Careers in Horticulture

Careers in Horticulture

Careers In Horticulture

Unit 1


•What is the scope, size, and economic importance of Horticulture in the US?

•What are 5 careers in the horticulture industry?

•What local jobs are available in the horticulture industry and what skills are needed for the job?

What is Horticulture?

•The horticulture industry has developed far beyond the simple definition of “______”

•It includes

•It contributes over $35 billion to the US economy every year.

Horticulture Broken Down

•Pomology – the science and practice of growing, harvesting, handling, storing, processing, and marketing ______

•______– the science and practice of growing, harvesting, storing, processing, and marketing ______

•Floriculture – The science and practice of growing, harvesting, storing, designing, and marketing ______

•Landscape and Nursery Industry – The science and practice of propagating, growing, installing, maintaining, and using

Jobs in Hort.

•There are various sources of employment for individuals trained in horticulture.

–Greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers, golf courses, parks, orchards, floral design shops, grounds maintenance operations, and vegetable & fruit growers

–Page 4 – Job Chart

•Compare the different jobs

Greenhouse Employee

•Grows plants in a ______

•May grow ______or ______

•Usually grow out-of-season vegetables

•Most work is done indoors

•High school education is preferred

Nursery Employee

•Grows seedlings and plants for ______, ______and ______

•Prepare seedbeds; plant seedlings; prepare cuttings for rooting; and weed, cultivate, water, and prune plants

•Much outdoor work

•Ability to ______and the knowledge of how plants are ______is desirable

–High School education

Garden Center Employee

•Cares for ______, moves plants and supplies into selling areas, arranges plants and supplies for display purposes and sells various products

•Work includes cleaning, stocking, arranging garden supplies on shelves, etc.

•Usually work in a clean pleasant and comfortable environment

•High school education desired

Maintenance Employee

•Cares for the ______an industry, business, school, etc.

•Plant and care for ______and ______

•Works mainly outdoors

•Certain jobs must be done in severe weather conditions

•Demand for HS graduates specializing in this area is increasing

Golf Course Employee

•Responsible for overall maintenance of golf courses

•Care for different types of ______

•Install and use ______and ______equipment

•Also prune shrubs and trees

•Almost always outdoor work and usually in good weather

•High school education minimum

City, State, or National Park Employee

•Maintain trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns

•General ______are also done

•Outdoors mostly; some in bad weather

•High school education is desirable


•Approximately ______% of all teachers and scientists in the US Dept of Ag & various colleges of Ag will retire in the next few years

•Each year there are about ______% more jobs in Ag than there are graduates to fill them

•A 4-year college grad will earn about $______more during a lifetime career in Hort. than a HS grad.