Academic Track Assistant/Associate Professors/Full Professor

Academic Track Assistant/Associate Professors/Full Professor



Zhejiang University- University of Edinburgh (ZJE) Institute

Haining, China


These posts are associated with the establishment of the Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh (ZJE) Institute at Haining in China. They are aimed at individuals of the highest potential who have either begun to establish a reputation for quality research in their discipline and who have a proven commitment to university level learning and teaching or are existing leaders in their field.

Appointees will have a research interest in a Biomedical Sciences discipline and/or in higher education development and practice. The main, but not necessarily exclusive, research themes of the ZJE Institute will be inStem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, Inflammation & Immunology, Infection, Molecular Medicine,Cancer & Oncology, and Neuroscience. Post-holders will be encouraged to develop research collaborations with colleagues within the ZJE Institute as well as with investigators located in the partner Institutions in Edinburgh and Zhejiang.

The appointees will be involved in the development and delivery of an innovative undergraduate programme in Integrative Biomedical Sciences that is delivered in English at the International Campus of Zhejiang University at Haining. This programme is delivered jointly by staff from the ZJE Institute, Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh. Post holders will develop a teaching portfolio depending on their expertise and experience.

Academic Track Assistant/ Associate Professorships posts initially are for a term of 5 years, within which, subject to satisfactory formal reviewpost-holders will transfer to an open-ended contract.The posts are available with immediate effect and it is expected that successful applicants will be in post by no later than August 2017.

The contract of employment will be held with Zhejiang University. Salary for Academic Assistant Track Professors will start from $70,000. Allowances for housing are also available. Generous start-up packages, between 2 and 5M RMB appropriate to the discipline are available.

Application Procedure

Application should contain a detailed CV, a covering letter stating your suitability for the post, a one-page outline of a proposed research programme, and a concise statement explaining teaching experience. All application materials should be sentby email . Please quote the reference ‘Academic Track Assistant / Associate Professors/ Full Professors.

Closing date for applications:Midnight31stMay 2017.


In addition to the formal interview, all interviewees will be required to give a presentation to the panel and further information will be provided along with the invitation to interview.

Applicants who wish to discuss specific issues about the posts and research interests should contact Professor OUYANG Hongwei () or Professor Sue Welburn ().

Job Details

Job Title: Academic Track Assistant/Associate Professor/Full Professor.

Job Purpose: Deliver an independent research programme that complements research priorities of the ZJE Institute, evidenced by publications in leading international peer-reviewed journals and depending on level of appointment, the ability to (or potential to) or demonstration of proven ability to obtain external competitive grant funding.

To develop, deliver and assess undergraduate courses that form part of the undergraduate degree programmes at Zhejiang International Campus, Haining, China, run jointly by the University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang University. Contribute to the academic administration of teaching activities and, once established, undertake further duties such as course or programme organiser. Contribute to the development of new teaching and research opportunities within the ZJU-UoE Institute.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Research: Deliver an independent, externally-funded research program.
  2. Organise, deliver and assess undergraduate and postgraduate courses within own and related subject areas to allow the ZJE Institute to deliver required teaching.
  3. Supervise and assess undergraduate and MSc dissertations and supervision of PhD students.
  4. Provide academic support and advice to students.
  5. Contribute to the academic administration of teaching activities to ensure the continual development of the course and maintain synergies with other courses.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience


  • PhD (or equivalent) in a Biomedical Sciences discipline.
  • Proven track record in research, evidenced by publications in leading international journals and evidence of obtaining (of having the capability to obtain) external research funding.
  • Extensive experience of developing and applying theory, models, techniques and analytical methods as appropriate to the field of research.
  • Experience in teaching in a Higher Education Institution with evidence of (or capability of) innovation in teaching delivery and assessment.
  • Good project management skills and experience of co-ordinating resources other than self (e.g. people, budgets).
  • Excellent communication, presentation and organisational skills in English.


  • A postgraduate teaching qualification.


The post holder will be expected to establish and maintain a program of research in a subject area relevant to the ZJE Institute and that could lead to collaborative research initiative with staff at Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh.

The post has a direct relationship with the establishment of an Honours degree programme with awards from both Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh that started in 2016. The programme will develop towards an intake 150 undergraduates each year by 2019-20.

The post holder must be able to deliver teaching, in English, at all levels in one or more subject areas represented by the portfolio of programmes in the Biomedical Science programme to be offered at the ZJE Institute.


The contract of employment will be held with Zhejiang University and the appointment and conditions will be governed by the employment laws of China and the policies and practices of Zhejiang University.

Zhejiang University

Located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang University is a prestigious institution of higher education with a long history. Qiushi Academy, the predecessor of Zhejiang University, was founded in 1897 and was one of the earliest modern academies of higher learning established in China. In its long history, Zhejiang University has always been committed to cultivating talent with excellence, advancing science and technology, serving for social development, and promoting culture, with the spirit best manifested in the university motto “Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails”.
Zhejiang University is a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and a national as well as international impact. Zhejiang University has a long held educational philosophy of putting people foremost, cultivating all-round competence in students, seeking the truth and pioneering new trails in search of excellence, and is committed to developing future leaders with an international perspective.

In 2015, research fund at Zhejiang University amounted to 3,316 million yuan. As of January 2016, there were almost 47,500 full-time students enrolled at Zhejiang University, including approximately 14,289 graduate students, 9,153 Ph.D candidates, and 23,897 undergraduates. Among its approximate 3,562 faculty, 1,498 have title of professor. Other important facts and figures are as follows: 15 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 18 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 76 experts in State "1000-elite Programs", 41 chief scientists of national 973 projects, 113 Chair Professors in Chang Jiang Scholars Program, and 119 scholars awarded National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. With seven campuses, Zhejiang University encompasses an area of 5,570,408 square meters with school buildings covering 2,287,856 square meters of floor space. In addition, Zhejiang University has 7 high-level affiliated hospitals.

The University of Edinburgh

For more than four centuries, our people and their achievements have rewritten history time and again. They’ve explored space, revolutionised surgery, published era-defining books, paved the way for life-saving medical breakthroughs and introduced to the world many inventions, discoveries and ideas from penicillin to Dolly the sheep. We have believed that anything is possible, we still do.

The latest Research Excellence Framework highlighted our place at the forefront of international research. This adds to our international reputation for the quality of our teaching and our student experience excellence. The University is proud of its success with online teaching initiatives, with 2550 students currently studying its online distance learning postgraduate programmes, and a total to date of more than 2 million enrolments for Edinburgh MOOCs.