Before Please Contact CAPRO and Ask Them to Send You Electronically the Relevant Forms

Before Please Contact CAPRO and Ask Them to Send You Electronically the Relevant Forms

Dental Postgraduate Section

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For General Dental Practitioners and their Teams in Wales

Completion Guidelines

Beforecommencing the completion stage you will need the forms outlined below. These are available either via contacting CAPRO or downloading from the Wales Deanery Website:

  1. CAPR2- Project Completion Form

This contains various sections for you to complete and will ask for specific details concerning your project.

  1. Attendance Sheets

Each audit group member will need to sign an attendance sheet for each meeting that is held.

  1. CAPR3– Expense Claim Form

Each dentist who fulfils the funding requirements (as outlined in the Audit Planning Notes Document) and has carried out the projectwill need to complete and signa CAPR3 form.

It is the convenors responsibility to collate these forms and post as a complete set to the CAPRO Office.

It is the CAPR3 form that will enable you to receive payment when your project has been completed and validated by your local area Quality Improvement Tutor.

Please advise CAPRO if your contract number closes or if you commence work on a different contract number to that specified at the start of your audit.

In order to claim the maximum number of hours approved and verified, all NHS Contract Numbers must be open for the duration of the audit.

Please note: On completion of the project it is submitted to the Dental Postgraduate Section for validation. Once the completed project is validated by CAPRO, payment is made by the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP).

  1. Write up

In addition it is necessary to include a concise write up of the project.The write up will provide the panel with a clearer idea about the way in which you carried out the project and include the details regarding the audit outcomes. We do not require pages and pages of text. Most groups provide at least a few pages of A4.

Please note that the Capr2 Form together with your audit write up and data collection sheet must be completed and submitted electronically to CAPRO via

The attendance sheets and CAPR3 forms must behand written and posted to the CAPR Office as a complete set.


What did you do?

Write about:

  • The title of your project.
  • The objectives of the project.
  • The references: - How you reviewed the topic and identified the standards you used?

How did you do it? Outline the method you used

Write about:

  • What data did you decide to collect?
  • How did you select data for your audit?
  • What size audit sample did you use?
  • How did you collect the data e.g. designing data collection sheet?
  • (Send a copy of your data collection sheet with your write up).
  • What standards did you set to compare your performance with?

What were the results?

Write about:

  • What were the results for each group member? (N.B. Anonymised).
  • How did these compare with the set standards?
  • Present and submit these in chart form and/or graphics. Do not submit each individual piece of data.
  • Did anything else emerge from the project that is worthy of note?

What were the outcomes?

Write about:

  • What were the strengths and weaknesses you observed?
  • What improvements could be made to patient care and practice efficiency?
  • How can you implement any changes e.g. develop new protocols, attending courses, staff training etc?
  • If you carried out a second audit to determine the effects of any changes, report on this as above.

When writing up your project you mustensure that you have carried out all aspects of your project from your approved application and that you cover these areas in your write up.

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