Art Show Application Forms Page 1 of 2

Art Show Application Forms Page 1 of 2

Art Show Application Forms Page 1 of 2

Art Show Entry Form (must be completed for each piece of art work).

Artist Information (Please print clearly).

Name: ______

Address (Street): ______

City, State ______Zip Code______

Telephone Number: ______

Email Address: ______PCA Region: ______

Your email address is needed for confirmation of your entry, please print clearly

Title of Work: ______

Check One: Amateur Professional

Description / Media ______Dimensions ______

Category: (Check one)


Painting (any media)

Classic Photography

Enhanced Photography

Computer Generated Art


Fiber Art



Child (Under 16 years of age)

Display Requirements: Free Standing Easel

Sits on Floor Sits on table

Hangs on wall (appropriate wire must be on art work)

Small or Fragile (best displayed in a glass case)

Other (specify): ______

Name______Page 2 of 2

Is the art work for sale? Yes No

If Checked “Yes”, we can indicate the selling price on the art work label.

If you want the price on the art work label, indicate the price here: $ ______

Art Work Delivery Information

No artwork will be accepted without Parade pre-registration. No art work will be accepted if it is not properly prepared for display. If your artwork is meant to be hung, it must be delivered to the art show ready to properly hang.

Art work must be hand-delivered by the entrant to the art show site, the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa, in the Spy Glass Room, on Sunday, June 15, 2014, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The entrant MUST speak in person with the Art Show Chairman in order to have your artwork released to anyone other than the person named above at the end of the Art Show. A release form must be signed. Artwork will not be delivered, mailed, or shipped to artists.


Artists are invited to the Artist’s Reception and Awards Presentation. The reception will be held Monday, June 16th, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Each artist may bring one guest. Please indicate below how many people you expect in your party:

Number attending: ______

Digital Picture File of Your Art Work

Please send a digital picture of your art work to Burt Misevic by June 4, 2014. Added information is in the Art Show guidelines.

I understand the Porsche Club of America, the 2014 Parade Committee, workers, and sponsors cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to my art. Although security measures will be taken, I understand there will be no insurance coverage for Art Show entries.

Signature ______Date______

Mail Entry Form on or before May 7, 2014 (Pages 1 and 2 for each artwork) to:

Burt Misevic
617 Valley Vista Drive

Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 482-7076

[Rev NC - Art Show Application form. 1 & 2, 2014]

2014 Porsche Parade Art Show Guidelines

This traditional event at Parade continues with categories in fiber arts, jewelry, painting, crafts and photography (both amateur and professional divisions). All Parade entrants may participate, including children.

Wednesday, May 7: Art Show Applications are due

Wednesday, June 4: Digital Picture Files are due

Sunday, June 15: Drop-off for entered art works, 11am-5pm

Monday, June 16: Art Show Reception and Awards, 3:30-5:00pm

Tuesday through Thursday: Art Show open for Parade attendees from 9am-5pm

Friday, June 20: open from 9am-4pm

Friday, June 20: entrants pick-up their works from 4-6pm

Entrant Information:

All Parade entrants who are artists, crafters and Porsche aficionados are invited to participate in the Art Show at the 2014 Porsche Parade. The following competition categories will be open to entries by artists aged 16 or older, amateur or professional:

  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Classis Photography – Film and Digital
  • Enhanced Photography – Film and Digital
  • Computer Generated Art
  • Sculpture
  • Fiber Arts
  • Jewelry
  • Crafts

Please note that categories are subject to change depending on the numbers and types of entries.
The entries of children ages 15 and younger will be displayed and judged as a group.
Qualified judges will select winners in various categories and for the Best of Show Award. The People’s Choice award will be selected based on the vote of Parade entrants visiting the Art Show.


