Administrative Order 2/06- Essex Wing Adventure Training & Leadership Camp 2006 Sywnnerton

Administrative Order 2/06- Essex Wing Adventure Training & Leadership Camp 2006 Sywnnerton

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A.ACP 17

B.LSE/221/TGdated 20 Mar 2003

C.Swynnerton Training Camp Administrative Standing Orders

  1. ACP 237
  2. ACP 20A ACTI No 52

Time Zone Used Throughout the Instruction: LOCAL


1.Essex Wing ATC, following L&SE Region approval, will hold an Adventure Training & Leadership Camp at Swynnerton Training Camp Cold Meece during the period 21 Oct - 27 Oct 2006.


2.To enable cadets to undertake adventure training, camp training, sports and leadership training and exercises in a challenging and exciting environment following the guidance and instructions detailed in accordance with References A,B,C,D,E and Attached Training Aims and Activities listing down loaded from website.


3.General arrangements for the camp are as follows:



WSO Flt Lt ID Woodward, is appointed Camp Commandant (CC) and is responsible to OC Essex Wing for co-ordinating all aspects of the camp, his deputy is Flt Lt M Barratt The CC and his deputy are to acquaint themselves with the contents of the References quoted above. The CC is responsible to OC Essex Wing for the well-being and safety of staff and cadets whilst at Swynnerton Training Camp Cold Meece and in transit to that location. The following activities are his direct responsibility:

(a)Discipline of Staff and Cadets

(b)Transport arrangements

(c)Safety of all personnel

(d)Ensuring a daily Duty Officer is appointed and carries out his duties as per Annex A.

(e) Reconfiguration with regular units if in locality.

(2)Further CampAppointments.

Further CampAppointments are listed at Annex B.

c.Eligibility.Cadet eligibility is to comply with Reference E Para 3.

c.Security.Security is to be conducted in accordance with Reference C. All cadets are to be in possession of a valid RAF Form 3822. Adult staffs are to carry their respective identification forms. On notification of a change in Counter Terrorist Response Level higher than Normal the following action, in addition to that detailed in Swynnerton Training Camp (STA) Security Standing Orders, is to be taken:

(1)Response Level – Heightened All Training to stop and security duties to be undertaken by Officers and AWOs.

(2)Response Level - Exceptional. All Training to cease and all staff and cadets confined to camp. The CC is to seek security advice from the nearest Military Unit and RMP.

d.Arrival.On arrival cadets and staff are to be given an arrival brief based on the camp programme and appropriate sections of Reference C. It is important to ensure that all persons attending the camp are reminded that all exercises are of a non-physical contact nature.

e.Mail.The address for staff and cadets at camp is as follows:

Rank Initials Name

Sqn Number

Essex Wing ATC

SwynnertonTraining Camp

Cold Meece

Nr. Stone


ST15 0QN


4.The following Materials and Services will be required for the duration of the camp period:

a.Finance. Cadets and staff are to bring sufficient funds to support themselves during the camp. It is anticipated that cadets will require a minimum of £30 spending money. Individuals may take more but will remain responsible for their own funds during the camp. Excessive amounts are therefore to be discouraged.

b.Accommodation.All staff and cadets will occupy permanent accommodation. The daily Duty Officer is to sleep in a designated room, easily accessible to cadets should an incident occur. Ideally the accommodation should be between the male and female cadet accommodation.

(1)Services.The provision of Sanitation and Cleaning faculties is to be undertaken as per Reference C, chapter 5

Para 4 – 5.

c.Messing/ Catering.Catering will be provided as per Chapter 11 of Reference C. Under no circumstances is cooking or eating allowed in barrack accommodation. Cadets will have a packed lunch provide on arrival at Swynnerton Training Camp Cold Meece. Journey time is estimated at 4.5 hours. Alcohol is not to be consumed by any cadets.

d.Transport.Transport to and from the Camp will be via contracted coach for all cadets. Individual staff will be required to drive service vehicles as per Annex C. Private vehicles can be taken to Camp - subject to CC permission and advance notification of registration Number - mileage claims will not be paid unless prior approval of the CC has been given. On arrival at Swynnerton Training Camp Cold Meece, the CC is to establish a Detachment MT Pool and appoint an officer ic service transport and a deputy. MT journeys are only to be undertaken on the authority of the OIC service transport or his deputy. MT driving times are to be strictly monitored to ensure staff duties are adequately shared and driver duty times not exceeded. Any Traffic Accident is to be reported as per the current instruction/orders issued by the holding unit of vehicle being used. Cross county driving at camp must comply with Reference C.

e.Medical.Within Swynnerton Training Camp Cold Meece access to medical facilities is to be in accordance with Reference C.

