Book List for Lks2set B Autumn English Plans

Book List for Lks2set B Autumn English Plans

Book List for LKS2Set B Autumn English Plans

This list includes both required and suggested books for all the Hamilton plans in this age range for this term.

Hamilton Group Readers are available as pdfs to download alongside the plans. They are also available in hardcopy format from the Hamilton Education website ( at low cost to facilitate wide access and to enable more children to hold books in their hands while they learn. The books used in Hamilton plans are generally widely available in schools, bookshops and libraries. Hamilton has an arrangement with two booksellers who offer discounts to users buying Hamilton booklist books that are held in stock by these two sellers. We do not receive any money from either company.

  • SheelsEducational give a discount on recommended retail prices of 20%, more for larger orders. See their website to find out more and to experience their highly personalised service.
  • Pickabook offer a discount of between 10% and 30% off the RRP. For more information, see


  • Aesop’s Fables by Michael Rosen, Fables
  • Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon, Stories in Familiar Settings
  • Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party by Francesca Simon, Stories in Familiar Settings
  • The Usborne Complete Book of Art ideas by Fiona Watt or close alternative, Instructions and explanations
  • Children’s Book of Music -published by Dorling Kindersley,Information texts
  • Window by Jeannie Baker,Creating images
  • Various poems– provided, Creating images
  • Various poems provided, Poetic form: Syllabic poems



  • The Punctuation Book by Sue Palmer, Fables
  • The Kingfisher Book of Music- published by Kingfisher,Information texts
  • Stargrazer, by Robert Hull, Creating images
  • The Works 5 chosen by Paul Cookson, Creating images
  • The Works 8 chosen by John Foster, Creating images
  • The Works Key Stage 2,Creating images
  • The Puffin Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry chosen by Brian Patten, Creating images
  • Come on into My Tropical Garden, Creating images
  • The Works chosen by Paul Cookson,Syllabic poems
  • The Works 2 chosen by Brian Moses & Pie Corbett,Syllabic poems
  • The Works 3 chosen by Paul Cookson, Macmillan children’s books,Syllabic poems
  • The Works 4 chosen by Pie Corbett & Gaby Morgan,Syllabic poems
  • The Works 5 chosen by Paul Cookson,Syllabic poems
  • The Poetry Chest by John Foster,Syllabic poems
  • My Teacher’s as Wild as a Bison by Carol Rumble, Syllabic poems

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