After All the Kids Get a Children S Bible, Which Is Easier for the Kids to Understand

After All the Kids Get a Children S Bible, Which Is Easier for the Kids to Understand

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Okay kids let’s just sit now. Today we are going to continue our scripture-verse about "seeking ye the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added". Sister Leona could you pass out the Children Bibles? Sister Siena also helps her.

After all the kids get a children’s Bible, which is easier for the kids to understand.

Sister Williamson says to them remember how we learn which part of the Bible is the Old Testament and which part is the New Testament. “Who remembers which side is the Old Testament,” asks Sister Williamson?” A few of the students raised their hands.

Bobby," says Sister Williamson. The left side is the Old Testament,” says Bobby". ”Which side is the New Testament,” asks Sister Williamson?"

Sister Williamson picks Shirley.

“The right side is the New Testament,” says Shirley".

Okay the scripture-verse we are looking for is Matthew 6:33.

Sister Williamson also uses a white board with a marker.

She writes the scripture on the board,so that the kids can see how it is spelled. “The Gospel According To Matthew” as this Book is called. They are looking for the number of the Chapter and number of the Verse that they are looking for. She believes it will help if the kids to learn and remember whatis being taught, if they see the scripture-verse on the board.

“Does anyone remember whether this scripture is in the Old or New Testament," ask Sister Williamson?”

Students raise their hand.

“Joel," says Sister Williamson.” “It is in the New Testament,” says Joel. That’s right Joel the New Testament.

“Which side is the New Testament on as we just asked a few minutes ago, "asked Sister Williamson?”

She picks Tamala.

“The right side, “said Tamala”. “That’s right," said Sister Williamson. I am so happy everyone is listening, very good. “How many of you have found it,” asks Sister Williamson?"

Quite a few of the students raise their hands.

“Can someone tell me what page it is on in your Children's Bible,” ask Sister Williamson?"

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“Liam,” says Sister Williamson" It is on page ____,“ says Liam" “You're right Liam,” says Sister Williamson." And the kids who had found the page, turned also to that page, while the other Teachers helped the other kids find it. Some kids were using the Children's Bible for the first time.

Children you know that I have two Bibles here, the King James Version which adults and the kids who can understand the King James Version. I also have a Children's Bible. I will read the scripture-verse from the adult KJV first and then I will read from the Children's Bible.

The Children's Bible is worded in simple terms to make it easier for the children to understand what God is saying in His Word. It is easier for those of you who are 9 years of age and younger to read the Children’s Bibles. Those of you a little bit older, if you prefer to use the Children’s Bible, let myself or one of the other teachers know.

Okay I am going to read now: It is called “The Gospel According To Matthew” and it is in the New Testament - Matthew Chapter 6 and we go down until we see 33 which is the verse number, it says:

6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Sister Williamson also reads the scripture-verse from the Children's Bible.

What do you think God meant, when He says,” seek ye the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you? Remember last Sunday when we read this scripture-verse and we talked about what we believe this scripture-verse meant. As the Holy Spirit guides us, teaches us. Can anyone remember at least something of what we said this scripture-verse meant, so others can hear who don't know? Remember I read the scripture-verse before this one to understand what God was saying to the Gentiles. He was saying, don't worry about whether or not you will have food to eat, don't worry about what clothes you will need to wear, don't worry about where you are going to stay because our Heavenly Father will take care of all of these things. That’s in the scripture-verse before this one Matthew 6:31 and 32.

Sister Williamson reads these scripture-verses as well, so that the children will understand what God was saying in Matthew 6:33 about seeking Him and His righteousness. Because the people were seeking after these things. God knows what we need, we are to seek Him first. Reading His Word is seeking Him, praying is seeking Him, studying His Word is seeking Him, meditating in His Word is seeking Him, Worshiping God is seeking Him. Doing the right thing, treating other kids right and adults. Being respectful to others. Seek Him first and He will add these things that we need and gives us those things that we ask Him for from our hearts. God will bless you.

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Let’s bow our heads now and have prayer:

Prayer Time:

We thank you Heavenly Father for your Word, I pray that you bless each child. That they don't forget to pray during the week, memorize the scripture-verse and read your Word. Also, that they share your Word with other kids, and invite them here to Church. We also thank you for our Teachers, continuously bless them and our volunteers. In Jesus Name We Pray. And everybody say Amen.

