Worksheet Grade 12

Worksheet Grade 12



Worksheet Grade 12

Deep Water

Short Answer Type

1. Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water?
2. Why did mother warn Douglas against River Yakima?

3. What complex did Douglas have when he had to get into the pool? What did he do about it?
4. What is the misadventure that William Douglas speaks about? What were the series of emotions and fears that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into the pool? What plans did he make to come to the surface?

5. How did the instructor 'build a swimmer' out of Douglas?

6. 'All we have to fear is fear itself'. Comment ?
7. What had happened when William Douglas was ten or eleven years old?

8. Why did the narrator join the Y.M.C.A. pool for swimming ? Why did his mother warn continually against his going to the Yakima River ?

9. How and why did Douglas develop an aversion to the water when he wasin it ?

10. What was the misadventure and how did it start ?

11. . Howand why'the big bruiser'of a boy of eighteen throw Douglas into the Y.M.C.A. pool?

12. What did Douglas plan when his feet hit the bottom ?

13. Why did Douglas grow panicky ?

14. What was the condition of his body when he was under water in the pool ?

15.'And then in the midst of the terror came a touch of reason.'What was that anddid it succeed?

16. What happened when'all efforts ceased ?'

17. How and when did he find himself lying beside the pool ?

18. What did the chap that threw Douglas say in the end ?

19. How did the haunting fear of water ruin his fishing trips and other joys ?

20. What did Douglas do to overcome his fear of the water ? Did he get any success ?

21. Why did Douglas go to Lake Wentworth in New Hampshire ? What did he do there ?

22. How did the instructor make William Douglas a perfect swimmer ?

23. What special methods did the instructor use to teach Douglas to swim ?

24. How did William Douglas finally overcome his fear of the water ?

25. "The experience had a deep meaning for me." says William Douglas.Elucidate the statement.

26. "All we have to fear is fear itself says Roosevelt.Explain the import of the statement.


What is the message of the lesson"Deep water"?

27. Douglas says:"The instructor was finished. But I was not finished".Why did he utter such words ?

28. This handicap stayed with me as the years rolled by.” How did it affect his pursuit of swimming?

29. In the midst of the terror came a touch of reason.” How did the two farces work in opposite direction and how did Douglas face them?

30. Which factors led Douglas to re-use the YMCA Pool?


1. What was the sense of panic that gripped William O. Douglas ? How did heovercome that fear ?

2. A big boythrew Douglas into the swimming pool.How did this experience affect Douglas?

3. What efforts did William O. Douglas make to overcome his fear of water?When and how did he conquer it ?

4. How did the swimming instructor'build a swimmer'out of Douglas?

5. What purpose does William O. Douglas have in recounting a childhood experience of terror and his conquering of it?What is the deeper or larger meaning that he draws from this experience ?

6. Explain“All we have to fear is fear itself.”How did Douglas conquer the old terror?