Assessment Comparison Matrix

Assessment Comparison Matrix / Administered / Cost & Training
Assessment / Description / Publisher / Grade Level / Subject / Computer Group
Individually / Frequency / Time / Cost / Training
CIBS –II / They have an online 30-day free trial to review the test options.
Automated diagnostic assessment adapts to a student's responses and adjusts question difficulty depending on previous answers Real-time reports provide analysis of individual student needs and instruction recommendations aligned with state standards and core curriculum. The Brigance CIBS –II assesses student PreK- 9 and is nationally normed. You have to use the computerized version to test higher than 9th grade.
Correlation to Common Core State Standards. / Curriculum
Eric Gartenberg
/ Pre-K
-9th unless using comp. version / English & Math / *K-9 paper pencil/group
*K-12 computer/
group / Can request
30 day free trial. / It varies -20 -40 min. / $249
Comp version $299 -500 per site. / Free online training modules.
Reading Inventory / Basic Reading Inventory (BRI)is an easy-to-use, individually administrated informal reading assessment which identifies students' strengths and weaknesses in reading.This all-in one packages includes all of the tools needed for teachers to assess, interpret, and develop responsive reading instruction for administering, scoring, and interpreting the BRI. A separate student book contains all of the word lists, passages, and early literacy assessments used by students. / Kendall –Hunt
1-800-247-3458 ext. 4
Lisa Zenner
/ K -12 / Reading / 1:1
paper/pencil / Can request a 60 free trial of book / It varies based on age / $64.95 for each site / CD that provides training
DAR / Provides an assessment of individual student achievement in print awareness, phonological awareness, letters and sounds, word recognition, word analysis, oral reading accuracy and fluency, silent reading comprehension, spelling, and word meaning. It includes 50 vocabulary questions and 23 comprehension questions. Provides Trial Teaching Strategies online for $93 a year for 20 licenses. Username/Password to utilize demo: TrialUser96 paintbrush39 / Riverside
800-323-9540 / K-12 / Reading
Also gives oral fluency rating / 1:1
paper/pencil / Given multiple times / Un-
About 40 min. / $484
Forms A/B & $76 for admin book for each site / Scoring & reporting CD $124
Did not see any training options listed
DIBELS / With the DIBELS Data System, student performance results become powerful reports so you can make timely decisions and improve student outcomes. $1 per student per year includes both reading and math. Easy-to-use administration and data entry tools. / Sopris West
800-547-6747 / K - 6 / Five areas of reading / Testing 1:1
Paper/pencil / Assess 3 -4 times per year –progress monitor weekly / 1 minute fluency read and 1 minute retell / $77.95 per classroom set 1-6 / Training is provided by the Dynamic Measurement Group
Gates Mac-
Ginitie / The basic premise of the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests is that it is useful for teachers and schools to know the general level of reading achievement of individual students throughout their entire school careers. The objective information obtained from GMRT, complemented by teachers' evaluations and other sources of information. The Vocabulary tests for Levels 3 through 10/12 measure reading vocabulary. Each test word is presented in a brief context intended to suggest part of speech but not to provide clues to meaning. Students are expected to select the word or phrase that means most nearly the same as the test word. The Comprehension tests measure students' abilities to read and understand different types of prose. All of the passages are taken from published books and periodicals. The content is selected to reflect the type of materials that students are required to read for their schoolwork and choose to read for recreation. Some questions require students to construct an understanding based on a literal understanding of the passage; others require students to make inferences or draw conclusions. Reading Results Fast - Scoring results in 24 hours or less. Powerful diagnostic tools used nationally to help teachers know their student's level of reading achievement. Flexible enough to use for a variety of testing needs throughout the student’s school career: screening, diagnosis, outcomes, or progress monitoring. Developmentally appropriate for all learners – from Level 1 to adults. Suitable for use in Reading First and Striving Readers programs. Alternate forms for pre- and post testing, which can be used to measure growth over time or monitor program effectiveness Identifies students that need additional individual diagnosis and special instruction Support materials and services that can help teachers link assessment to instruction: Linking Testing to Teaching: A Classroom Resource for Reading Assessment and Instruction and Lexile® Measures. Measures each important stage along the comprehension continuum—from listening skills to mature reading comprehension. Online reports automatically included in the purchase price and available though interactive Results Manager® (iRM), including a Student Population Display with disaggregation features / Riverside
800-323-9540 / K - 12 / Vocab.&
Comprehension / Group Administer
-ed 3-12
1:1 K -2 as well as online version / Give assessment 4 times a year- Forms A/B / Teacher paced 55 -75 min. / $91 for hand scored tests for each level 1 administration booklet with each / States that very little training is needed.
SRI / In a computer-adaptive test, students are dynamically presented with questions. When a student answers a question correctly, the next question will be harder; if the student answers a question incorrectly, the next question will be easier. The item selection process continues until a strong level of certainty of the test taker’s ability has been established, the test ends and a scale score is provided.
Computer-adaptive tests tend to be shorter and more accurate than fixed-form tests, because students’ ability is discovered with fewer and more targeted items. A computer-adaptive test saves time for the test taker who is not presented with questions that are far below or above his or her ability. A computer-adaptive test yields, with greater accuracy than a print test, a student’s true ability in the skill assessed. / Scholastic
Patty Kuklinski
/ 3 -12 / Comprehension / Paper or computer version Can be tested in a group / Once a month / About 25 min / $1,500
50 site license / $799 webinar training for 20 people
Star Reading / Student takes the test. Questions continually adjust to the student's responses. You get results. Detailed reports help you place new students, measure reading progress, and identify those who need individual help. You make data-driven decisions. Match appropriate books and curricular materials to each student. STAR Reading is perfect for screening and progress-monitoring. The STAR assessments help automate the key functions of RTI—benchmarks, cut scores, progress monitoring goals, and instructional recommendations—and provide a detailed road map to help you determine if student progress is heading in the right direction. / Renaissance Learning. / K-12 / Reading / Group using computer / Five times a year / 10min / Ask consult-ant / Bobbie Killgore –Milford, DE
TABE / The TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Education) Forms 9/10 are commercially-produced multiple choice test with answer booklets, color-coded answer sheets, and supporting materials. This page collects program requirements for testing, testing methods, and additional tips. The publisher of the TABE, McGraw-Hill/Contemporary, has compiled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Training is available through SABES on how to administer TABE Locator and Sub-Tests and report results through SMARTT. TABE was normed on a population aged 14 years and above. TABE is a viable option to current norm-referenced tests for high school levels. Although TABE items were specifically designed for adults, TABE scale scores are linked statistically to the California Achievement Tests, Fifth Edition (CAT/5), created for K–12 students. / CTB/
(800) 538-9547 / 3 -12 / Reading Writing & Math / Group paper/pencil or computer / Every six months / The TABE 9&10 Survey takes about 2 hours, and the Complete Battery takes about 3.5 hours. It is a timed test. / $121 25 tests
form 9 $121 25 tests form 10.
Survey costs the same for less tests / Training can be provided by SABES.