Classificationaustralian Public Service (APS) 5

Classificationaustralian Public Service (APS) 5

Position Number20021609

Position TitleAdministrative Officer

ClassificationAustralian Public Service (APS) 5

Salary$66,170 - $69,841 plus superannuation


LocationDarlinghurst, Sydney


Contact Officer:Sheryl Robbins

Phone number:02 9126 3681

Submission Details:Applications are to be submitted via email to

Should you experience any difficulties with submitting your application please phone (02) 9126 3681

Closing Date: Thursday 7 June2012, midnight AEST


Please read the following information to assist you in preparing an application.

Application Package

The following documents are attached:

  • Job description, job specification and selection criteria;
  • Application cover sheet "Personal Particulars Form";
  • Ratings scale to be used for referee reports; and
  • Referee report form.

Preparing your application

You should include in your application:

  • Personal details to assist in identifying your application (you should use the Personal Particulars Form) including a clear indication of which position(s) you are applying for;
  • A summary of your work experience;
  • A summary of educational qualifications/academic achievements;
  • A statement in support of your application, describing how you consider yourself suitable against each of the selection criteria(500 word limit per criteria);
  • The names of two referees, one of these referees should be your current supervisor. Written referee reports are not required to be sent with your application. The selection committee will contact your referee post the interview process. In preparation for this you should forward your referee the enclosed referee report form and rating scales.
  • Any other relevant information which would support your claim to the position.

You should frame your statement in terms of the selection criteria, and you should address each criterion in sufficient detail to enable the Selection Committee to make an informed assessment.


"The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) was established to lead and co-ordinate improvements in safety and quality in health care at a national level. The Commission identifies issues and policy directions and recommends priorities for action. It has responsibilities to report publicly on the state of safety and quality, disseminate information and knowledge, consult widely and provide strategic advice to Health Ministers on ‘best practice’ thinking to drive quality improvement. Legislation establishing the Commission as a permanent, national safety and quality body (CAC Act Authority) has been passed in the Federal Parliament and took effect from 1 July 2011.

The Commission undertakes programs in a number of key safety and quality areas, including accreditation, healthcare acquired infections, medication safety, clinical handover, and recognising and responding to clinical deterioration. The Commission also undertakes working looking at safety and quality issues in specific health care sectors such as primary health care and mental health. The Commission has also begun to look at the involvement of patients and consumers in improving safety and quality of care.

Position Description

Position Number: 20021609

Position Title: Administrative Officer

Position Level:Australian Public Service (APS) Level 5

Employment Type:Fulltime, Non-ongoing until 30 June 2013

(with the possibility of becoming ongoing)

Reporting To: - Relevant Program Manager

Location: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Level 7, 1 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Purpose of the Position

This position will support the work of a program area within the Commission, and may includeAccreditation, Medication Safety, Open Disclosure and Information Strategy. The Administrative Officer will be responsible for drafting and managing information and documentation, organising and coordinating meetings, functions and events, basic financial administration and undertaking basic research on safety and quality health issues. The successful applicant will work both independently and across the various program teams. The applicant will work to one program manager who oversees all of these programs.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Draft documentation and manage information
  1. Organise and coordinating functions and events
  1. Undertake procurement and contract management activities including preparation of procurement plans, obtaining quotes, liaising with the successful vendor and drafting contracts for signature
  1. Undertake basic financial administration, processing invoices and registering contracts in Commission’s financial system SAP
  1. Administer committees, including registering committee members arranging reimbursement of expenses and payment of entitlements, acquitting meeting attendances, coordinating and booking travel and accommodation for committee members, booking teleconferences
  1. Provide secretariat support to the work of the program and expert groups including organising venues and catering, coordinating papers and agendas and taking minutes as required
  1. Participate in project management activities including monitoring and reporting on progress of the project; identifying problems and proposing possible solutions

Skills Required

  • High level time management and organisational skills
  • Effective writing skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Basic project management skills
  • Skilled in the use of Microsoft office programs and email systems
  • Working knowledge of SAP desirable

Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience in providing high quality administrative assistance and corporate support
  • Experience in writing for different audiences and different formats.
  • Basic project management experience for simple uncomplicated projects.
  • Relevant tertiary qualifications desirable

Critical Knowledge

  • Knowledge of administration processes and procedures
  • Knowledge of government processes and procedures
  • Knowledge of workplace participation, diversity, occupational health and safety principles and practice

Judgement and Decision Making

The Administration Officer will be required to make decisions in relation to:

  • day to day activitiesand organisation of work
  • drafting correspondence and other documentation


With: / Purpose
1. Program manager / This position may report directly to the Program Manager / Project Managerresponsible for the relevant program/project.
2. Program team / This position will work in collaboration with relevant program team members to develop and implement program initiatives.
3. Commission Chief Executive and staff / This position will seek support and advice as required from Commission staff on matters related to the programs and support the work of the Commission generally.
  1. Commission members and standing committees
/ This position will have no direct contact with these committees.
  1. Program advisory committees and working groups
/ This position will provide a pivotal point of contact and support to various advisory committees and working groups that support these programs.
6. Content experts and stakeholders / The position will provide a pivotal point of contact for key experts and stakeholders from a diverse range of government and non-government organisations.

Selection Criteria

  1. Experience in providing high quality administrative assistance and knowledge of government processes and procedures.
  1. Demonstrated organisational skills, ability to work independently and within a team environment.
  1. Effective interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
  1. Experience supporting the work of committees.
  1. Extensive experience in word processing and a good understanding of Microsoft Office programs.
  1. Knowledge of, and demonstrated commitment to, the principles and practices of workplace diversity, workplace participation and occupational health and safety.

