World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations


World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

Handbook for Tourist Guides: 1985-2010 Contents




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WFTGA - The Early Years

WFTGA 1985-1999: Titina Loizides President 1993-1999

WFTGA Memories: Johan Szegö: Treasurer: 1987 – 1993: Austrian Delegate 1985 - 2007

WFTGA Memories 1985-1987: Berta Maria Major: Treasurer 1993-1995)

Vienna Convention Memories: Margaret Butcher Scottish Tourist Guide

Special Memories of Yossi Grau RIP) and Jane Orde (RIP)

Memories of WFTGA: Ruth Turanincz: Administrator 2001 - 2005

My Journey with WFTGA: Houri Nazaretian: Area Representative 1999 – 2005 Secretary 2005-2009

Convention Memories 1985-2007: Ruby Roy President: 2004-2007

WFTGA Presidents’ Memories

Deborah Androus (President 1999 -2001)

Elizabeth Schroder (President 2001-2003)

Ruby Roy (President 2003-2007)

Rosalind Newlands (President 2007-2011)


Conventions Report 1985-1995

2nd International Convention of WFTGA: Vienna, February I-6, 1987:

3rd International Convention of Tourist Guide Lecturers' Associations:

Cyprus February 1-5, 1989

Presenting Cyprus While Guiding By Visual Means

Who Needs Eyes Anyway? Wheelchair Visitors

Guiding People With Special Needs

Objectives And Objectivity In Tour Guiding

The Nordic Cooperation Of Tourist Guides

Walking Tour Mobile Workshop 1

The Tour Of Nicosia Mobile Workshop – 2

Coping with the Visually Disabled and Handicapped Visitors Workshop

Guiding Simultaneously In Many Languages Workshop

Communication And Inter-Personal Skills Workshop

Stress Management Workshop

Incentive Groups Workshop

Positive Thinking and Recreation Methods for Guides Workshop

Guiding In A Museum Workshop – 1

Guiding In A Museum Workshop – 2

4th International Convention of Tourist Guide Lecturers' Associations

Finland, February 11-15 1991

The Image Of The Guide As Seen By The Tourist Board And The Traveller

In Finland

Responsible Guiding - The Environment

Responsible Guiding. Monuments And Mass Tourism

Safety In Coaches Workshop

Body Language Workshop

Guiding The Young And Keeping Them Interested Workshop

The Challenge And Rewards Of Guiding The Elderly; Understanding Their Needs And Frustrations Workshop

Unlicensed Guiding Workshop

A Walk On The Wild Side Panel Discussion

5th International Convention of Tourist Guide Lecturers' Associations Pretoria, January 17-21, 1993

Guide Training In A Multi-Cultural Society

Living With A Guide

Guiding Children In Museums: A New Approach - The Educational Role Of The Guide Workshop

Is Your Needle In A Groove? Overcoming The Problems Of Repeated Standard Tour Workshop

Overcoming The Problems Of Illegal Guiding Workshop

Reassessment Of Guides Optional, Obligatory Or Unnecessary Workshop

The Development Of Tourist Guide Activities In The Baltic Countries

Promoting Your Own Walking Tours In Cities

President’s Closing Speech

The Tour Manager And The Tourist Guide Friend Or Foe? Panel Discussion

Guiding The Japanese: Panel Discussion

Guiding The North American Panel Discussion

6th International Convention of Tourist Guide Lecturers' Associations Singapore, January 17-21, 1995

Code Of Guiding Practice: The Ethics And Manners Of Guides

Pride And Prejudice Workshop

How To Handle 3 Hour Transit Tourists Workshop

Interpreting the Identity of Foreign National Art In Your Local Museum Workshop

Safety In Tourist Guiding On Night Tours Workshop

Guiding And Interpretation In Canterbury: A Perspective. Religious And Historical Workshop

Interaction Between Travel Agent, Tour Manager and Tourist Guide Panel Discussion

Interaction Between Travel Agent Tour Manager - Tour Guide Panel Discussion

The Interaction Between The Travel Agent, The Tour Manager And The Tourist Guide Panel Discussion

