And for the Parents

And for the Parents

On Bikeability Level 1 you learn how to be in full control of your bike. You’ll do fun cycling skills on the playground, preparing you to go out on the road, which is Bikeability Level 2!

On Bikeability Level 2 you learn the rules of the road and how to cope with other traffic as a cyclist. You will head outonto local roads, giving you a real cycling experience. You will be taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Don’t worry if this is the first time to go out on the road. The instructor(s) will teach you the right tools and you’ll be amazed with your own results. You will usually be trained in groups of 3-12 by either one or two instructors (depending on the size if the group).

After a successful pass you will receive Level 1 and Level 2 certificates and badges for attending the course. Instructors are coming your way soon; make sure to sign up!

And For the Parents:

Please read the following information carefully and return the consent form to your child’s school. The school will inform you about dates when the course for your child is due. If you sign up for a holiday course, please return the form directly to your local training provider.

Bikeability is “Cycling Proficiency” for the 21st century, designed to give young people the skills and knowledge to cycle safely on today’s roads. The course will help to grow your child’s independence in the years to come. The course offered is Bikeability Level 1 and 2. The Level 2 element is delivered on quiet public roads. An element of “risk” is an essential part of the course, but these risks are managed by qualified instructors, who’ll look after your child at all times. In Devon alone, more than 6000 children receive Bikeability training each year.

Note each child must be able to ride a bicycle (have good control and balance) before enrolling for this course. In certain areas there may be courses to support those who can’t ride, please check with your local provider.

All trainees must provide a bicycle in a roadworthy condition (a bicycle check diagram is provided) and a helmet must be worn. In certain areas, spare bicycles may be available. High visibility waistcoats will be provided.

All courses are conducted by approved National Standard Instructors, who are DBS checked and have attended a First Aid course. Please ensure child is wearing appropriate clothing suitable for cycling and the weather conditions of the day.

We request that you discuss the Bikeability course with your child, and encourage them to practice what they have learnt each session - maybe by accompanying them on a bike ride and discussing the Highway Code. Your child must attend every session - if they miss any sessions they may not be able to complete the course.

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Bikeability in Devon is funded by the Department for Transport in partnership with Devon County Council. Plymouth School Sports Partnership delivers Bikeability in Devon on behalf of Devon County Council in partnership with local training providers Execel, The Cycling Partnership and Westcountry Cycle Training.

Bicycle Checklist

Please use the diagram below to check your child’s bicycle and helmet:

Only carry out adjustments or repairs if you know what to do. If you are unsure, please take the bike to a local cycle repair shop.

Still not sure? Check out our Bikeability Video by visiting

Bikeability Level 1 and 2 Consent Form


Child’s name:
Child’s school:
Date of birth:
School year:
Parent/carer’s name:
Tel. No:
Devon County Council would like to email you a Bikeability survey, where you could win a bike, and also inform you of other training.
Your details will not be given to third parties and solely be held for the described purpose. If you do not wish to be contacted please leave this box blank.
Emergency contact number:
Please detail any medical conditions that we need to know about?
Please give details of any learning support your child needs at school I.E. does your child have any learning or behaviour issues that we should be aware of so that your child has a more positive experience?
Your child may need support for balance if learning to ride, I give permission for my child to be supported. / YES / NO
I have read all the information within / Yes / No
Whilst every care will be taken to ensure your child's safety, Devon County Council provides public liability insurance only and not Personal Accident insurance for anyone undertaking this course, nor does it accept responsibility for the actions or personal behaviour of participants. Devon County Council and your training provider are not responsible for any injury to persons or loss or damage to property which occurs on the way to and from a session, or which does not result from the negligence of an instructor. However, every instructor carries third party liability insurance which covers your child as a third party. I understand the insurance provision. / Yes/No
I agree to my child receiving on-road training / Yes / No
I will ensure my child’s bicycle is in a roadworthy condition
If the answer to the above is “no”, we may be able to provide your child with a bike and/or a helmet. Please only circle as required if bike/helmet possession/logistics, etc is an issue. / Yes/No
Bike please
Helmet please
I give permission for my child to lend their own bike to anyother child in the group - ie where there is a faulty bike / Yes/No
I give permission for my child to borrow another child's bike - ie if my child’s bike is faulty / Yes/No
My child can ride a bike competently / Yes/No
If the answer to the above is “no” we may be able to provide your child with some “Learn to Ride” training. Please only circle as required if this is of interest to you. / Yes please
Parent/Carer Signature:
I have read all of the information and completion of this application acts as my consent for my child to take part in a cycle training course.

Further notes:

Any participants who persistently misbehave or put others in danger will be asked to leave the sessions and will not be allowed to attend in future. All children must be school year 5 or over when attending this course