7Th and 8Th Grade Outdoor/Indoor Sports Syllabus

7Th and 8Th Grade Outdoor/Indoor Sports Syllabus

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7th and 8th Grade Outdoor/Indoor Sports Syllabus

Course Objective

Physical education plays a large role in the development of motor, cognitive, and social skills. It is the goal of our department to provide activities in a safe learning environment that promote the development of these skills. Indoor Sports will include individual and team sports, recreational activities, and physical fitness activities. Students will learn the skills required for these activities, teamwork, sportsmanship, acceptance of and respect for others, respect for equipment and property, and the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Course Overview

  • Fitness TestingBasketball
  • Ultimate FrisbeeHandball
  • Flag FootballIndoor Soccer
  • KickballIndoor Hockey
  • Whiffle ball
  • Fitness Training
  • Lacrosse
  • Golf/Frisbee Golf

Course Requirements and General Rules

  1. Every student is required to dress out everyday in a black t-shirt and black shorts (boys) or a pink t-shirt and black shorts (girls). Preferably a DMS P.E. uniform. Clothing worn to school is not allowed to be worn in P.E. and clothing worn in P.E. is not allowed to be worn in regular classes.
  2. Athletic shoes with socks are required. Deck shoes are not athletic shoes.
  3. Any student not dressed in appropriate attire and shoes will participate in the class activity or alternative activity and will receive a 50 for that day’s daily grade.
  4. P.E. clothing should be laundered on a regular basis for proper hygiene.
  5. All personal items should be locked in a locker during class.
  6. All students must change clothing in the dressing room. Changing in the bathroom is not permitted.
  7. Students must wear clothing as it is intended to be worn. All shorts and sweats must be worn at the waist. Sagging will not be allowed.
  8. Students are not allowed into the equipment closet at anytime. Equipment must be issued by a teacher.
  9. Students should not use any equipment in the in the gym or on the playing field until given instruction to do so.
  10. NO food or drinks are allowed in the gym.
  11. NO chewing gum at any time.
  12. NO horseplay at anytime.
  13. NO one is allowed to enter the dressing room without permission from a teacher.
  14. Students must obtain permission to enter the restroom after the beginning of class.
  15. Students must obtain permission from a teacher before leaving the gym area.
  16. Respect all others and their belongings at all times.
  17. Foul language will not be tolerated!
  18. NO cell phones are to be out for any reason while in the dressing rooms.

Class Procedures

  1. At the beginning of class student should report directly to the dressing room to change clothing. Students will have 10 minutes from the tardy bell to dress out.
  2. Once a student is in the appropriate attire he/she should report to the gym or the assigned are for class attendance and grades to be given.
  3. When the whistle blows, all students should report to their assigned roll call line.
  4. Any student entering the gym after the tardy bell will be assigned detention.
  5. Students will be given no less than 10 minutes at the end of class to change back into their school clothing.
  6. Once a student has changed back into their clothing, they must report back to their roll call line and remain seated until the bell rings.
  7. A student that has a medical excuse for 1-3 days must provide a written excuse. An alternate assignment will be given.
  8. Any student that has a medical excuse for more than 3 days must provide a doctor’s excuse and an alternate plan will be made.

Classroom Management Plan

The 7th and 8th grade Behavior Management Plan will be used at all times.

All students will participate in all activities. NO ONE will sit out of P.E. unless they have a medical excuse.

Parents of a student continuously misbehaving will be contacted or called in for a conference.

Severe acts of defiance or misbehavior will result in a visit to the appropriate administrator.


100% Daily participation grade/Dressing

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Jesse Wood

Richard McKinnon


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