  • Entrants must be current PCA members, affiliates or family members, and must be 2014 Porsche Parade registrants.
  • All art work must have express Porsche content, otherwise it will be disqualified. Each artist may enter up to two (2) pieces in each category. If you have multiple entries, you must submit separate entry forms for each artwork entered.
  • Artists must correctly classify themselves as amateur or professional. If you have sold your art in the past three years, if you have an education preparing you for producing art, or if you have a career in an art capacity or if you have art related items for sale in the Parade Goodie Store, you belong in the Professional Group.
  • Entrants work must be handcrafted (no kits), properly framed, mounted or otherwise prepared for display and signed by the artist named on the entry. Model cars can only be entered in the crafts category and only as a minor part of a larger artwork such as a diorama. Dioramas will compete in the crafts categories.
  • Entries must be entirely the work of the artist, not based on images provided by others, and not directed or assisted by an instructor or other person.
  • Entries must include an information label containing the artist’s name, title of the piece and medium.
  • Artwork that has previously won at a Porsche Parade Art Show is not eligible for entry.
  • Entered Artwork may be displayed as for sale. Sales transactions are strictly between the artist and the prospective buyer. There will be no commission applied by PCA for these transactions. Art for sale must remain in the show until the scheduled pick-up date after the show closes. Art work must be picked up by the entrant. Items selling during the show may be marked as sold.
  • Entries will be hand delivered to the Art Show and picked up by the entrant at the close of the show during the designated pick up period.
  • We strongly suggest that entries in the Art Show remain on display the entire period of the show. If you don’t intend to remain at the Parade until the end of the Art Show please arrange with the Art Show staff to allow you to designate another Parade entrant to pick up your art work at the end of the Art show.
  • Security will be provided during the show, but the Parade Committee and PCA accept no responsibility for loss or damage and no insurance is provided.
  • The Art Show committee will have final determination of the interpretation of the rules pertaining to this event and reserves the right to reject or disqualify an entry that does not comply with these rules.
  • It is anticipated that art work will be displayed and judged in the categories listed. However, the Art Show Committee may revise categories at the time of the show based on the actual entries.
  • Submit the 2-Page entry application for each piece of art work by mailto the address shown on the application. Applications are due to be in the mail by May 7, 2014. This will allow us to provision for awards. If your application will be late, contact the Art Show Chairman well before the start of the Parade. Failure to do so may disqualify you for awards.

Submitting Digital Picture files Your Art Work

Traditionally we have presented the Art Show Awards at the Artist’s Reception. For the last two years we have added a slide show presentation of the major Art Show awards shown at one of scheduled Parade banquets. We have had some photographic challenges obtaining quality photographs of the artwork at the Parade due to less than great lighting available and reflections on many framed art items. In addition to using these photographs at banquets we also use them in follow-up stories and promotions for the Art Show.

To improve the quality of the images related to the Art Show we are requesting that entrants in the art show provide digital files for each entry as follows:

  • Provide one digital file for each item of art entered.
  • Provide as good a photo as you can manage. Good exposures taken outdoors in shade with good lighting should do fine. Usually setting your digital camera on its highest resolution works best. Don’t exceed a file size of 9MB as larger files may have trouble getting past many internet servers (1 to 2 MB is high enough resolution. Take the digital picture before framing for show. Try to fill the viewfinder of your camera with the picture of your art work.
  • Send the digital files to Burt Misevic via email, or on a CD via mail. The address information is on Page 2 of the Art Show Application.
  • Due Date: Send the digital files by June 4, 2014. If you cannot meet the due date or have questions, contact Burt Misevic to work out the details.

Amateur or Professional

In PCA we are fortunate to have many Parade attendees who are professionals either by virtue of training and/or occupation or those who are able to find a market for their art. It is a long established policy of PCA to provide as great an opportunity as possible for Parade entrants to have a place to compete in the Art Show. For this reason, we provide a competitive group for both professional as well as amateur artists.
Criteria for Selecting the Professional Group – If you have sold your art in the past three years, if you have an education preparing you for producing art, if you have a career in an art capacity or if you have art related items for sale in the Parade Goodie Store, you belong in the Professional Group.


The Parade Art Show provides three categories including photography or computer art competition. Each of these categories is described below to help an entrant correctly place their art in the proper category.

Classic Photography – This category includes original camera exposures on film and digital media. Scanned film media into digital files can be used. This category allows basic image manipulation such as cropping, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment and spotting as well as selection of image printing paper. No major elements of the original exposure can be removed and elements cannot be added to the image. Creative filters available in image manipulation software cannot be used. The produced image must represent camera generated photographic art.

Enhanced Photography – This category includes original exposures on file and digital media. Scanned film media into digital files can be used. This category allows the use of the manipulation tools of the Classic Photographic category. In addition, photographers can use the creative techniques available in common image software programs for adding elements, removing elements of the original exposure and making major changes to lighting, colors and other software generated effects. The image entered in this category must represent camera generated photographic art.

Entries in the above two categories will be reviewed by the Art Show staff for compliance to the category requirements based on the art submitted. An entrant has the option to bring along to the Parade their original camera exposure to show the staff should a question arise.

Computer Generated Art
This category may include any of the techniques of the two photography categories without limits and may include any digital or art techniques. Entrants are not required to use original camera exposures or photographic images.