Training The Professional Guide By WFTGA Trainers

Leading The Way in the 90s: Professionalism in Guide Training : A Personal View

Training The Tourist Guide In The South Pacific

Training Symposium – Pretoria January 1993

The Art Of Guiding

Other Contributions: Handbook for Tourist Guides 1995

Report On The III Global Congress Of Heritage Interpretation International Hawaii 1991

Response And Responsibility: The Role Of The Professional Tourist Guide

The Need For Infrastructure In Archaeological Tourism

The Role Of The Tourist Guide In Cultural Tourism

European Federation Of Tourist Guides Associations 1994


7th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Lecturers' Associations; Montreal, Excellence in Motion: January 16th- 18th 1997

Montreal Resolutions:

Legal Issues Facing Tourist Guides

Adding Humour to Your Tours

Eco-Tourism in the Urban Environment

8th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations; Hong Kong: Tourist Guiding into the New Millennium: The Tourist Guide: The Human Link: 31 January – 5 February 1999

Tourist Guides: The Human Link in the Tourism Chain

Eco-Tourism into the Next Century

How to Comment on Aspects that Reflect a Negative Picture of a Country

International Tourist Guide Day

First ITGD 1991

International Tourist Guide Day 1993

Adult Learning

Improving your Linguistic Skills Workshop

9th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations; Nicosia Cyprus: The 21st Century: Guiding for Peace: January 28-February 2 2001.

Opening Ceremony

Tribute to Jane Orde (1928-2000)

Address by the Director General of the Cyprus Tourist Guides Organisation

Future Plan for Nicosia. A Plan for Peace.

Historic Preservation and Tourism

Guiding the Travel Agent/Tour Operator

Guiding Individuals Workshop

Illegal Guiding

How to Turn an Interview into a Job

FEG Report to the 9th World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Convention

10th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations; Dunblane Scotland 2003: Sustainable Tourism: The Tourist Guide’s Role


Opening Ceremony

Sustainable Tourism – The Guide’s Role

Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty

Travel Health

Guiding in the Natural Environment

Crisis Workshop

Dealing with Difficult People on Tour

Interpreting the Landscape

Interpreting the Natural Environment

Guiding in the Urban Environment

Sensitive Guiding: Cruise Ships

Cultural Awareness

Tourist Guiding – Legal Responsibilities

Conservation and Interpretation

Religious Sites – Sensitive Guiding

Guiding in the Developing World

11th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations; Melbourne Australia: Adapting To Tourism Challenges: Today, Tomorrow, Together: 30 January – 4 February 2005

Tour Guides and Language Interpreters – Issues and Education

State Of World Tourist Guiding Today

Contract Law: "Know Your Rights And Avoid The Fights

The Critical Travel Bugs: AIDS, SARS, Avian Flu

Stakeholders’ Views on Tour Guide Certification in the Australian Ecotourism Industry

Certification or Deterioration: The Future of Australian Tour Guides

Healthy Trips - Tips and Tricks

12th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations; Cairo Egypt: Guiding from the Ancient World to the Modern World: January 21 – 26th 2007

Introduction to Islam and Coptic Orthodoxy

Applied Behavioural Science for Tourist Guides

Guiding the Young: Youth Groups on Tour

Event and Adventure Tourism: The Outdoor Guide

Guiding in Religious Sites

Designing a Tourist Guide Training Course

Ethics and Problem Solving

Tourist Guides Past & Present

13th International Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations; Bali Indonesia: Eco-Tourism: The Tourist Guide’s Role January 11-16 2009

Eco-tourism in Fragile Areas ─The Tourist Guide’s Role

Coral Conservation & Biorock Projects

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia

Being a Balinese: What Does It Mean?

Being a WFTGA Area Representative

Business Skills for Tourist Guides

Bursting the Eco-tourism Bubble Storytelling in the Experience Era

Community Participation in Planning & Marketing Eco-Tourism Best Practice

Eco-tourism: A Tourist Guide’s Perspective

WFTGA Cruise Guide Training: State of the Cruise Industry


Tourist Guide Challenges: Applied Behavioural Science in Tourist Guiding

Making Cultural Connections with Diverse Visitors

Underwater Eco –tourism

WFTGA 1985-2010: Where Are We Now?