Why the Word? the Word Is the Most Basic Form of External Expression to Others, Before

Why the Word? the Word Is the Most Basic Form of External Expression to Others, Before

Why the word? The word is the most basic form of external expression to others, before specific actions or behaviors of a more impacting kind. The word is capable of more skillful manipulation in certain cases, to get others to act and behave in certain ways

Magickal/Meaningful Speech

Art of the Mouth

In one creation myth Heka magic and art of mouth is first creation. Then come other deities, all of which have heka in them. It is a concept as well as a god, like maat/Maat. Heka permeated everythingin creation, since it was all created through the art of mouth, meaningful speech, magic. Heka is a power in all, through ka power/strength in all. Everyone is a magician with the power to act upon reality.

Scultures, carvings, were all methods of extending life. The hieroglyphics, the medu neter, are symbols of the gods, and writing them was a form of magic in which control of the written confers power on what was described. To know the same of something was to be master over it, by having a name to control it. Using people’s names were a way of restoring life to those that had previously vanished.

Heka is he-ka, and the symbmol for he was entwined loops, representing time and infinity, eternity and was used to represent millions of years in some cases. Ka is the our moral essence (spirit) based on our actions and deeds, symbolized through the dual hands. Heka symbolizes our actions through cyclic time, as in the wheel of life and fortune. Much of what makes things flow in our world are our actions, and especially of words and speech. There are many ideas that are sold and people buy into them and live accordingly. This is magic of the highest kind, imperceptible unless you know how to see and hear what is being done to you.

Heka and maat, standing on their own as concepts, later having anthropomorphized personified attributions as a neter, god or goddess. These are powerful concepts in themselves without gods or goddesses. Heka was not the creator, but symbolized as a creative force used by the creator, creative magical or meaningful speech, the voice, the word, logos.

If Ka is also similar to a concept of a life creating force, potency, which is represented by the potency of our actions to create our lives, then heka is the addition of time to recognize the continual ability we do so as magic. Heka is therefore not to be viewed in exoteric terms of the literal life creating force that each thing receives when it is created, but as the renewable resource of our actions as magical creative forces, feeding into reality that feeds back onto us. The ka represents a transcendence after death, the power of life of a divine source, a vital essence, a double. All of this symbolism can be applied to the underworld monomyth journey to self-renewal and sanitation, as the creative and sustaining power of real life, truer life, actualized life, eternal life, heavenly life, the true “spiritual” higher life. The divine authority of the ka the pharaoh had was responsible for the collective ka of the people and could be seen to have the collective ka of the power under his will, and have the collective life force of all the people. The ba is more the true self, while the ka was the way to get to the ba, through our actions and deeds in the essence (“spirit”) of morality, the dual arms, good or evil knowledge to be alive or dead.

Ka as essence of gods, allow them to take creative form. What is the essence that allows us to create and live? The form of the good, transcendental. Spirit/Truth of good, vs. spirit/truth of evil, KA, will determine who you create, what you create, and reflects the essence of life you choose to embody as yourself.


Necrominon - Egyptian Sethanic Magick

By Michael Ford

"The power of words which have conscious (or unconscious) meaning, when spoken or chanted aloud, have an ecstatic quality which may bring one into a hypnotic or meditative state."

Chanting, entertain, amuse, amaze, mesmerize, hypnotic. These are induced altered states of consciousness.magic of words, magic phrases, buzz words, opiates to fearful masses

"to keep up, maintain, to keep (someone) in a certain frame of mind,"
from entre- "among" (from Latin inter; see inter-) + tenir "to hold"

from a "at, to" (but here probably a causal prefix) + muser "ponder, stare fixedly"


In the creators speech, one of the most important words is nefer, good and beauty.

Speaking is important because of abracadabra, which means create as I say, to do as you speak.

Heka is said to exist prior to creation, as is maat similarly expressed as the principles of cosmic order required before the creation of anything. Heka is connectd to Hu and Sia


Since ‘he’ is time related, cycles, infinite, eternal, and the ‘ka’ is the power we use as time agents to draw on the power of the ka from the gods/neter. By activating the ka, heka, you gain influence from the neter, and possibly over the neter, to have protective, healing, as well as magical transformative abilities over your fate, destiny and fortune.

Heka was not some conjuring magic that is in legends, but of the creative potency. The ruler king needed Heka, in conjuction with Hu divine utterance and Sia divine omniscience, in order to rule. The knowledge (Sia), speech (Hu) and in time together as action (Heka) was the rulers power. This is how Heka is linked to speech and word, logos, through Hu. Heka is the creative power (ka) in the divine word of the creator, Atum. Through the creative power of the ka (action) and he (time), space of creation is made with motion, the 4 dimensions. Action cannot create if there is no time to create through, as everything would be still and the power inert.

The Egyptians are viewed to have no word for religion although it was part of daily life as in certain practices and rituals. Many concept were taken literally, such as the gods, afterlife, resurrection, immortality, etc., focusing on promises of imagination in order to gain compliance with a worldly order as established by the priests or other controllers. Heka was in all of creation, divine, and the ruler king was the divine ruler on behalf the gods, having the most pure ka power of the gods, with heka, and all for balance of the order when wrongs and disorder occur. The pharaoh was the great magician who aligned heaven and earth to continue to allow order of maat to exist.Ka, activated as heka, ka in time, had to be in harmony with maat.

