Bell Middle School PTA

Bell Middle School PTA

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for the April 4, 2017 Meeting/Library, Bell Middle School


Board Members: Jackie Greiner, co-President;Tracy Fletcher, co-President; Danika Gerig, Vice-President; Beth Vermeulen, Secretary; LynaeDouthit, Treasurer

Additional guests:Jen Bates, Greg Aigner, Jayson Haberkorn, Kat Wishart, Michelle Trader, Susan Arntson,Wendy Hironsand Andrea Schultz.

Administrative Functions:

Jackie called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm.

Disposition of Minutes: Beth received approval for the Marchminutes.

Golden Schools Foundation: Kat informed us about a new scholarship program this year. Four Golden High School seniors will be eligible to receive a scholarship of $1,500 each. Need to have been in the Golden schools for a minimum of six years,a G.P.A. of 2.0 or better and enroll full-time in a college or vocational school. The application is up on Naviance and will be awarded April 21st.

Teacher Recognition nominations are due April 11th. Anyone can nominate a teacher - parents, students and/or staff. Bell PTA will work on getting some Bell teachers nominated. Tracy and Jackie will work on the applications. The winner will be announced May 1st during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Enrichment grant was awarded to Bell for the Girls in iSTEMafterschool program. $2,500 was awarded.

School Update: Andrea Schulz gave us an update. First day of PARCC testing started today. For the 2017-2018 school year, the calendar is set, enrollment will be at 760-780 and staffing numbers will stay status quo. Achievement Director, Scott Allensworth, will hold a meeting at Bell on April 11thto talk about the new principal interview process. Bridget Jones will not be returning as the principal. Attendees can be nominated during this meeting by peers to be on the principal nominating committee. A similar process will be implemented for teachers to be on this committee. This nominating committee will help select the top two candidates for principal. The Jeffco Superintendent or Acting Superintendent will then make the final selection of the new principal.

Per Scott Allensworth, there will be anew administration at Bell for 2017-2018. Principal, Assistant Principal and iSTEM Assistant Principal will be replaced.


LynaeDouthitprovided us with a budget update. We currently have a cash balance of $19,702. We are required to keep a minimum $5,000 balance. The projected balance available is approximately $7,100.

We need to increase the staff appreciation funds which are currently at $688. Jackie motioned to increase these funds by $400. Beth and Tracy seconded the motion. Motion approved to raise the funds for Staff Appreciation to $1,088. Jackie can help plan with the hospitality chair on ways to spend this on the staff.

Susan mentioned another grant, Excellence in Teaching, from GSF that was awarded to Bell for $1,000. This is to be used towards professional development.

Jackie motioned to add $250 to the budget for a community meet and greet with the new principal once he/she is selected. Beth secondedthe motion. Motion was approved to add $250 to the budget to fund coffee, cookies and snacks to this meeting once details are worked out.

President Update:

We have the following open positions for the PTA Board: Co-President, Vice President and Treasurer. Let Jackie know if anyone is interested in one of these positions. Need these filled by July 1st and we would like to vote on May 2nd for new Board members. Wendy will be in charge of Membership in addition to Communications. Only in need of a Box Top committee chair. All other positions are filled.

We will need to vote on the bylaws at the May 2nd meeting and submit.

PTA has funded for five delegates to attend the State PTA Convention in Colorado Springs on 4/29-30/17. Let Jackie know if anyone is interested.

Staff lounge – ideas and plans were given to Tracy during recent meeting and now we just have to spend the money to update.

Need volunteers for Spring Social and Teacher Appreciation Week.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20