British Red Cross (BRC) Country Representative, Bangladesh

British Red Cross (BRC) Country Representative, Bangladesh

Country Representative, Bangladesh 12/03/2012

Job Description

Job title

British Red Cross (BRC) Country Representative, Bangladesh

Job reference
Reporting to
/ Programme Support Manager - South Asia, based in the UK office, London (UKO)
Responsible for / The position is responsible for the overall management of all BRC interests in Bangladesh. This includes relationship management with a range of in country stakeholders, including the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), other Red Cross Movement partners and a variety of external stakeholders.
Staff Management of Regional Finance Delegate.
The position is responsible for the development, support to and implementation of BRCprogramme activities in Bangladesh in line with BRC procedures, system, guidelines and programme management system.
Location / Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contract length / 24 months, renewable, subject to successful probation (6 months) and funding.

Background to the role

The British Red Cross (BRC)Corporate Strategy “Saving Lives Changing Lives” (2010-15) is committed to building resilience in individuals and communities to help them prepare for and withstand disasters. BRC partnership methodology is focused on building the capacities of approximately 21 Red Cross/Red Crescent National Societies globally to enable them to deliver sustainable community based programmes that increase the resilience of communities to sudden disasters and crisis. BRC aims at the same time to improve quality of services delivered to most vulnerable populations and enhance their resilience, while supporting local RC/RC national societies to improve in their performance, quality control and organizational management.

BRCactivities in South Asia are focused on two areas, Health and Care and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). BRC is actively funding programmes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has long been a focus country for BRC. The British Red Cross has a substantial history of working alongsideand supporting the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) to implement disaster response, risk reduction and cyclone preparedness programmes.Bangladesh is a key priority country for BRC international work in Asia and we developed our strategic priorities in country with the mid-term timeframe of 2011-2015, with an overall ambition to improve resilience for communities living in low-lying coastal areas.BRC leads a Consortium of other Donor Countries Red Cross Societies in Bangladesh (German and Swedish Red Cross Societies). BRC and the Consortium it leads are currently engaged in the development of a multi-year Resilience Programme for communities located in the coastal areas.

In the course of the last five years, BRC has supported/implemented activities for over 5 million GBP in Bangladesh, with a variety of institutional (e.g. EU, DFID, Jersey Overseas Aid, Scottish Government) and private donors. Longer timeframe projects have been implemented in the areas of Disaster Preparedness, DRR, Wat&San, Youth Peer Education and Organizational Development. Post disaster recovery projects have focused on Shelter, Water Sanitation and Livelihoods. The most recent response operations were to Cyclone Sidr in 2007 and Cyclone Aila in 2009.

BRC in Bangladesh operates under the legal framework of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Currently, 2 expatriate staff (‘Delegates’) are deployed in country by the BRC, the representative position and a finance and administration manager who has a broader regional role.

The BRC Office for Asia and Pacific, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, supports the Bangladesh programmein conjunction with the BRC UK Office located in London.


BRC is seeking a qualified, experienced and motivated Country Representative to manage its relationships and programme portfolio with partners in Bangladesh, advice the BDRCS on both management and technical quality aspects related to the projects it funds and to contribute to the BRC positioning globally, as part of the RC/RC Movement.

This position will be responsible for the overall management and monitoring of BRC funded components of any BDRCS and/or IFRC plan; developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and potential partners to ensure quality and accountability aremaintained in the delivery of the funded programme.
The Representative will maintain frequent contact with members of the BRC Asia Team as well as other relevant colleagues in the BRC International Division to ensure effective coordination of support to the programme in Bangladesh. The post-holder will be supported by technical advisers from the BRC UK Office. They will assist the Representative to ensure that advice and learning is used to enhance the quality of programme supported by the BRC. The Representative will be responsible for managing any local staff recruited by BRC in Bangladeshand for managing and supporting any BRC staff or consultants deployed to the country.
Job purpose

Representation and relationship management

To serve as the official representative for the British Red Cross in Bangladesh.

Develop and maintain relationships with Movement partners (BDRCS, IFRC, ICRC and in country PNS) keeping them appraised of BRC plans and strategic directions, proactively engaging in appropriate in-country discussion and co-ordination mechanisms, inclusive of Government of Bangladesh.

Provide strategic, operational, technical and monitoring support to BDRCS.

With regards to Consortium with German and Swedish RC, act as a convenor and lead the operational modality.

Develop relationships with key stakeholders such as DFID, ECHO, United Nations Humanitarian Country Team, INGOs Consortia (e.g. NARRI), British INGOsand other relevant organizations, keeping them appraised of progress of the Movement, including demonstrating how the Movement is seeking to adhere with appropriate standards, how it is co-ordinating with other actors and able to demonstrate the impact of its programmes. Facilitate and support dialogue with other parts of the Movement with DFID as required.

In case of emergencies, represent BRC with other DEC agencies, ensuring the sharing of information and supporting any DEC related evaluation or other accountability activities. Advise and facilitate potential assessments and subsequent programme activities ensuring appropriate co-ordination with relevant stakeholders.

