Workforce and Education Directorate

Workforce and Education Directorate

Workforce and Education Directorate

Modernising Scientific Careers

Workforce Implementation Group

Physiological Sciences

Thursday 2nd February 2012

Room 3, Blenheim House, Leeds

Brief Notes and Actions

Organisation / Representative / In Attendance / Notes
Airedale NHS FT / Pauline Thorpe / Yes
Barnsley Hospital NHS FT / Sara Coulson / No
Bradford Teaching Hospitals / Carole Joyce / Apologies
West Yorks Cardio-vascular network / Julie Corrigan / Yes
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS FT / Jane Mackenzie / Apologies
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS FT
T / Howard Briggs
Kevin Freeman / Apologies
Harrogate and District NHS FT / Judith Lowry / No
Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust / Lyn Smith
Warren Jackson / Yes
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust / Gina McGawley
Gill Wharton / Yes
Mid-Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust / Alison Carr / No
North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital NHS FT / Tracey Broom / No
Rotherham NHS FT / Jane Caldwell / Yes
Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Sheffield Children’s NHS FT
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT / Jayne Fotheringham
Mandy Scott
Georgina Martin
Alison Walsh / Yes
Yes / Chair
University of Leeds / Nick Thyer / Yes
Y & H SHA / Neil Porter
Sally Drew / Yes
York Teaching Hospitals NHS FT / Joanne Horrocks
Jane Allen / Yes

Item 1: Introductions and Apologies

Welcome extended to Sue Newhall (HR consultant. NHS Employers).

Item 2: Notes from October meeting and matters arising matters arising

  • October minutes accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting
  • SD to share STP list around the region for information. Action: SD
  • SD reports that it is very unlikely that the HSST route will be available for 2012.

The number of STP requests had now been finalised. Y and H have 27 requests in total

TOTAL / 19 / 8

Item 3: Outstanding matters from Joint MSC meeting December 2011

SD asked if there were any outstanding matters from the Joint MSC Implementation December 2011.

SD stated that the Life Sciences Group had asked for the creation of a series of generic MSC slides. Ascertained that the PS group would also find this of use.

  • SD to create general slides that can be used by Head of Service through the region to inform their departments about MSC development in the region. Suggestion made that the slides identify following:
  • Current STP numbers
  • 2012 numbers
  • Universities
  • Description of possible route: In-service and Direct Entry Action: SD

Item 4: Academy for Healthcare Science

Update provided by NP on the progression of the Academy to date. The Academy is still waiting for contract requirements for DH. Osama Ammar reported that the ACHS is currently in shadow form with the following aims:

  • To act as ‘collective voice’ for HCS and help to raise the profile of the professions involved
  • Aid in the collaboration of all Voluntary Registers and set up a collective public facing register

Osama Ammar’s presentation is available on the regional network. However, please note that slide 6 is provisional.

Item 5: Healthcare Career Framework. Sue Newhall (NHS Employers)

SN employed by NHS Employers to think through the creation of a database for an integrated tool for a HCS framework. The framework would need to include details of the following:

  • Roles
  • Competences
  • Education/learning outcomes-in order to make it searchable and useful for different user groups

SN stressed the fact that the educational gaps in some areas will impact on the functionally of a the tool for all levels/groups and therefore a phased approach backed with further engagement/communication regarding MSC career framework is looking like the outcomes of the scoping report for the English Implementation Board (EIB) in March.

The group identified the following as issues that need to be considered.

  • Equivalence
  • Transferability-what is possible at which level and also skills HCS have but which are currently done by medics/nurses
  • Registration and governance for new roles or providing services in alternative settings
  • Confusion staff have regarding career levels and agenda for change levels-the nomenclature will have in a career framework
  • Gaps in education as MSC still develops e.g. PTP, levels 1-4, HSST
  • Recognising aptitude and competence-developing levels 1-4
  • Developing roles in line with patient pathways
  • Using tasks rather than roles as a search field in a tool
  • Differences is therapeutic and diagnostic roles-skills for patient facing/personal career preference for direct/indirect patient contact
  • Funding for development/education to allow career development and movement
  • Labour market and calibre of lower level roles is currently high-issues with retention

SN to email out a summary.

Item 6: Modernising CF2-4. Establishing the foundation for development-modernised roles

Update provided by MS. Reported that scoping work has already been done but was not available to the group. Aim of the meeting: discipline specific groups to write job roles and then look for commonalties between the groups. MS reports that disappointingly the educational frameworks or progression routes were not discussed on the day. Any future work would be done via email.

Item 7: In-service trainees for PTP. Creation of FAQs

Following on from the interest shown in grow your own or in service trainees for the STP route, attention is now turning to the the feasibility of in service PTP positions. These are issues around progression that were raised at consultation stage and obviously has some resonance with Sue Newhall’s work on the career framework. Richard Billings at DH is trying to collate questions around this route and members should forward any such thoughts to Sally Drew

Item 8: DH MSC Leads meeting update

SD provided an update regarding the two differing registration routes for In-service and Direct entry candidates for STP candidates. As soon as any information is available SD will send out via email.

Item 9: Lead Scientist work-stream

NP reported that the point of care project group has now attended two a Action Learning sets with work to be returned on Commissioning and Standards together with case studies of existing commissioned being collated also. Sue Hill expects this work to be incorporated into a bigger project on Diagnostics which she is personally leading on together with the National Commissioning Lead, James Kingsland. SD has made available on the regional website a letter from them both asking for examples of high quality diagnostic services that have been commissioned. NP encourages members to come forward with examples, and to copy him into any responses.


NP reported that next nation HCS event will take place over two days. 31st March-1st April 2012. Will included guest speakers such as Andrew Lansley and David Nicholson. SD has already sent around the link for registration. NP encouraged all member to register as soon as possible.

Next meeting: Tuesday 3rd April 2012. 10am-12noon. Room 1. Blenheim House. Leeds.