**MUST include both first and last name

You will need to create accounts/register for the following programs:

  • Edmodo
  • ShowMe
  • SkyDrive (email username and password is used)
  • DropBox

**It would be in your best interest to create a Password for these programs that you will remember. We are not able to reset these accounts for you.

**Use your school email for each Username in the programs above, and same password as email