Attention Permit Customers

Attention Permit Customers


State of New York
Department of Transportation
Albany, N.Y.12232

Astrid C. Glynn David A. Paterson
Commissioner Governor


October 14, 2008

Dear Oversize/Overweight Permit Customers:

Effective November 15, 2008, the Department intends to begin issuing oversize/overweight permits that includeselect highway restrictions. This ispart of the Department’s efforts to implement a Large Truck Policy that includes considerations for the safety of the traveling public, and the protection of the highways and the environment. For this Policy, Large Trucks have been defined as tractor-trailer or truck-trailer combinationswhere the trailer length is 45 feet or longer. It is the goal of the Large Truck Policy to encourage carriers to utilize the national network (primarily the Interstate highway system) to the maximum extent practicable.

As a component of this Policy, the Department has evaluated and identified a number of Restricted Highways (see enclosed list)from which it intends to prohibitmost oversize/overweight permitted moves. Upon implementation of this Policy, operation on these Restricted Highways will only be allowed for: (1) pick up and delivery at facilities or specific job sites that are located directly on such restricted highways; (2) pick up and delivery at facilities that are only accessible by use of such restricted highways; or (3)use in the event of a hardship or an emergency. Any carrier operating under an oversize/overweight permit found to be operating unnecessarily on these highways will have its permit voided by law enforcement for non-compliance with the permit requirements.

Emergency Waiverand Hardship Waiver processes will be developed before this new policy is implemented under which exceptions to this policymay be allowed. Emergency Waivers will be handled similar to what is done now for extreme conditions such as hurricanes.The process for Hardship Waivers will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase, Temporary Hardship Waivers may be issued with expiration dates of February 15, 2009. Waiver approval will consider documentation of: (1) an existing contract with operating costs estimated using one or more of the restricted highways;or (2) analysis which shows a substantial financial impact on the business operation of a carrier.

October 14, 2008

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Information provided by carriers during this phase will be used to help determine the guidelines for the formal waiver process that will be implemented on February 16, 2009. All carriers that anticipate filing for a waiver areencouraged to put together a temporary hardship waiver request using the enclosed form and sending it to us as soon as possible. The completed form should be mailed back to my attention using the address at the top of page 1 of this letter. Alternately, it can be faxed to my attention at: (518) 457-6513.

The Department intends for these new restrictions to apply to both Divisible Load and Special Hauling permits that meet the large truck definition. The restrictions are only in effect when a vehicle is operating under the conditions of the applicable permit. Special Hauling trip, annual and monthly permits for non-large trucksand Special Hauling vehicles requiring use of the restricted highway due to dimensions (e.g., height exceeds that allowed on the Thruway) will be allowed to do so. Special Hauling trip, annual or monthly permits issued to large trucks will be prohibited from the Restricted Highways. All Divisible Load overweight permits issued to large trucks will be prohibited from the Restricted Highways (Permit Types 1A, 7 and 9). Other statewideDivisible Load overweight permits will be allowed to use these Restricted Highways.

Please note that all annual (Divisible Load and Special Hauling) and monthly (Special Hauling) oversize/overweight permits issued prior to November 15, 2008 will not be impacted until they are renewed. However, annual and monthly permits will not be renewed prior to their scheduled expiration date. The Department intends for Special Hauling trip permits with a start date of November 15, 2008 or later to include the highway restrictions regardless of the date of issuance.

Please direct any questions or comments on these permit highway restrictionsand the waiver process to the Central Permit Office at 1-888-783-1685. More information on the Department’s Large Truck Policy can be found on the Department’swebsite: or; Also, you can find the most current information on this policy on the permit program website:


Joseph J. Lee-Civalier

Director, Registration and Permitting Bureau