Kids is their anyone who want to receive Jesus into their heart, I will pray with them, we always do this at the end of class, so that kids who are not saved, can invite Jesus into their lives their heart as their Lord and Savior and when Jesus returns, you also will live with Him forever. “I will read a scripture-verse from the Bible for you about Salvationand then I will pray with you,” said Sister Williamson. “Romans 10:9-13 which is in the Old Testament.” “I will just read the first verse 9, “ saidSister Williamson. There are three more verses after verse 9 I want you to read those verses when you go home. Verse 9 says that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. The word confess means to say words out of your mouth. And I believe all of you believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, is that correct kids,” asked Sister Williamson? “And the kids said,” yes.

One or two kids went up.

Sister Williamson began to pray with them.

Sister Williamson sees some parents waiting to pick up their kids.

Worship Service is over.

"Kids," says Sister Leona, here is the scripture-verse for you to take home, read and keep reading it until you can recite it without looking at the paper. Do this a little bit each day. Memorize means you are able to say it without looking at the paper. And the Word of God also goes into your heart.

Okay,” says one of the kids. I have one already, says another kid, speaking to Sister Leona.”

“Next Sunday we are going to have some kids come up and say it, without the paper, said Sister Williamson.

Meanwhile Sister Williamson has finished praying with the two kids who wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts as their Lord and Savior and she also gives them a Children's Bible. She also gives Bibles to kids who don't have one including Joanie. All of the kids have practically left. Some are able to go down to the Sanctuary where they know to meet their parents or the person who brought them to the House of Worship.

Joanie I hope to see you next Sunday,” says Sister Williamson". "I will come back next Sunday with Larry if my mom says it is okay," says Joanie". I really like learning about Jesus and singing the songs. When I go home I am going to start saying my prayers before I go to bed. That's great Joanie, God is a good God, and Jesus loves you, "says Sister Williamson".

“Okay Larry! I hope to see you next Sunday,” says Sister Williamson.

“Goodbye! Sister Williamson,” said Larry and Joanie.” “Goodbye! said Sister Williamson.

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Larry and Joanie proceed down the stairs to go meet up with his mom and dad and Jennie. He sees them across the room. He and Joanie go over.

The Pastor is talking to Larry's mom and dad.

Hi,” says Pastor Green, hi,"says Joanie."

As he shakes her hand.

“And what is your name,” ask Pastor Green?” “My name is Joanie, I am Larry’s friend,” she said.”

“Joanie is our next door neighbor, Pastor,” said Mrs. Taupe".

Mrs. Taupe continuing speaking with Pastor Green.

Larry asked her to come to Children’s Church.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed learning about the LORD Joanie,” said Pastor Green". I know that you got blessed. I am going to ask my mom, if I can come back next Sunday, with Larry and his mom and dad.” said Joanie.”

“Well I look forward to seeing you,may God bless you and your family Joanie,” said, Pastor Green.

“And Larry, it is a blessing to see you doing the LORD's work. Being a Disciple for Christ, telling other children about Jesus, spreading the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus our LORD,” said Pastor Green.”

Pastor Green about to leave, to go over and speak to another Brethren.

“Everybody have a blessed week!” said Pastor Green, okay,” said Mr. and Mrs. Taupe and Larry and Joanie.”

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Meanwhile they are all headed out of the Church building to the parking lot, where the car is parked.

Everybody is in the car.

Mrs. Taupe has buckled Jeannie in the car seat, in the back.

“Larry, remember that restaurant that we went to, when we celebrated Jennie’s 4th birthday,” said Mr. Taupe? “Where they had those large hamburgers, asked Larry?” “Yes,” said Mr. Taupe, that’s where we are going.”

Oh! Great!” said Larry. “Joanie you will really like their hamburgers the French fries and the milk shakes, Oh! Delicious!! said Larry.” “The pizza is good too,” said Larry.” Oh! I like Pizza,” said Joanie.

