Boone/Dekalb/Ogle Extension Unit 2

Boone/Dekalb/Ogle Extension Unit 2

Boone/DeKalb/Ogle Extension Unit 2

Extension Advisory Council Meeting

September 23, 2015

Monroe Township Fire Protection District, Monroe Center


Present: Mary Brubach(B), Kari Eskew(B), Joe Fortmann(B), Carl Dumoulin(D), Rod McQueen(D), Phil Bratta(O), Nancy Etnyre (O), Susana Guzman-Holland(O),Larry Hageman (O), Brenda Holm (O). Also present: Vicky Broos, County Director.

Call to Order/Introductions

The meeting was called to order bychairperson Nancy Etnyre at 6:05 pm. Members introduced themselves.

Minutes of 5-27-15 Meeting

Motion by Rod McQueen, second by Phil Bratta, to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion carried.

Election of Officers for 2015-2016

Motion by Joe Fortman to elect Rod McQueen as chairman. Second by Phil Bratta. Motion carried. Motion by Phil Bratta to elect Carl Dumoulin as vice chair, second by Rod McQueen. Motion carried. Motion by Nancy Etnyre to elect Susana Guzman-Holland as secretary, second by Carl Dumoulin. Motion carried. Motion by Carl Dumoulin to elect Mary Brubach is financial reporter, second by Kari Eskew. Motion carried.

Fiscal Matters

  1. The final FY 15 statement was reviewed. Vicky reviewed and explained various items.
  2. The group discussed the FY 16 budget, but a statement was not available. Vicky shared she is in the process of hiring a fiscal secretary but they are behind on reconciling statements. There followed a long discussion about the lack of a state budget and the potential impact on Extension. The closing of the research farms was also mentioned and discussed with concern.
  3. Annual approval of checking account signatories—motion by Rod McQueen, second by Brenda Holm to designate Vicky Broos, Marilyn Csernus, Lisa Hepker and Andy Larson as signatories. Motion carried.

Building Financial Support for Unit 2

A lengthy discussion ensued about sources of funds for Unit 2. With the concerns about state funding, are there other sources we might be looking into. Members shared their personal insights regarding state funding based on their local contacts. A number of funding sources were mentioned as options for consideration: DeKalb County Community Foundation, Rochelle Community Foundation, United Way. The group also talked about private grants that might provide operational funds for specific programs or projects, though competition for these funds is increasing.

Civil Rights Review

Vicky shared the results of the Civil Rights Review that was conducted in Unit 2 on June 2. It was noted we need to do a better job of documenting our efforts to reach historically underserved groups. Staff may make contacts or efforts, but need to be sure to document. It was also noted that we need to build diversity in our programs and advisory groups. Vicky shared that through the 4-H pilot program we are increasing our reach with Latino audiences, but there are other groups (particularly in DeKalb County) that we are not reaching. We need to reach these underserved groups with programming and also involve them in program planning committees. Another issue is the collection of race, ethnicity, gender information on program participants. We have forms for program participants to fill out, but many do not. The report indicated we have too many unknowns. The council discussed the importance of being open about why we collect this information—that it is not connected to individuals—but that we need it because we receive federal funding.

Council Membership and Meetings

We have not yet filled open positions on the council for this term. Nancy and Rod will stay one additional year to balance out the representation and turnover. Mary, Kari, Joe and Carl agreed to serve second terms. We still have positions to fill in each county. The group offered some suggestions. Meeting in Monroe Center seems to be the preference of the group. If the Fire Station is available, that is preferred because it has more room and parking, though the Village Hall would be acceptable.

Other Business

Discussion returned to the state’s fiscal problems and various scenarios for the 2016 budget.

Adjourn—There being no further business to come before the council, motion by Joe Fortman, second by Nancy Etnyre, to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.