Blog: Hhslynn.Blogspot.Com -Lesson Plans and Assignments

Blog: Hhslynn.Blogspot.Com -Lesson Plans and Assignments

Biology Syllabus 2016-2017

Instructor: Hermes Lynn

Blog: -lesson plans and assignments

Website: - course documents

Contact: 406-324-2288

Course Description: Biology is a required sophomore class for graduation at HHS. Topics studied include scientific method and experimental design, ecology, cells, photosynthesis and respiration, biochemistry, cellular division, genetics, animals, plants, and evolution.

General Guidelines:

  • Be involved
  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be a graduate

The four expectations stated above are part of your job here at Helena High School and typify what it means to be a Bengal. All teachers share these same core values and they really sum up your role as a student as well as our roles as teachers. Learning is hard work and students have to be responsible for their part in the learning process. A colleague of mine once said, “Teachers can open the door, but it is the student who must walk through.” I look forward to getting to know each of you this year and helping you achieve academic success.

Materials and Supplies:

  • Thin three ring binder - to keep handouts etc.(a folder is acceptable)
  • One subject notebook- to take notes in; please do not get a multiple subject notebook, keep one notebook just for science
  • Writing utensil
  • Calculator(optional)
  • Smart phone or tablet(optional)- these are super useful for internet research and class polls etc.- phones will be kept in a pocket in the front of the room when not in use.


A 90-100B 80-90C 70-80D 60-70F 59 and below

  • Your course grade is the average of two quarter grades each worth 40% and a semester test worth 20%. Each quarter grade is determined in the following manner.

Tests 60%- expect one per unit, roughly one a month, there will be an opportunity to complete test corrections up to one week after the test is handed back. Students can earn half a point back for fixing their answers. See the test correction guidelines on my webpage.

Quizzes 10%- expect one each week. We correct these in class and discuss.

Projects/Labs 20%- we will have at least one lab each week and some longer projects this year.

Classwork/homework 10% - generally all assignments should be able to be completed in class, however if a student does not use their time wisely, they may need to complete assignments at home.

  • Late work- Assignments are due on the assigned day at the start of class. Late work will be accepted for 3 days and deducted 30%.
  • It is your responsibility to know your missing work and to check your grades on PowerSchool. Parents and students will be given a username and password to access this information.
  • For excused absences and school related activities see the student handbook.


  • Be safe at all times in the science laboratory.
  • Please raise your hand to ask a question.
  • Please do not talk while the teacher is talking to the class.

Please sign and return this syllabus.