CICO Is NOT a Consequence

CICO Is NOT a Consequence



The CICO or Check-In-Check-Out program is designed and utilized as an intervention for students who, through observations by staff during the course of our Tier I intervention process, are determined to be lacking positive interactions and connections with adults.

CICO is NOT a consequence.

When the SRO, Attendance or Guidance administrators determine that a student would benefit from this intervention, a meeting is held with the Assistant Principal of SRO, the student, the parent and the Family Center Liaison. The process is explained and discussed in the meeting and all parties commit to actively participate in the intervention.

The purpose of CICO is to engage the students in positive interactions with adults and develop a sense of purpose. Students pick up their CICO logs each morning in the Family Center where they experience their first positive interaction. Students then take the logs to each of their classes and present the logs to each teacher at the beginning of class. Each of those interactions should be positive no matter what score they receive in each category each period.

No matter what score they receive, students should either be praised or encouraged to get a higher score the next day. Teachers should very briefly provide students with feedback as to WHY they received the score they received and what they have to do (specifically) to receive a 2. Teachers initial the student’s log at the end of each period.

Remember, this intervention is designed to create positive interactions and relationships. We have to teach and reinforce the behavior we expect from our students.

The scores students receive in each of the categories; Integrity, Respect, and Responsibilityare 0, 1 or 2 for a total of 6 points possible each period. The scoring is subjective but, if you have taught your expectations and have your classroom matrix posted, it shouldn’t be difficult. Remember, CICO is about relationships, not consequences or discipline. Be positive in all of your interactions regarding CICO, even if the student receives a 0, it is a positive teachable moment.

Remember, this intervention is designed to create positive interactions and relationships.

At the end of each day, students take their completed log back to the Family Center for a debrief. Positive adult interaction number 8 so far. Students then take the log home, discuss their score with their parents (interaction number 9), their parents sign the log and the student brings the log back to school the next day with the signature and the process begins again.

Students remain in CICO for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 2 months. If, at the end of 2 months there is no improvement, the student is taken out of CICO and a more intensive intervention is implemented.