Another New School Term New Item: STEM

Another New School Term New Item: STEM

“STEM Corner” –(ST-1) Questions that ALL (*) Teachers should ask about "STEM" development in Your School (Local [HK] vs. Global)! …… (ST-2) Partial or Full Immersion of STEM? … Reminding the MDGs!!!

Another New School Term New Item: STEM 

The new school term (2016-17) will extend across the Year of Monkey to Rooster. Check how your students, old or new, would change from one zodiac to another. Or, will they behave like the characters as the animal possess.. to … (….. seems to have a lot of good characters!)

Apart from the old traditions, the contemporary issue is surely about STEM. This is not just because of the inclusion of such directive in the Government’s address; but also the rapid infusion of science and technology in all walks of our life. No one could escape from the impacts that bring about with so many different applications alongside with the commercial push to every corner of the globe. This is not a uni-verse, but a multi-verse. Our next generation should be equipped with multi-faceted ideology in order to cope with their career development -- not just study for certain single subjects (2X or 3X) as prescribed in the DSE; but to apply whatever knowledge and skills they have learnt for all walks of life.

As the implementation of STEM culture and programs is a multi-faceted, multi-level and cross-disciplinary design. That should not be the sole responsibility of the subjects as described by the S, T, E and M. There should be some overarching policy from the top hierarchy of the School to decide how deep, how far and how wide should the STEM be infused in your routine School Curriculum. If the STEM is to be tried out in some spotted subjects, e.g. computer literacy or Maths, they should have the support from all other relevant subjects and departments (e.g. the Careers) that the identified item/topic is involved. The support could be different kinds of resources -- human, time and space. Further, the issue of evaluating the success of such STEM items should be considered as there is a long way to go for the full implementation of the STEM culture -- of which, the implementation stages and the evaluation cycle should be carefully estimated. The note in the "STEM Corner" may be an initial reference for you.

As STEM could involve many different designs and wide range of involvement (subject-wise, life-wide, career-involvement, school-mission, … ), we have initiated a "STEM Corner" for all teachers to share, discuss and may be reference notes for further exploration. If you have any issues, comments and / or ideas to share with us, you could simply drop a note to the Association Office via any channel you like (email: , fax [2333-3355], or phone: 2333-0096 [leave a voice message is possible.]).

As usual, you are welcome to join our various working groups and / or share with us your photos or words about Science and Maths Learning, or enquiries, please feel free to contact our Office via phone, fax or email.

Wishing you all a successful School Year 2016-17

The Council

August 2016