Approving Time Cards

Approving Time Cards

Approving Time cards

(For supervisors)

Log on to

  1. Click on the “Witt link” tab, found on the top center of the page

  1. Enter your username and password and then click “Log in”

There are three locations where you can approve a time card. The first that you will see is the least detailed, and your first chance to approve the time.

  1. Total hours are displayed in this column.
  2. If you prefer, you can approve directly from this screen. Just check this box and click “Sumbit.”
  3. To review in more detail make sure the “review entry” box is checked and click “Submit.”
  4. Please click on the “Submit” button only once.

If you check “Review entry” and click “Submit,” you will be given more detail on the total hours that were worked. This is your second chance to approve the time card.

  1. This is your staff’s remaining leave. Annual leave refers to vacation for hourly staff and PTO for police and security staff.
  2. You can see hours worked per day here. Make any necessary changes in this space.
  3. Annual leave, sick, and any other hours such as personal or holiday would be displayed in these columns. All leave hours should be recorded in one-hour increments.

Remember to use the mouse or tab key to navigate through the screen. If you hit the enter key, it will react the same way as clicking on “Submit.”

If you scroll down to the bottom of each employees hours worked detail, you have another opportunity to approve the time card.

  1. If you would like time in/out information, check this box and click submit.
  2. If the employee has not submitted their time for approval, this will say “no.” The employee has not signed their time card until it says “yes.”
  3. This is your second chance to approve. If you choose, use the drop down box to select “APP – Approve” and click “Submit.”
  4. Please make note of any changes you make in the supervisor comment box.

REMEMBER: Avoid clicking “Submit” twice.

If you choose to review an employee’s time in/out data, you will see this screen with your staff’s daily time in and out.

  1. Here is your staff’s time in/out data.
  2. The employee has not signed the time card until this says “yes.”
  3. Your last chance to approve the time card is here. Choose “APP – Approve” from the drop down box and click “Submit.” Avoid clicking submit twice.