Career Preparation I Course Syllabus

Career Preparation I Course Syllabus

Italy High School

Career Preparation I Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. John Woody


Classroom/Lab: Agriculture Science Building, Room 1

Conference Period: 4th Period

Course Description:Career Preparation I provides opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business, and community stakeholders. The goal is to prepare students with a variety of skills for a fast-changing workplace.

Students are taught employability skills, which include job-specific skills applicable to their training station, job interview techniques, communication skills, financial and budget activities, human relations, and portfolio development. Students in this class must have and keep a paid job. Students must also attend required class time in the Career Prep classroom.

Materials for Class

  1. Spiral notebook or composition book (not shared with another class – will stay in class for grading purposes)
  2. Pens or pencils
  3. Notebook paper
  4. Box of Kleenix
  5. Calculator (optional)

Student Expectations:

  1. Get and KEEP a paid job. Students have 15 school days to find a job before they are dropped from this class. Students who lose or quit their jobs must find another job within 15 school days or be dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to find and maintain a job.
  2. No horseplay! Students will be orderly, respectful, and safe in the classroom and on their job sites at all times.
  3. Be in class and to work on time. If you must use the rest room or other facilities see me first before the bell rings. Tardies will be handled by the established tardy policy at IHS.
  4. Be prepared for work and class. Always have writing utensils and paper. Turn in job-related paperwork, assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. on time.
  5. Respect everyone and everything in the classroom and workplace: employers, customers, teachers, classmates, guests, substitutes, tools, equipment, and facilities. Participate with no hassle, and do not waste time. Use of manners and appropriate language at all times is expected. Do what the employer and instructor expect without arguing, even if it is an unpleasant task.
  6. Keep the workplace/classroom neat and orderly. Nofood/beverages/knives/weapons, per school policy (bottled water is allowable).
  7. Demonstrate ethical behavior in the classroom and at the workplace. Students are expected to be honest, hard-working, reliable, trustworthy, and polite. The instructor will stay in communication with the employer to ensure that the student is showing ownership and responsibility in completing all assigned tasks without argument.

Grading Policy

Grades will be taken from the following:

Daily- classwork, warm-ups,timesheets, safety plan check-offs, demonstrations of work-based expectations, etc.

Tests- unit tests, projects, quizzes, work-based performance assessments, job site visit evaluations

Final- Job site visit semester evaluation prepared with input from the student’s employer

Special Note about this Course

You will be treated as if you were to be an employee in the classroom just like you will be at your job. Therefore, the tools/equipment used in this class will be valued as company equipment. You may need a job reference or prospective employer may ask about prospective employment, and an honest answer will be given about work ethic, habits, etc. You cannot be helped if you do not ask, so please seek the instructor with any questions or comments. Have fun, learn, and BE SAFE!