Call to Order: 6:40 Pm

Call to Order: 6:40 Pm

PACMinutes –Sept. 15, 2016

In Attendance: Nicole Okano, Jugbir Sangha, Krista Thomas, Jen MacDonald, Keistin Preibisch ,Wendy Lam, Nicole Voglmaier, Linda Sabatini, Crystal Allen, Lia Fletcher, Mahdi Sahebnasagh, Shima Moein, Grace Isog, Krista Joyce, Angie Lui, Ling Li, Yen Ling Lin, Ghazal Qiyam, Jen Joyce, Kim Haggstrom, Christina Sandhar, Mark Hoath, Alfred Chan.

Call to Order: 6:40 pm

Motion to accept previous minutes: AGM - June 09, 2016 Minutes

  • Crystal Allen. Second: Krista Thomas.

School Report: Mark Hoath andAlfred Chan

  • 424 students this year, 16 divisions.
  • Some of the intermediate classes have 31 children instead of the usual cap of 30.
  • Please give it some time for nerves to settle. If your child is having difficulty settling in their new class, the first step is to talk to their teacher.
  • School website is up to date ( and also have a twitter account (@Hamiltonsd38).
  • The newsletter will be sent electronically as soon as possible.
  • Hamilton Community Centre is working with us on a new program: Breakfast Club. On Monday mornings will have breakfast available for any child that wishes to attend.
  • Meet the Teacher night is on Thursday, Sept 22, 16. The evening will start with a presentation about the new curriculum. Some parents with children at both Hamilton and McNair expressed concern that both events are on the same night. Next year will check so not on the same night.
  • Mark will do a small talk at an upcoming PAC meeting about the new curriculum.
  • Terry Fox Run, have asked all the kids to bring a toonie.
  • Grade 6 and 7 leadership will be starting up. Alfred will be talking to the students. Mandatory volunteerism required for the grade 5, 6, and 7’s.
  • Richmond School closures report will be available onlineon Sept 16 at 3 pm.
  • Run Club is starting up again, Mr. Kenler is organizing.

Election of New PAC Chair:Nomination of Angie Liu by Jen MacDonald. Seconded by Crystal Allen. Passed.

Treasurers Report: Linda Sabatini

  • Gaming
  • Saleema Noon, sex education, budgeted amount $1500. Will need to book now for the spring. Alfred Chan will do that.
  • Outdoor Education (Grade 6 and 7’s) – have budgeted $25 per student for a total of $3000.
  • Have $2409.65 unallocated in the budget. Mark will put together a preliminary wish list.
  • Motion to accept the2016/2017 Gaming Budget: Jen Joyce, 2nd: Wendy Lam.
  • Operating
  • Classroom Fund Resources was increased from $600 to $750.
  • Motion to accept the 2016/2017 Operating Budget: Wendy Lam, 2nd AngieLiu.

Hot Lunch: Krista Thomas

  • C’est Mon Café (Tuesday’s)
  • Will plan for Japanese hot lunch on Monday Nov 7, will need to see if we can count the money on Nov 1st. Will confirm next meeting.
  • Looking for more volunteers. Plan to make a rotating schedule of volunteers. Potentially could get help from the Grade 7’s. Will need more help for the special hot lunch days.
  • Sports Day - planning on using Subway. Don’t have to worry about keeping food warm and they organize all the orders for us.

2016/17 Fundraising Plan:

  • Dance-a-thon
  • October 31. Mark will talk to the community centre to let them know we will be using the gym from 8am on.
  • Movie Night
  • Lia Fletcher is the new Movie Night Coordinator.
  • Friday Nov 25th will be the first movie night.
  • Holiday Gift Basket (in conjunction with Holiday Concerts)
  • Still have one bike left to raffle.
  • Table for the next meeting.
  • Other
  • Think about other ideas.
  • Table for the next meeting.

New Business:

  • Book Fair
  • Week of Oct 17.
  • Raises money for books for library and classrooms.
  • Location to be determined.
  • May reduce the hours, looking for volunteers.
  • Hawkwear
  • Deadline at the end of the month. Nicole Okano agreed to be the coordinator.
  • Next time ensure zip front is ordered.
  • Sub-committees
  • Grade 7 Farewell
  • The PAC is looking to step away and have the Grade 7 parents more involved. Will need a Coordinator for Food, Decor/Event, and Legacy gift.
  • School will have an evening meeting with Grade 7 parents.
  • Appreciation Luncheon – Appreciation for school and community centre staff.
  • Lia Fletcher is the coordinator.
  • Budget is $150.
  • Will be on Wednesday May 3rd.
  • Parents contribute pot luck dishes or money so food can be purchased.


  • Thank-you, McNair Scholarship
  • Received a thank-you for 2016 McNair Scholarship ($500) from McNair Principal Mr. Leslie and recipient Katie McDonnell.
  • Mr. Mander, Hardship Fund
  • New chairs need to contact Mr. Mander to confirm continued support.

Helpful Links:

Facebook Group: Hamilton Elementary PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

Twitter: Hamilton Hawks (@Hamiltonsd38)

Website: (note for PAC info, click “Parents” / “Parent Advisory Council”)

Upcoming Dates to Note:

  • Friday Sept. 16. 1:15 – Terry Fox Run & Assembly
  • Friday Sept. 23 – Pro-D Day (no school)
  • Monday Oct 10 – Thanksgiving (no school)

REMINDER - NextPAC Meeting: Thursday, October 13, 2016at 6:30 pm. (PAC meetings will be the 2nd Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted, and childcare is provided.)