Calling of Tenders for Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System

Calling of Tenders for Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System



Sealed Tenders are invited from the interested Agencies / Companies having the required experience for Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System at Shilpakalavedika and its entire premises for a period of one year. The cost of Tender Document & EMD shall be paid in shape of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Special Officer, Shilparamam, Hyderabad”.

Schedule & Tender details:

Cost of the Tender document : Rs. 1,000/-

EMD (refundable) : Rs.1,00,000/-

Date of issue of Tender Document : 28.10.2016 to 01.11.2016 up to 5.00 PM

Last date and time for filing of Tenders : 02.11.2016 upto 1.00 PM

Date and time of opening Tenders : 02.11.2016 at 3.00 PM

Place of Opening Tenders : O/o. The Special Officer,

Shilparamam, Madhapur,

Hyderabad, 500 081.


  1. The AMC Contractor should be a registered Firm / Company / Agency.
  2. The AMC Contractor should have minimum 3 years experience in maintenance of Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System of Auditoriums, Multiplex Theater Complexes, Malls, High Rise Buildings, IT Companies etc.
  3. The Contractor should have LabourLicence, EPF & ESI Registration and all other statutory licenses / permissions as per law.
  4. The Contractor should have an Annual Turnover of not less than Rs.20.00 lakhs during the last 3 years.
  5. The Contractor should have to submit last 3 years IT Returns and (Audited Statements).
  6. The Contractor has to furnish a Security Deposit (Interest free & Returnable deposit) of Rs.5.00 lakhs.


Maintenance of fire extinguishers equipments/systems as described in the scope of the work such as portable fire extinguishers, Fire Alarm System and fire hydrant system etc. job includes servicing of equipments/systems, testing of firefighting pumps sets etc. Following is the list of the equipments required to be operated and maintained by bidder for their smooth working and performance.

S.No. / Type of System/Equipment / Capacity / Qty Nos.
A / Portable Fire Extinguishers / (56 Nos.)
1 / DCP / 5 Kg / 15
2 / CO2 / 4.5 Kg / 15
3 / CO2 / 6.8 Kg / 08
4 / Water type CO2 / 9 liter / 15
5 / Foam Type / 9 liter / 03
B / Hydrant System / Qty. Nos.
1 / In Fire Pump Room
Main Fire Fighting Pump, Jockey Pump, Diesel Engine with Pump, Booster Pump on the Terrace, Connected Panel Boards with Fuses, Starters, Gazes etc. / 01 Set
2 / Inside Auditorium
a. / Hose cabinet with glass door and locking arrangement comprising of 15 mtrs and 63 mm Dia Hose with Couplings with one lending Valve and Hose reel complete with rubber hose of 20 mm dia and nozzle etc. / 08 Sets
b. / Sprinkler System with Sprinkler Bulbs in the Cat Walk area of the AuditoriumAuditorium building (110 + 89 ) / 199 Nos.
c. / Sprinkler System with Sprinkler Bulbs in the Dining Hall area. / 126 Nos
d. / Yard Hydrants around the Auditorium building, Hose cabinet with glass door and locking arrangement comprising of 15 mtrs of 63mm Dia Hose with couplings with 1 lending valve and Nozzle. / 09 Sets
3 / Fire Alarm System
a / Manual Call Points : 22 Nos
Basement area / 03 Nos.
Ground Floor area / 10 Nos.
First Floor area / Balcony area / 07 Nos.
Dining Hall area / 02 Nos.
b / Smoke / Heat Detectors: 63 Nos
Basement area / 15 Nos.
Ground Floor area & Cat walk area / 26 Nos.
First Floor area / Balcony area / 02 Nos.
Dining Hall area / 20 Nos.
c / Hooters : 10 Nos
Basement area / 04 Nos.
Ground Floor area / 02 Nos.
First Floor area / Balcony area / 02 Nos.
Dining Hall area / 02 Nos.


  1. Regular checking and servicing the fire fighting system, sprinkler system and fire alarming system especially on the previous day of every event.
  2. Re-filling of fire extinguishers as and when required.
  3. Repairing and overhauling of all components of the firefighting equipment including driven pump, motors and other accessories and replacement of worn parts when found.
  4. Fire fighting mock drill shall be conducted in once in every month.
  5. Detection of leakages at fire hydrant valves if any during mock drill
  6. The motors and pumps always should be kept in fully functional condition.
  7. The Agency shall deploy one well trained and experienced Fire Fighting Technician at Shilpakalavedika on every day of event.


  1. The agency should obtain the ‘No objection Certificate’ (NOC) form A.P., Disaster Response and Fire Service Dept., (or concerned Dept.,) for inspection by Fire Dept., staff and for issuance of NOC.
  1. The agency should be accessible at any time in case of emergency requirement.
  1. The agency will be bound by all the terms and conditions as stipulated in the tender notice.
  1. The firm/contractor shall comply and implement all the statutory provisions of the State & Central Acts relating to the employment of labour i.e., various Acts relating to payment of minimum wages, ESI, PF etc., and all other statutory benefits, as amended from time to time.
  1. The Shilpakalavedika Management shall not be responsible for an accident / injury or loss of life to any of the person engaged by the firm/agency that may take place while executing the contract and any compensation or expenditure towards treatment of such injury or loss of life shall be sole responsibility of the firm / contractor.
  1. The Shilpakalavedika Management will make monthly payment. The bill of the each month will be paid after submission of bills in the succeeding month.
  1. TDS will be deducted as per IT rules in force from time to time.