Check Sheet for Job Readiness Entries

Check Sheet for Job Readiness Entries

Check sheet for Job Readiness Entries

Submit this information in a manila file folder

Clip this form to the inside front cover of the folder

Folder should be labeled in the upper right corner with participant’s name, county and job category.

Name of Participant______


Job Title or Name of Home Based Business______

Age Group (circle one)


(13-14) (15 & over)

The following items are included in the folder:

_____Job Description Sheet

_____Letter of Application OR Home Based Business flyer


_____Completed Application for Employment (required for all job types)

Job Readiness Event Guidelines

Job Readiness is an individual event which recognizes members who communicate a personal understanding of and ability to perform specific job requirements. Seniors will do this through written materials and a job interview, while intermediates will be evaluated on written materials only.

Event Categories

Age Categories:Intermediate:age 13-14

Advanced: age 15 & over

Job Categories (individuals may choose one of the four categories below):

Services: Could include full service restaurants, fast food stores, employment at a day care center, automotive service/repair, farm/ranch workers, contractor/construction worker, photography, cosmetologists, etc.

Home Based Business:Could include babysitting (for an individual), housekeeping, catering services, lawn care and maintenance, home repair/maintenance, custom sewing, pet care, word processing, special occasion photography, etc.

Retail/Office: Could include any retail store (discount, department, specialty, farm supply, garden/nursery, book store) or office-type work (including clerical, filing, and receptionist).

Other: Please specify job type. It should be a job that does not fit into one of the other categories. If you have questions, please contact the Extension Educator.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Participants will be evaluated on:

  • An information folder, which includes a resume, a job description sheet, a letter of application OR home based business flyer and a completed job application form. All materials will be completed by the participant prior to the event. The information folder will be turned in approximately a week before the interviews.
  • An interview conducted at the Extension Office.
  • A follow-up letter completed immediately after the interview.


  1. Participants will apply for an actual job in which they have an interest. The member should be presently qualified for the position. Participants are to use factual information throughout the application and interview.
  2. Participants will select one job category and indicate a specific job (see categories under Job Readiness Event Guidelines
  3. Each participant will provide to the Extension Office by the pre-entry date one copy of the following items on 8 ½” x 11” paper inside a letter-size file folder. Materials should be placed in the following order:
  • Completed check sheet (clipped to the inside front cover of the folder)
  • Job description sheet, which includes name of the firm or home based business, firm size, job title or home based business product or service offered, short job description or home based business operated, hours, wages, etc.
  • Letter of application or home based business advertisement flyer
  • Resume
  • Completed application for employment (may be typed or printed in black ink)
  1. All materials must be the work of the participant.
  2. Participants will dress in appropriate attire for a 4-H sponsored interview.

Appropriate attire for the interview consists of the following:

Boys: Slacks with a dress shirt or sport shirt and loafers or dress shoes (coat and tie are optional, depending on the job description.)

Girls: Dress or suit (with skirt or slacks), skirt and blouse or slacks and blouse and appropriate hosiery with dress shoes or loafers.

Jeans, T-shirts, athletic shoes, ball caps, etc. are not appropriate for this activity.

Clothing should be pressed and/or wrinkle free.

  1. The event chairperson will introduce the participant to the evaluators.
  2. A team of evaluators will conduct a 10-12 minute interview. Sample questions are available from the Extension Office; however evaluators may ask other questions.
  3. After the interview, the participant will have 15 minutes to compose an interview follow-up letter. White paper, a ruled guide sheet, black pens and a dictionary will be provided. The participant may not use notes; however they may bring the name and address of the business or potential client for a home-based business. The letter should be addressed to the business or client (not the judging committee). The letter should include the following points:
  • Appreciation for the interview
  • Further information not stated during the interview, if any
  • Whether the participant is still interested in the job
  1. The total time required for this event is approximately 30 minutes per participant.
  2. Resources on resume development, writing thank you notes, and interviewing are available through OSU Career Services at Click on “Students, Alumni, and Parents” then click on “How To’s and Tips” on the left column for a list of ready references.

Sample Job Description Sheet

(use this sheet, or computer generate your own)

Name: County:

Name of Firm OR Name of Home Based Business:

Job Title OR Home Based Business product or service offered:

Firm size:

Give a brief description of the job for which you are applying or the home based business you are operating:


Hours to be worked:

Typical Wages:


Neighborhood Pet Sitters

Who?14-year-old neighborhood resident

Call 555-111 to schedule an interview

with me

What?When you are away, I’ll treat your pets

with the same care that you would.

When?Available as needed

Where?No need to transport. I’ll come to you!

