7 Days 52 Weeks of the Year

7 Days 52 Weeks of the Year

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7 Days – 52 Weeks of the Year

I only Mow, (It’s a Kiwi thing it’s what we do) I will sweep and blow-vac the grass from the paths, and do a little Whipper Snipping if asked. My rates are Cheap (Really Cheap Bro)

Because I only Mow, it gets sorta mulched down on your ground Bro, keeps it “Sweet” and saves you heaps of Coin Cuz. I only Mow on the good old “Crew Cut” style, nice and Short. (Rain Hail Storm Doesn’t Matter too me if it Doesn’t Matter to you.) It’s a Kiwi thing.

This is my Marae Bro (Kiwi for House), so this is what I do. This is what you can expect. “Sweet as Bro”

I only accept “Cash” – No Credit Cards or Eft Pos Transactions

Keeps it Simple and “Sweet as Bro”

My Rates are approx a 1/3 to ½ of what other Big Guys Charge, $50 or $60.00 (No Way Cuz)

Uncle Cuzzie Bro Dave Says This.

$20.00 for an average Marae Bro – Thats Kiwi for your House and Land Bro

$30.00 for an Awesome Big Marae Bro – Thats Kiwi for Big House and Area

If you have an Awesome Huge Super Big Marae Bro, then we will have some “Kai” Kiwi for food and some Drinks and have a Good old Yak about it Ah Bro.You will get a Traditional “Kia Ora” from me, Which is “Gidday Mate” in Aussie

So if you interested and would like me to give me a go, Give me a Call on the Mobile 0468 421 645 and we will make an Appointment OREmail is --

The Anzac Spirit

Since Robbie Deans is still coaching the Aussie’s it basically means we are “Cuzzies” already, I pride myself on just keeping the job nice and clean – No Fuss Hey Bro.I will always do my best for the presentation of your property before I leave.I’vebeen Mowing Lawns since I was 8 Years Old, and because I come from New Zealand I have mowed more lawns than the average “Queenslander”, have you seen how much it rains over there Cuz, I mean Bro, had to mow the lawns at least once a week to keep the Oldies happy Bro.

Kiwi Lingo (language) Might help you – Might not – But its Handy Infor

Bach A basic holiday home, classically found at the beach or by a lake
Cheers Often used in place of ‘thank you’
Chilly bin Polystyrene box to keep food and beer cold
Chippies Potato chips or crisps
Chippy Builder
Choice Great, excellent: “That sports car is choice!”
Chocka Full
Crook Sick
Cuppa Cup of tea
Cuzzies Relatives
Dairy Convenience store, sometimes called 'the corner dairy'
Footy Rugby, the national obsession
Gumboots Waterproof rubber boots, also known as ‘gummies’
Haeremai Welcome
Hangi Traditional Maori cooking method using an underground earth oven
Hard case Clown, witty person
Heaps A lot
Hokey pokey New Zealand’s favourite ice cream flavour, vanilla with toffee bits
Jandals Open-topped rubber sandals, known elsewhere as thongs or flip-flops
Kia ora Hello
Kiwi A flightless bird or a person from New Zealand
Kiwifruit Small, fuzzy, brown-skinned and green-fleshed fruit
Knackered A tired person ("I've been at work all day and I'm knackered!") or a broken thing ("My car won't start, I think the engine's knackered").
Loo Toilet, also known as a ‘dunny’
Marge Margarine
Mate’s rates A discount for a friend (or the kind of good discount you’d give a friend)
Pakeha New Zealander of European descent
Pavlova iconic New Zealand dessert is a baked meringue topped with cream and fruit
Pinky Bar Chocolate bar with marshmallow centre
Pommie Someone from Britain
Shout Paying for something on behalf of others (often a round of drinks or dinner)
Strapped for cash Short of money
Stuck in To ‘get stuck in’ is to start working on something
Sunnies Sunglasses
Sweet/Sweet as Great, excellent (“This concert is going to be sweet as!”)
Ta Thanks
Tiki tour Scenic route
Togs Bathing suit Wop-wops In the middle of nowhere Yonks Forever, a long time Which is just “Sweet as Bro”
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