11.1 Information Systems E-Data and Equipment Disaster Recovery Procedure

11.1 Information Systems E-Data and Equipment Disaster Recovery Procedure

11.1 – Information Systems e-Data and Equipment Disaster Recovery Procedure

  1. Contacts

Emergency contact info in the event IBS systems communications are failing:

Samantha Zubak, Information Technology and Computer Systems


Networking Solutions in Waterloo, Iowa can assist with recovery and implementation.

Dan Roling, Partner

Bridget Davis, Acct. Manager

24/7 Support: 888-356-2295This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Key Contacts for IT Recovery: (all contact info on offsite web at

Samantha Zubak, Information Technology and Computer Systems

Patrick Clancy, Superintendant

Don Boddicker, Amanda Schmitt, Business Office & Payroll

Kevin Kacena, Facilities/Building/Fire

Gwen Woodward & Pam Rubel, Regional Admins, CRM Student Data knowledgeable

Kathy Hintz, Project Coordinator, CRM Student System, Web and outreach/campus events

Justin Ruegg, HR, Staffing, HR Data Knowledgeable

  1. Overview

Iowa-Braille.k12.ia.us is hosted by SOCS and would be point of central communications until communications restored.

All systems are on VMware High Availability with snapshot backups twice daily, daily for 7 days, and weekly for 6 weeks.

In the event of a data loss, snapshot backups are searched first, daily backups next, and weekly backups last.

If for some reason the local data is destroyed, the Disaster Recovery server holds a daily offsite copy of the data. We would never lose more than the current day’s data in a severe disaster unless the disaster recovery site was also destroyed.

In the event of a systems loss, all systems can run from the disaster recovery server in AmeriCorps server vault location on 9th street. (Future location of Disaster Recovery Iowa School for the Deaf pending network testing).

In the event that no network services were available to the disaster recovery site, the server can be moved to any location with internet service and function entirely with a local printer if needed. (Business Startup Location of campus wide disaster recovery plan).

Otherwise, the Disaster Recovery server can be accessed physically or remotely at the recovery site. All pertinent staff have VPN access and Remote Desktop access to the terminal server and from there can access any other server.

  1. Alternate Business Location & Documentation:
  1. If damage is limited to Old Main, IBS staff can function out of the Old Hospital building or the Gym.
  2. If Campus is destroyed, IBS Staff can function remotely from home offices once the backup server is restored to Iowa School for the Deaf campus.
  3. Disaster Plan for IT includes all servers, including the financial system (Great Plains). All user documentation resides on the Great Plains server and is included in the Disaster Recovery backup server copy.
  4. Documentation for the Disaster Plan is stored on the IBS Website hosted out of Omaha.
  1. Systems would be activated in this priority:
  1. Domain controller to enable other systems
  2. Email System to restore communications
  3. Blackberry Server to restore communications
  4. Microsoft Great Plains Business System for financials
  5. Microsoft CRM Student System for Student Records, although teachers can work independently of this system for extended periods of time.
  6. Federated Server for outward facing access to CRM
  7. File Server for central files
  8. Follett Library System
  9. Ancillary systems such as Symantec Endpoint deployment server & print servers (if applicable – would likely use local printers for high priority needs initially).
  10. Key applications for Desktop Users, in order of priority (all remotely accessible off campus for install)
  1. Windows 7
  2. Microsoft Office (primarily Outlook, Excel and Word).
  3. VPN Client
  4. Window Eyes & Jaws
  5. Internet Explorer
  6. Adobe Acrobat
  7. Adobe Reader
  8. Visio
  9. MegaDots
  10. Info Tech Equipment to recover from site in priority order:

1.Priority A

a)121 Old Main - Server room rack with servers and UPS

b)120 Old Main Laptops, desktops and monitors from, software disks (file cabinets)

c)13B Old Main Network Closet switches, firewall, and voicemail system

d)101-102 Old Main (business office and Don Boddicker office) payroll printer (owned), Don’s printer (owned), 3 docking stations, 4 monitors, three laptops if in docks)

e)132 Old Main - Docking Station, Wireless Polycom Conference Phone

f)Old Main 103 Copier (owned)

g)130 Old Main – ADC (all equipment)

2.Priority B

a)16 Old Main (ICN equipment rack)

b)119 Old Main (ICN Cart)

c)125 Old Main (printer, leased)

d)118 PolyCom Wireless Phone

e)131 Old Main, (multifunction printer, leased, monitor, docking station, laptop and Mobile Lab

f)233 Old Main - Library, (printer, desktop, monitor)

g)115 Old Main (multifunction printer, monitor, docking station, laptop)

h)Gymnasium Announcers Stand, (multifunction printer, switches, UPS)

i)HR Wing, Old Main (copier)

3.Priority C

a)Docking stations and monitors, printers, laptops if in docks, in following locations:

  1. Two Sets: Old Main 12, 123, 227,
  2. One set: Old Main 2, 28, 105, 107, 108, 110, 124, 126,127, 128, 129,130, 236
  1. Vmware and Disaster Recovery Configuration Diagram

Approved 6/16/2014