Cost?Varies according to services requested.


Cover Letter Formula

Ready Reference F-3

 OSU Career Services

Sample Letter of Application

(Use the same letterhead and contact information found on your résumé.)


Mr./Ms. Name, when possible



Street Address

City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Name:

The first paragraph is your introduction and should be three to four sentences long. Name the position for which you are applying and indicate how you learned of the opening. State briefly why you are interested in the organization or what you know about the organization. Try to get the reader’s attention. You might mention a name or refer to an article, event, or experience that led you to make this contact.

The body of your letter should be one or two paragraphs in length. This is an opportunity to outline your qualifications and skills as they relate to the job. Do not repeat all the information on your résumé. Instead, describe at least three reasons why you would be an excellent choice for the position. Mention your most important qualifications as they relate to the targeted position. Tailor your remarks to the employer’s point of view, and, if possible, give concise evidence of your functional skills and of the qualities you possess. Refer the reader to your enclosed résumé.

The final paragraph is your closing. Make a specific request for an interview, suggesting a date and time, or indicate that you will phone in the near future to see if an appointment can be arranged. Make certain that the reader knows the specific action you request. Thank the reader for taking time to read your letter and for thoughtful consideration of your application.

Sincerely yours,

(Your signature)

Your typewritten name

Enclosure (Indicates your résumé is in the envelope with your letter)


Career Services Office  350-370 Student Union Stillwater, OK74078

405.744.5253  Fax: 405.744.9954

Résumé Types

Ready Reference E-2

 OSU Career Services

Hot Tips:

  • There is no one correct way to design a résumé.
  • The type of résumé you choose will depend on your past experiences and the position you target.
  • The résumé’s goal is to obtain an interview!
  • The interview’s goal is to obtain the job offer!

Let’s Get StarteD

Your first task is to determine which type of résumé format is best for you. The three most common types of résumés are chronological, functional, and a combination chronological-functional. The exact content of each résumé will vary depending on individual circumstances. Outlined below is a summary of each résumé type:


A chronological, experienced-based résumé is the most common and most often recommended type of résumé. This format concentrates on your work history by listing experiences in reverse chronological order. You will want to utilize a chronological résumé format if the most recent experiences support your career objective. This format also works well for individuals whose experiences have increased in responsibility levels as well as those seeking entry-level positions in their chosen career field.


A functionalrésumé is organized by skill sets gained from several sources rather than by places of employment. This format works best for individuals who have little experience in the field of interest, but who possess many transferable skills. In addition, a functional format allows an individual to emphasize his or her accomplishments. People often use a functional format when attempting to change careers.

Combination Chronological-Functional:

A combination format incorporates the best aspects of both a chronological and functional format into one résumé. The strength of this format is that it allows you to provide descriptive information on your work history as well as provide descriptive information of your specific skills.

Keep in mind…

Each of these three types of résumés can be formatted to be both scanned and emailed. This will enable allinformation on your résumé to be placed in a database for quick matching of qualifications to position openings. This technology is increasingly used by employers to find qualified candidates. For more information, look for the Ready Reference E-10.


Career Services Office  350-370 Student Union Stillwater, OK74078

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Sample Résumé Framework

Ready Reference E-8

 OSU Career Services

Below is only one example of many possible résumé formats. Choose one you find that fits your needs. Your College Career Consultant is available to explore other options that best suit you.



City, State Zip Code

Phone (Include area code)

E-mail address

OBJECTIVEIdentify the position you seek and what you can offer the employer

EDUCATIONName of School City, State, Country (if outside USA) Graduation Month/Year GPA: (Only if 3.5 or above, and only if you are comfortable with it)

EXPERIENCEJob Title Month/Year – Month/Year Most Recent Employer Name, City, State, Country (if outside USA)

  • List your proudest and most relevant accomplishment for this job.
  • Give another accomplishment, which is related to the target job qualifications.
  • Name a skill perfected which is a transferable skill required for the target job.

Job Title Month/Year – Month/Year

Next Most Recent Employer Name, City, State, Country (if outside USA)

  • State a global summary of the scope of the job and add your proudest accomplishment as it relates to the target job.
  • List another accomplishment which is relevant to the qualifications needed of the target job; describe it in as quantifiable of terms as possible.
  • Name a skill perfected which is a transferable skill required for the target job.

