APS Foundation 2017 Scholarship Application WORD TEMPLATE. When You Have Composed Your

APS Foundation 2017 Scholarship Application WORD TEMPLATE. When You Have Composed Your

APS Foundation 2017 Scholarship Application WORD TEMPLATE.
When you have composed your responses below and are ready to submit, click here and cut and paste your responses into the form. Do not mail this form! You must use the online application.

Application Deadline - by 4:00 p.m. on Friday,April 7th, 2017

Please read theScholarship Information Packetprior to submitting your application.Incomplete Applications will not be considered. Please use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation. All winners will be notified on or before April 21, 2017.

All correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted below.If selected, you will be asked for documentation to support the data you provide. Likewise, all correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted below.

  2. Name
  3. Birthdate
  4. Home Phone
  5. Email
  6. Home Address
  7. High School You Attend
  8. Year of Graduation
  9. Most recent cumulative GPA.
  10. Are you in the Pickens or ASCENT Program?
  11. List the schools you have applied to or been selected to attend:
  12. Describe the extracurricular activities, volunteer work, offices held, and/or community service activities you participate in
  13. Courses taken outside of the core classes (Ex. - honors courses, technical courses, etc):
  14. Briefly tell us three things you would like us to know about you:
  15. Please describe one person who has had a positive influence in your life:
  16. What other scholarships are you applying to or have you already received?
  17. What is the award amount you are applying for or have received?
  18. Is the amount above a one-time award?
  19. If this is a multi-year award what is the award amount for each year it is provided?
  21. Provide two references
  22. Provide name, phone and your relationship (teacher, coach, etc)
  24. List the company, dates worked and reason for leaving
  26. Why should you be considered for this scholarship? How would receiving this scholarship help you succeed?
  27. Select which scholarships you are applying for?
  28. Scholarship Specific Questions

Richard Anderson and Anderson Family AutismScholarship:Essay (250words or less) on what your area of study will be, and why you would like to pursue a degree in that field.

Dorothy Osborn Barry Education Fund:A personally written essay, of 1,000 words or less, expressing a desire for a second chance and determination to be successful in that effort.

AJ Boik MemorialScholarship:A short essay (500 words or less) as to what their area of study will be and why the visual arts are so important to them.

Bob Caviness Scholarship:Essay (500-1500 words) on one of the following topics: "Track and Field made a difference in my life" or "My coach influenced my life by..". Also, please submit your resume from your future, as if you have just graduated from college and are seeking your first job in the career of your choice.

Denise Davis Teen Parent Scholarship:One-page outline of your school/community services, and your educational plans upon graduation and how this scholarship will assist you.

Gerkin Family Expository Writing Scholarship:Expository Portfolio- A minimum of two pieces. Each piece must be a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1,500 words. Each piece must be double-spaced. Any material coming from an outside source must be appropriately documented using APA, MLA, or other similar style manual.

T. Matt Hirschfeld Scholarship:1) Why do you wish to be considered for this scholarship?2) How will this scholarship help you reach your educational and career goals? 3) Please list the community, school and sports or recreational activities you have been involved in during your high school career. 4) Describe how these activities have made a positive contribution to your school or community. 5) Describe ways in which you help others on a regular basis.

Kristin D. HizaMemorial Scholarship:Student must demonstrate financial need. Provide two letters of recommendation.

Nora Jane Crocker Redding Scholarship:1) Who is your best friend and why? 2) What things make you laugh? 3)What do you like most about your family? 4) What do you like most about school? 5) Essay (1,000 words or less) on what I expect to accomplish by becoming a teacher?

The Myrtle Replogle Travis and Russell Romayne Travis MemorialScholarship:Essay (1,000 words or less) onyour goals and values.

Lore H. WigginsScholarship:Submit and essay (1,000 words or less) detailing your interest in, and eagerness to, learn French (or other chosen language major), how you want to use this education, and why you feel you deserve this scholarship.

Vista Peak Business PathwayScholarship:Essay (1,000 words or less): Please comment on your experience in the Business Pathway, and how it has set you up for success in your future endeavors. What successes as well as failures did the pathway bring you and how have those made you a better student, individual, or person? Finally tell us why you should be considered for this scholarship and how receiving this scholarship will help you succeed.Resume: Please include academic awards, leadership honors, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, employment, club membership, etc.