Develop a longer term strategy for BRC involvement in Bangladesh in expansion to the BRC Corporate Strategy, byliaising with the BRC UKO, the Regional Representative and different actors across the Movement to identify new opportunities for BRC collaboration.

Corporate responsibilities

To prepare progress reports and submit these to the BRC UKO in a timely manner (frequency of reports to be agreed ona case by case).

To facilitate field visits from BRC, consultants and others to Bangladesh.

To organise and/or facilitate external and internal missions with regards to reviews, evaluations, assessments etc.

To carry out other activities and assignments as identified by BRC regional office/UKO.

To maintain a close link with the Security Officer to provide feedback on any changes or trends in the security situation.

To maintain a close link with the South Asia PSM, the Relief Manager, the Recovery Manager and the Regional Representative based in KL and other stakeholders as requested to provide feedback on any changes to the operational environment (in the case of future disasters/crisis).

To ensure that funds transferred to BDRCS and/or IFRC are used and accounted for in accordance with approved budgets and provisions outlined in the programme documentsTo support the BRC Regional Finance Delegate (Bangladesh and Nepal, based in Dhaka)achieve his/her objectives with regards to any aspects of the Bangladesh programme.

To identify needs and provide technical assistance and professional guidance and institutional support to BDRCS/IFRC in relation to project management including formulation of programme documents and improvement of monitoring and evaluation processes as needed.

To participate in annual review meetings and to ensure the preparation of quarterly and annual reports.

To visit project areasmonthly.

Provide first drafts of donor reports to BRC UK Office as required.

To ensure that BRC and donor funded programmes are implemented in accordance with programme documents and activity plans/approved application and are in line with BRC/Movement policies.

Ensure appropriate learning is captured and fed back into future programme design.

Ensure appropriate information management, for relevant stakeholders to remain informed and up to date on current programme development and activities.

Ensure appropriate staffing and performance management of relevant staff within the Bangladesh programme.

Participate in and contribute to development of organisational policies and approaches.

Other duties

Be available in case of any major disasters in country to be deployed for a short period to the disaster zone.In case of emergency response, contribute to identify needs and provide technical guidance in relation to the implementation of the BRC funded components of the BDRCS and/or IFRC integratedresponse/recovery plan as needed.

Provide leadership that foster a growing bilateral relationship between BDRCS and BRC based on mutual respect and clear agreement on programme aims and reporting requirements.

Keep scanning and identifying any other possible needs and areas of intervention in country.


1.Ensure efficient and effective management of all BRC resources in the country.

2. Ensure utilisation of the most appropriate contractual/non-contractual agreements for the project.

3. Ensure BRC UKO is fully informed on any material developments which could affect the project, BRC and RC/RC movement.

4.Ensure compliance with BRC procedures, regulations and policies in the area of operation. In absence of stated policies and regulations, seek necessary UKO guidance.

5.Ensure that programme beneficiaries are consulted in design, implementation and where possible monitoring of the programme, and that basic programme information (budget, time-frame, selection criteriaand activities) are shared openly with them and relevant authorities.

Duties applicable to all staff

  1. Uphold the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement and behaviour in accordance with the Code of Conduct. In addition, uphold BRC values and aspirations as outlined in the International Division Operational Strategy.
  1. Work towards the achievement of overall project goals through effective managerial and lateral relations, and collaborative and supportive teamwork.
  1. Maintain good information sharing within the team and document project methods and approaches to facilitate possible replication, and to inform strategy and organizational learning.
  1. Adhere to the Movement Security Policy, taking responsibility at all times for own and team security through appropriate actions, behaviour and conduct.
  1. Undertake other duties as requested by BRC.


General competencies

Person specification / Required / Preferred
Understands the RC’s Fundamental Principles/mandate / X
Excellent team player / Interpersonal skills / X
Strong communication skills / X
Analysis, decision making and problem solving / X
Excellent computer skills / X
Planning and managing projects / X
Business, finance and resource management / X
Ability to prioritise work under pressure / X


University degree or equivalent / X

Experience/knowledge/ professional skills (professional mastery)

Required / Preferred
Personal Characteristics
Excellent command of English with experience in producing written documents for a multiple audience / X
An excellent team-player as well as cross-team player / X
Proven networking skills with counterparts in government and humanitarian agencies / X
Experience of developing partnership, preferably in the South / X
In good mental and physical health / X
Significant working experience in the humanitarian assistance sector and/or in the Red Cross /Red Crescent Movement / X
Proven experience in delivering high quality programmes / X
Solid understanding of community based programming, and a passion for the same / X
Experience in providing mentoring and coaching support to national organizations / X
Experience in programme monitoring and reporting / X
Experience in Disaster Risk Reduction. / X
Experience in Disaster Management / X
Experience in staff management / X
Date 19/03/2012 Written By: BRC Regional Representative – Asia