Brief Profile of Commissioners

Brief Profile of Commissioners

Brief Profile of PPCC Commissioners

Mr. Keith K. Jubah


Mr. Keith K. Jubah, a career chemical engineer with 25 years experience in natural rubber operations, is the head of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC). He comes to the PPCC with wide range of experience from the private sector mainly the Firestone Rubber Plantation Company and North American Rubber Thread Company in Boston, USA. He is the President/General Manager of Morris-American Company. Mr. Jubah was appointed to the Commission by Africa’s first female democratically elected President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

Mrs. Esther W. Paegar


Mrs. Paegar, a former banker, community development specialist and micro-financing consultant, is the only female on the Commission. She has a worth of experience working with financial bodies, communities and micro financing institutions. Being a former banker, Mrs. Paegar has the oversight for Administration and Finance.

Amb. Timothy E. Thomas


Ambassador Thomas, popularly known as “TET,” came to public prominence several years ago when he was rated one of Liberia’s enterprising gospel musical stars. Besides being an icon for Liberia’s gospel music, Ambassador Thomas was Dean of Business College and Associate Professor of Management at the University of Liberia. He also served the Liberian government as Ambassador-At-Large and Director General of the General Services Agency. He has oversightfor monitoring and compliance.

Mr. Jenkins G. W. Wongbe


Judging from his age and experience, Mr. Wongbe has one of the longest serving public and private records among his colleagues. Before his appointment as member of the Commission, Mr. Wongbe served Liberia in the following capacity: Junior Manager, LAMCO; Chief Clerk, Bureau of General Suppliers (now GSA); Principal Director of Planning, Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Director General, Civil Service Agency; Management Consultant, Subah-Ballah Associates. Mr. Wongbe has oversight for Policy, Procedures and Standards.

Charles E. Collins, Sr.


Mr. Collins is a Fulbright scholar and an economist by training. He has more than 15 years of experience in economic and financial operations, management and administration. He served the Liberian Government in several capacities including Deputy Minister for Administration, Deputy Minister for Economic Planning and Policy, among others. He is at the moment Chairman/CEO of Jafain Consortium Inc.

Cllr. Joseph K. Jallah


Cllr. Jallah is a learned and accomplished lawyer whose interest is deeply rooted in the growth of the Commission. He comes to the PPCC with wide range of experience mainly from the legal profession. Cllr. Jallah has oversight for Complaints, Appeals and Review.

Mr. Clarence K. Momolu


Mr. Momolu is a distinguished son of Liberia who served his country with due diligence and credibility. He first came to prominence when he was appointed by the slain Liberian leader Samual Kanyon Doe in the 1980s as Deputy Minister of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry; He later became Director General of the General Services Agency. He also served other key positions at home and abroad with high degree of credibility and trust.