BBEL Reward and Promotion Guideline

BBEL Reward and Promotion Guideline

BBEL Reward and Promotion Guideline

March 30, 2008

  1. Purpose

The purpose of this guideline is to reward creativity, productivity and hard work of the BBEL members who are appointed as Research Associate. This document will complement the performance expectation document developed for each person, but will not replace it. Although members of BBEL are expected to perform according to the expectation, provisions described in this paper provide reward for superior work and results. This guideline will be used for recommending future pay raise and promotion for individual research associates within BBEL.

  1. Specific reward criteria

The salary increase of a Research Associate in BBEL will consist of two parts. The first part will be decided by the Leader at a level upto 5% per year (a typical average pay raise at WSU is about 3% per year). In determining the exact level, the Leader will consider the contribution of the individual member to the Lab, such as project management, extra responsibility, work load, positive impact to the group, etc. In addition, a Research Associate in BBEL will be rewarded asthe second part of the salary increase based on productivity, according to the following schedule:

Paper accepted / Proposal 1,2 funded / Patent Applied
1st author / Co-author / >$100,000 / <$100,000 / 1st inventor / Co-invent.
1st year / 6% / 2% / 10% / 5% / 6% / 2%
2nd year / 4% / 1% / 8% / 4% / 4% / 1%
3rd year / 3% / 0.5% / 6% / 3% / 3% / 0.5%
After 3 yr / 2% / 0.5% / 5% / 2% / 2% / 0.5%
  1. Proposal needs to be developed independently, with little help from the Leader.
  2. For NSF proposal, the percent listed in the schedule will be doubled.
  1. Promotion Criteria

For people who joined the Lab after 2006, recommendation to Assistant Professor-Research will be made after 4 papers get accepted and a major proposal (>$100,000) gets funded within the first two years. Another 2 papers and one funded proposal are required each year thereafter to obtain such recommendation. For people who joined the Lab before 2006, such a recommendation will be made according to the agreement/understandingbetween the Leader and each individual member but with the similar criteria. The recommended starting salary for Assistant Professor-Research will be $60,000 per year. The individual is responsible for obtaining the funding for such a position.

  1. Declaration
  • Employee pay raises and promotion at Washington State University is managed by the university Human Resources Office according to the university policy. Therefore, university policy will be the ultimate governs such decisions. However, the BBEL leader (Shulin Chen) will make the recommendation according to this guideline, the university Human Resources Office will have to approve it before the recommendation becomes final.
  • Quality is utmost important to BBEL, we do not tolerant any intended or unintended publication of wrong data.
  • This document serves as a guideline, the Leader may elect to make necessary adjustment when formulate a recommendation
  • This guideline will be revised if deemed necessary.

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