SKILLS List any skills required for your occupation

List computer skills in categories (computer languages, software, hardware)

List certifications

List language proficiency or international exposure

ACTIVITIESList activities where leadership has been developed

Professional organizations

Work-related activities

Honor societies, honor rolls

Volunteer and community service


Career Services Office  350-370 Student Union Stillwater, OK74078

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Interview Questions

Ready Reference G-4

 OSU Career Services

Because the job interview is a dynamic and individualized process, it is impossible to provide an exact list of questions in a given interview. Every interviewer will choose questions tailored to the needs of the organization and position with the purpose of discovering the best candidate for the position. Listed below, however, are some general tips and common questionsmost candidates face in a traditional job interview. The list is not exhaustive, but it can serve as a general guide to get you started. In addition, many interviewers choose to ask behavioral types of questions. The goal of behavioral questions is to understand how you have handled various situations in the past to more accurately predict how you will behave in the future. To learn more about behavioral interviews, read Ready Reference G-7 The Behavioral Interview.

5 Practical Interview Tips

  1. Speak in specifics, not generalities. Think of the interview as a process of storytelling in which your role is the dissemination of specific information about your personal qualities and life experiences.
  2. If you don’t understand a question, simply ask, “Am I correct in understanding that you are asking if…” You may simply ask for the question to be repeated or clarified.
  3. Stress important skills that all employers appreciate, including initiative, honesty, reliability, teamwork, and communication skills. Use personal examples from your classes, work experiences, or involvement in various student organizations to reinforce these qualities. Remember, too, that a large part of communication is active listening. Be careful not to interrupt the interviewer.
  4. Be honest at all times. Integrity is a highly valued quality in today’s world.
  5. Be yourself. Beyond the professional skills and education you bring to the interview, the decision will be made on whether your personality fits into the culture of the organization.

20 Questions to Expect in a Traditional Interview

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work in this position?
  3. What are your greatest strengths? What is the area where you have the greatest need of development? What actions are you taking to accomplish it?
  4. Why should we hire you over another candidate?
  5. What attracts you to our organization?
  6. What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
  7. What do you believe is your greatest asset to bring to this company?
  8. Do you consider yourself a team player?
  9. If I were to call your most recent supervisor, what would he or she likely say about you?
  10. How has your college education or work experience prepared you for this position?
  11. Describe your ideal job and work environment. Describe an ideal supervisor.
  12. What interests you most about this position?
  13. What is your greatest concern in thinking about the position?
  14. Tell me what you know about our organization and how you perceive the position.
  15. Why did you choose your major?
  16. If you were to begin your college career again, what would you change about your education?
  17. Are you interested in pursuing a more advanced degree? If so, in what area?
  18. Tell me about three accomplishments of which you are most proud.
  19. What motivates you most?
  20. Tell me about a failure you have experienced in your life. What did you learn?


Career Services Office  350-370 Student Union Stillwater, OK74078

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Thank-You Letter Tips & Sample

Ready Reference F-7

 OSU Career Services

Sample Thank-You Letter

(Use the same letterhead and contact information found on your résumé.)


Mr. John Deere

Human Resources Manager

Something Corporation

111 South Street

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Deere:

Thank you for the recent opportunity to interview with you. Our time together was both informative and interesting. In fact, it only strengthened my enthusiasm for Something Corporation and the position you have posted. It would be a privilege to serve on your team.

There is nothing that would please me more than to apply my education and work experiences to accomplish the goals you have set for this position. As you review your notes, I hope you will be reminded of my qualifications and desire to contribute to your organization. With an ability to relate well with other professionals, a willingness to accept challenges, and a desire to achieve results, I offer you my commitment to excellence. Should you have any additional questions or need clarification in any area, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Again, thank you for the interview and your thoughtful consideration of my application. I do indeed look forward to hearing from you.


(Your signature)

Chris Clover


Career Services Office  350-370 Student Union Stillwater, OK74078

405.744.5253  Fax: 405.744.9954

Job Readiness

Evaluation of Written Material

Name of Participant______County ______

Job Title or Name of Home Based Business ______

(exact title from Job Description)

Job Category:_____ Services

_____ Home Based Business

_____ Retail/Office

_____ Other (specify) ______

Instructions: Write the appropriate rating in the “Score” column.

Where information or evidence is missing, assign a “0”.

Please total the points.

Make comments to help participants identify their strengths/weaknesses.

Evaluation Criteria / Needs Improvement / Good / Excellent / SCORE / Comments
Job Description Sheet complete / 1 / 2 / 3
Resume complete & appropriate / 1 / 2 / 3
Well written letter of application or advertising flyer / 1 / 2 / 3
Completed application form / 1 / 2 / 3
All materials neat & legible, with proper grammar / 1 / 2 / 3
(15 possible points)

Rating level achieved:

(circle one)

Blue11-15 points

Red 6-10 points