Position Contract Period

The Commission as an independent CAC Act Authority engages staff under the Public Service Act 1999, Section 22, 25 & 77. The successful applicant may be engaged as an ongoing employee or as a non-ongoing employee,for a specific term on a fulltime basis.

Personal Particulars Form

You MUST complete this form and attach it to the front of your application. Any information that is used for statistical purposes will be treated confidentially.

Vacancy Details

Position/Reference Number / 20021609 / 12-0001
Classification / APS 5
Section / Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care/ Accreditation

Personal Details

First Name(s)
Postal Address / Postcode
Telephone / (Work)
Date of Birth

. Are you an Australian Citizen?Yes No 

Note:There is a general expectation that a person who is to be engaged as an APS employee will be an Australian citizen (section 22(8) of the PS Act). The Australian Government considers that it is appropriate for government employees to be Australian citizens as a demonstration of their commitment to, and long-term stake in, the future of Australia.

. If no, do you have permanent residency status?Yes No 

. Please indicate when you are eligible to be granted Australian Citizenship / /

. Are you a member of any of the following groups?Yes No 

. an Aboriginal or Torres Strait IslanderYes No 

. from a culturally diverse backgroundYes No 

. a person with a disability?Yes No 

If you require any equipment or assistance at interview, please detail here:



If you would require an interpreter for interview, please advise which language......


Are you currently employed in the Australian Public Service (APS)?Yes No 

If yes, please complete the following:

Name of APS Department/Organisation
Address / Postcode
Classification / Actual
AGS Number
Current Salary Level / $
CurrentSalaryRange / $
Length of Service / Years Months

Please indicate your APS employment status:Permanent  Temporary  Fixed Term 

If you are not currently employed in the APS, please complete the following:

Name of Employer
Your position in the organisation
Length of service / Years Months

May we contact you at work?Yes No 

Have you been retrenched from an Australian Public Service

employer in the previous 12 months?Yes No 

Have you been retrenched from a non APSCommonwealthYes No 

employer in the last 12 months? (eg. a Statutory Authority)

Please indicate here, any times/dates that you would be______

unable to attend an interview (e.g. will be on leave etc.)

Signature ...... Date ……………………

Referee Report Form

This form may be used by Selection Advisory Committees (SAC) when obtaining verbal referee comments to assist them to short list and/or further assess applicants. It may also be provided to referees to enable them to provide written referee reports for short listing and/or further assessment purposes.

SACs should ensure that referees are provided with a copy of the rating scale for referee reports located on the Intranet (Personnel site, Staff Selection).

Applicant Details

First Name(s)
Position Applied For (Classification/Division/Branch)
Position/Reference Number

Referee Details

First Name(s)
Telephone Number
Nature and period of relationship with applicant

Criterion 1:



Criterion 2:



Criterion 3:



Criterion 4:



Criterion 5:



Criterion 6:



Referee - please circle and sign

I have forwarded a copy of the referee report to the applicant. / Yes/No
Referee's Signature and Date

SAC member to sign in cases where verbal referee comments were obtained

Verbal referee comments have been obtained and confirmed with the referee
SAC Member Signature and Date


Would you please comment on the applicant in terms of the attached selection criteria, and rate the applicant against each criterion using the rating scale provided below. Your comments and rating should be based on the applicant's likely capability for the position in question, having regard to their work experience while under your supervision.
Comments must be objective, and also include specific examples to emphasise and illustrate the applicant's abilities, knowledge, experience and personal qualities in relation to the criteria. Additional comments can be used to emphasise any strengths and weaknesses. In some cases the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) may contact you for further discussions and clarification of your comments.
Scale / Description / Indicators of Performance
8 -10 / Fully Competent
The applicant possesses highly developed and relevant skills and abilities, and would perform consistently well against this criterion. / Would require little supervision to achieve good results, for the following reasons:
.would be reliable and responsible;
.well developed (sound) job knowledge;
.would be able to suggest and initiate improvements;
.would be well able to deal with all of the routine and most of the complex matters relating to the position.
5 - 7 / Competent
The applicant possesses relevant skills, abilities and personal qualities and would be generally effective against this criterion.` / Would require routine supervision to perform at an acceptable level for the following reasons:
.reasonable/good knowledge;
.makes few errors;
.generally reliable;
.would require guidance for more complex situations;
.could carry responsibility but would not seek it;
.could deal with all routine matters involving the position
1 - 4 / Requires Development
The applicant possesses some skills, abilities and personal qualities relevant to the criterion, but is limited in others.
S/he would be able to temporarily perform the duties of the position with close supervision, but would require further training and development to fully carry out the duties associated with the criterion. / Would require close supervision to perform at an acceptable level for one or more of the following reasons:
.only basic/general job knowledge;
.could follow directions but would require frequent checking/follow-up;
.could deal with most routine matters involving the position;
.inconsistency with work performance.
0 / Unsatisfactory (Below Standard)
The applicant is unable to demonstrate that s/he possesses the adequate skills, abilities and personal qualities in relation to the criterion. S/he would not be suitable to perform the duties of the position relevant to this criterion, even on a temporary basis. / Would be unable to perform the duties and would require constant supervision for one or more of the following reasons:
.limited job knowledge;
.makes frequent errors;
.poor work output;
.would have difficulty carrying responsibility or solving problems;
.would have difficulty dealing with routine matters involving the position.
N/A / Not assessed
Where you are unable to determine whether the applicant meets the selection criterion.