During Adventure Training exercises the OIC the event is to ensure adequate First Aid cover is available via qualified staff. All injuries, however slight, are to be reported to the Camp Duty Officer for recording in the camp occurrence log.

f.Communications.The Wing Radios are to be utilised wherever possible to facilitate a radio net in accordance with current regulations. Only approved radio call signs are to be used. The use of mobile phones is also to be implemented as a backup facility.

g.Dress. Dress for staff and cadets whilst at Fremington Training Camp North Devon should Combat Clothing or Combat 95. A list of clothing and equipment to be brought to camp is as per Annex D. Cadets and staff are not to wear Greens or combat clothing whilst in transit to Swynnerton Training Camp; casual smart clothing is to be worn.

h.Bounds.All cadets are restricted to the Swynnerton Training Camp. Any movement off of the Training Area is to be authorised by the Duty Officer and recorded in the camp occurrence log. Cadet accommodation is out of bounds to off duty staff unless access is authorised by the Duty Officer.

i.Emergency Procedures and Fire precautions.SHEAF procedures are detailed in Reference C. However, on the first night of occupancy, the CC is to brief staff and cadets on Fire Precautions and is to carry out a practice fire drill, which is to be repeated, if necessary, to ensure all staff and cadets fully understand the orders concerned. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all tented accommodation


5.Training is only to be undertaken by fully qualified staff at the ratio detailed in Reference A or as dictated by L&SE Region. All training or exercises are to be of a non-contact nature and carried out in accordance with appropriate Risk Assessments (RA) and compliance with Swynnerton Training Camp Administrative Standing Orders. RAs applicable to the Camp and Activities are attached. The programmes for AT, CampCraft and Field Craft are at Annexes E and F. A full list of staff attending and their respective appointments and qualifications is at Annex B. Only fully qualified and Wing Registered staff are to undertake the training of cadets. Staff involved in training from other Locations or departments are to forward copies of their qualifications 1 month in advance of the camp to the Wg Ad Trg Officer for verification and registering.


6.The safe conduct of the camp will involve a number of important stages, which are to be monitored by the CC. In particular the following activities are to be checked and complied with:

a.Personal Documentation.Full cadet and staff documentation in the form of ACF 13C and ACF13A is to be initiated and completed prior to attending camp copies are to be held as per ACP 237. Additionally, Annex E to ACP 237 Chap 4 is to be completed by all personnel who suffer or have suffered from Asthma. ACFs and Annex E are to be held at Camp.

b.Kit Lists.Kit lists for Staff and cadets attending are to be provided at least 2 weeks before the camp.

c.Briefings.Full briefings on the camp and activities to ensure all roles and safety requirements as detailed in the References, are to be given to:

(1)Exercise Execs

(2)All adult staff

(3)Cadet NCOs


d.Kit Inspections.Kit inspections covering safety items are to be carried out prior to any activity.

e.Emergency Cancellation Procedures.It is essential that all staff are fully briefed on the action to be taken should they need to cancel an exercise due to an incident or deteriorating weather. Furthermore it is essential that a standard emergency exercise or cancellation procedure is given to cadets before all activities. It must include the provision of safety vehicles at specific locations or patrolling a specific route where required. Further backup safety vehicles must be available should an incident require the prime vehicle to come into use. Further the following points must be understood by all:

(1)How activity will be cancelled ie by what method - Torch, whistle, radio etc.

(2)Any Hazards or routes to avoid during the recovery phase.

(3) The safe route/ routes to nominated recovery area/point.

(4)Further information dependent on prevailing conditions.

(5)Discipline and Supervision - essential factors in safety management.

f.Weather Monitoring.It is essential that all activities are undertaken with due regard to the weather on the day and the available met forecast. Clothing must be appropriate for the prevailing and forecasted conditions.


Wg Cdr

OC Essex Wing


Original Signed


Sqn Ldr

Wg Ad O


A.CampDuty Officer and DutyCadet Orders

B.Staff List and Qualifications

C.List of MT Requirements and Service Registered Drivers (Restricted Distribution)

D.Kits Lists

E.Main Training Programme

Attachments: Distributed to RHQ Only

  1. Copy of Training Web Page
  2. Copy of Reference C.
  3. Maps
  4. Risk Assessments





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