They are all in the car headed to the restaurant. Mr. Taupe pulls into the parking lot of the restaurant, which is free to the customers. They are getting out of the car. Mr. Taupe makes sure that the car doors are locked and that he hasn’t left anything of value in the care because of car theft he’s heard about in the past few weeks.

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Meanwhile everybody is inside the restaurant, they have to wait to be seated by the waitress. They have chairs where the customers can sit, until their table is ready.

The waitress gestures to Mr. Taupe, that their table is ready. They all go over to the table. They put like a high chair at the table for Jennie to sit in. They waitress also gives them the menus to look at, to see what they wanted to order.

They order, they bless the food before they eat. Joanie orders Pizza, two slices with extra cheese and peperoni. She also orders a vanilla milk shake. Larry orders his regular hamburger with cheese and the French fries. He also orders a chocolate shake. Mr. and Mrs. Taupe order hamburgers, a few hot wings, french fries with a salad. And they order two sprite sodas for themselves. They order one slice of pizza for Jennie with the extra cheese. They know she will eat the pizza, she won’t eat the hamburger. And they order a small vanilla milkshake for Jennie and they give her some of their French fries. While they are waiting for their food, the waitress pours water into their glasses. They discuss how service was at the church, and Larry and Joanie tell Mr. and Mrs. Taupe what they learned in Children’s Church.

The waitress brings the food over.

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Mr. Taupe bless the food before they eat.

Prayer Time

Thanking God for His Word going forth in His House of Worship today through Pastor Green. Thanking God for all His blessing, for Joanie their neighbor and wanting to know about Him and that God bless her family. And thanking God for Larry their son being about the LORDS’ work. Thanking God for His family and good health and for the food they are about to receive to nourish their bodies. In Jesus Name He Pray. Everybody said Amen.

Everybody is enjoying the food. Mr. Taupe takes out money to leave the waitress a tip. The food was good and the service at the restaurant was good also. The waitress was pleasant and she served them their food in the timely manner they thought that the food should have been served to them. They gave her more than what they would say the amount of a tip should be, because of her kindness and the pleasantness about her.

The waitress thanked them. And told them it was a pleasure to serve them. Everyone is getting up from the table, Mrs. Taupe took Jennie out of the high chair.

They are walking out of the door of the restaurant towards the parking lot where Mr. Taupe parked the car.

The restaurant wasn’t too far from where they lived, he is about to pull up into the driveway of their house.

“I had a nice time Mr. and Mrs. Taupe," said Joanie”: “Thank you Larry, for inviting me to your Church too," said Joanie.” “Bye Mr. and Mrs. Taupe, bye Larry, bye Jennie,” said Joanie. “I am glad that you enjoyed the Children’s Church Joanie, I am also glad that you had a nice time and enjoyed the food at the restaurant Joanie,” said Mrs. Taupe.” “ And Joanie if you want to go next Sunday, just let Larry know and we will come and pick you up. “We would love to take you Joanie,” said Mrs. Taupe.” “Joanie, I am glad you went too," said Larry.” “Okay Larry, I see you tomorrow in school, okay Joanie,” said Larry.”

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It is Monday, it is a hot day, and Larry and Joanie are in school. It is close to school letting out for the summer. In another 2 weeks it will start their summer recess. It is recess time, after lunch, and Larry and Joanie are out in the playground and they are playing ball with their other friends; Tommy, Troy, Sonia and Taniya.

They are also in Larry and Joanie's class.

So Joanie is telling their friendsshe went to Church with Larry, his mom and dad and his sister Jennie.

Also, what she learned about Jesus and the songs they sang in Church with the other kids. And the restaurant

that they went to after Church. And that she was going next Sunday to his Church. And one of the songs that that sang is "Jesus loves the little children”. God doesn’t care what your color is, He loves you anyway.

“Hey why don't you guys come to church with us next Sunday,” asked Joanie?” “?Larry, Tommy asked,” could we come to church with you next Sunday?” “I am sure it would be okay, but let me ask my mom,” said Larry.” “I will call you tonight Tommy, if it is okay,” said Larry.” “And also we will call you guys too,” said Larry. “Okay,” said their other friends.”

“And guys you have to ask your mom and dad,” said Larry.” “Okay said,” Tommy, Troy, Sonia, and Taniya".