Appendix B: Specimen Report Form for an Undergraduate Or Taught Post-Graduate Degree

Appendix B: Specimen Report Form for an Undergraduate Or Taught Post-Graduate Degree

Royal Agricultural University

Annual report of a Link Tutor for Undergraduate or Taught Post-Graduate provision

All reports must be submitted to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee by 30th June.

**Please note: names of all students and staff should be omitted from this report, to maintain appropriate confidentiality.**

Title: / Initials: / Surname:
Date of appointment as Link Tutor:
Academic year(e.g. 2011/2012):
Collaborative partner:
Collaborative partner address:
Provision title(s) (e.g. BSc (Hons) Agriculture):
(If this report covers more than one type of provision please indicate where your comments refer to one type of provision in particular).
Name(s) of collaborative provision Programme Manager(s) [or Module Leader(s) for modules not belonging to an RAU award]:
Date provision last (re)validated:
Category of collaborative provision applicable:
School responsible:

Section A – Link Tutor contact with collaborative partner

It is expected that Link Tutors will have visited the collaborative partner at least once during the academic year. Please explain the circumstances should this not have happened.

Date of visit(s):
(To include staff met, students met, as appropriate).
Attendance at meetings with the External Examiner:
Attendance at Examination Board meetings:
Attendance at programme review meetings:
Brief report on experience of Chairing Programme Committee meetings:
Brief report on experience of Chairing Joint Board of Study meetings:
Brief report on other activities undertaken and on the nature of support provided to collaborative partner staff:
(E.g. involvement in induction, staff development, activities to encourage student progression)

Section B – Actions arising from previous report

Report on actions arising from the previous Link Tutor report:

Section C – Overview

Overview of relationship with senior managers at the collaborative partner:
Overview of student performance and academic standards and level (including any matters relating to RAU regulations and marking criteria):
Overview of the student experience (as indicated through satisfaction surveys, Programme Committee meetings, etc):
Overview of staff development (delivered by RAU and/or needs identified):

Section D – Audit activities

Summary of any changes to the teaching team:
Module title / Name of original staff member / Name of new staff member / Role in module / Date CV approved by Dean
Summary of how the School has assured itself that public information, publicity and promotional activity in relation to the collaboration is accurate (e.g. prospectus entry, website information, marketing materials):
Commentary on whether all issues/actions highlighted in the previous year’s Annual Programme Manager’s Report have been addressed:
Commentary on the continued appropriateness of facilities and resources to support the provision:
Commentary on developments or plans for change at the collaborative partner or the RAU that affect the provision:

Section E – Good practice

Commentary on any particular strengths or areas of good practice in the delivery of the programme, in the programme management or in the partnership arrangements:

Section F–Additional comments

Comments upon any aspect(s) of the collaboration not covered elsewhere in the report:

Section G – Matters requiring action / response

Identification of any planned developments or action necessary by RAU / collaborative partner to mitigate risk as appropriate, including matters raised by the External Examiner(s) during the year:
(Include an action plan, using the template provided, as an appendix. This should be used to inform the Annual Programme Manager’s Report action plan).

Section H – Final year of appointment

If this is your final year of appointment, please give an overview of the progress that has been made during your period of office as Link Tutor and points to consider for the future to help inform the incoming Link Tutor:

Section I – Confirmation

Has this report been shared with the collaborative partner? YES / NO
(If NO, please provide an explanation).

Signature of Link Tutor:______



Action plan

[Insert programme title and year]


Recommendations for further changes required

/ Action / Responsibility / Timescale