Yay, Let S Create a Bill! (Part 2)

Yay, Let S Create a Bill! (Part 2)

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Yay, Let’s Create a Bill! (Part 2)

Directions: Below you will find directions for each of the activities you are to complete today. Remember to refer back to chapter

Activity 1 (10 minutes): 1) Clean up your bill. Look at the sample I have provided and get it as close as possible to your final version by using proper grammar, punctuation, and advanced language. As you complete this task, keep in mind that you will present this bill to President Hinojos and that he has veto power.

Activity 2 (5 minutes): Your bill is now ready to be referred to a committee so that parameters may be set for its debate. 1) What rules will your bill have and why? (refer to 312)

Activity 3 (5minutes): Let us assume that your bill has made it through the House Floor and is ready for consideration on the Senate Floor. 1) Now that it is on the Senate Floor, what are the ways your bill can be limited by the Senate? (refer to 312) 2) If filibustered, how can your bill escape the filibuster’s claws? (refer to 312)

Activity 4 (5 minutes): Your bill was successfully “double-tracked” and was shelved. 3 weeks later, the Senate has decided to take your bill out and to vote on whether or not it passes. If it does not pass, it dies and goes back to the beginning. If it passes, it is double checked and finalized for President Hinojos. 1) What are the ways or methods that by which Senate voting can take place? (refer to 312) 2) Next, define each method of voting.

Activity 5 (5 minutes): Wow!! Your bill is still alive and doing well. But wait, there are differences in the bill stemming from changes made in the Senate. This is what you call differences in the House and Senate versions of the bill. Let us assume that the difference is major and not minor. 1) What happens now? (refer to 312)

Activity 6 (5 minutes): Pat yourselves on the back! Your bill is ready to be sent to President Hinojos. 1)What are the different things that can happen to your bill in the hands of President Hinojos? (refer to 312) 2)What do you hope will happen?

Bill Rough Draft Template

Name and description of your bill: ______

Which part of Congress will you present this bill to?
(circle one) / Be it enacted in the Senate or House of Representatives in Congress assembled…
Why do we need your bill? What is the purpose of your bill? / In order to…
What will your bill do? Who will it affect and where will it work? / This bill provides that…
What if people do not follow your proposed law? What will the penalties be? / Anyone violating the terms of this bill shall be subject to…
How much money do you think it will cost to enforce your bill? / For carrying out the terms of this bill, a sum of ______shall be authorized.
When will this bill go into effect? / This bill shall take effect no later than…