-- Heka, ka arms on head statue

It's a personification of KA on top of your head, like where the halo rests in Christian mythology to represent a good person. What is a good person? A good person has to do with truth, good, right, morality. This is natural moral law living. It is to have an evolve consciousness. This is what is symbolized by Heka, the KA itself empowered in someone. This is what magic/magick is, higher living, evolved consciousness, higher consciousness, higher self, developed self, examined self, authentic self, true self, etc. These are all symbols to convey the same thing.


Heka is corresponded to the sa energy of creation present before Atum self-created itself in Nun. Sa was outside of creation and existed despite the void of Nun. The action of creation keeps everything going in time through the magic of heka. Heka then is seen to underpin all of creation as the Coffin Texts indicate heka was before any duality existed, so before any creation in time-space.


Heka, activating the ka, ca also be seen to mean the activation of that double, the power of our future that comes into being when we manifest it with our actions. The double future self doesn’t exist until we activate our ka power and make it happen into creation. We can work to actualize the current self with falsity, or truth, to a false self or true self.


Cognition, inner dialog, theory

We didn’t always talk to ourselves it seems. At first, this is the "God" people hear voices from, telling them things. Inner dialog was important to develop consciousness and evolve. At first, it was something new that wasn’t seen as you, but as something else, as theorized by Julian Jaynes.

Some ppl say you have to want to experience the divine for it to happen. I say that is part of subjective reality induction, with intent. This can be seen in psychedelic experiences that provide "spiritual" insight, as long as you intend that experience to happen, and induce it into yourself with suggestion. This can be done with altered meditation.

This would be going from the living brain mind organism, to one of imaginal capacities. Living things begin with action, and external aspect that they can reflect upon internally in feedback to imagine new actions, and not simply automatic responses to environmental factors. The adaptation of a system to new situations allows more complex cognitive structures to emerge. Greater emergence allows theories or idealities to be thought of from the actual facts of reality.

With this capacity of imagination, we then have the propensity to believe anything our reasoning mind can think of, all cognitions, are somehow a part of a possible system, trying to get it to fit into how we see the world and ourselves in it.

"Human reason is by nature architectonic, i.e. it regards all cognitions as parts of a possible system ...”
- Kant, I. : Critique of Pure Reason, B501 (A473)

i.e. all thoughts, all imaginations, all creativity, is seen as real, because the unseen is more real that the seen, etc. Delusions of mind become reality based on flawed axiomof creative imaginal innersubjective realm of consciousness being more real than real life. Delusions.

We take idealized theory of true self, and try to actualize it, doesnt mean there is a true self somewhere out there, it is the consciousness power of idea and imagination, creativity, god, generator. Always a self, but to understand ideal true self to work towards, need to udnerstand yourself a as a false self to work out of.


Tekh, Taht, thoth, magic

Tekh was a holiday, as an explanation of the current order of the universe and the ruling class. The renewal of the year, with the renewal of the sun, and the renewal of the many divisions of gods to rule, the society also had a renewnal of the divion of rule. The ruler of the moon was Djehuty, Thoth, Tekh, and ruled the night as Ra/Re ruled the day. The divine heavenly order was on earth in government rule, making government authority a sound reflection of the divine.


Magic, heka, the divine word and utterance, proceeds out of the mouth of divinity as an active power. The thought of the heart coming through the tongue, since it was believed consciousness was in the heart, ib, which also means mind. The world is conceived in the mind of thought, in the ib, and then uttered into creation by the mouth and word of speech, just as logos is later represented.

-Power of name

Word magic source, power of true names representing reality, source symbolism mythology encoding this, progresses as logos-word aspect. Word of power

Previously, on charm/magic/word being source of creation:

"charm: The magic of the spoken word was at the base of creation."

One creation myth is has him self-created through bringin his name into his mouth as a word of power and then came forth into being.


Doing magic was heka, activating the ka, activating soul, spirit, self, consciousness, and generating and creating as the magician in great power under maat order and law. The greeks called heka mageia, and who does heka a magos or maga.

Generating into reality, from inner consciousness thoughts and desires, to outer actions, is magic. The magic of being a creator, generator, god of consciousness.


Other creation myths have Heh (of He-ka, heka, magic, creating, etc.) as engaging in the first act of creation through the formation of an egg in his hands. The creative act is done in the hands, KA. The activation of which is the god Heh, hence, he-ka, activated KA to create in the world.


Air at top, air, thought, but also mouth for speaking logos, reason, truth, associated in earliest part of creation, after primordial Nun, self-created Atum creates the trinity with himself, of his son and daughter, Shu/Life and Tefnut/Maat. Maat was already a foundation of something to stand upon, the foundational primordial mound, as a concept, before the Tefnut/Maat creation of a trinity with. Shu is dry air, Tefnut moist air. The Ankh is a the Tau with the Ru, the Ru is a oval, mouth, and is of life, air, the air we breath is the symbol of Life Shu represents, and the loop/oval of Ru/mouth at the top of the Tau cross fits with the elemental science of observation in nature, the process we are to take as Quartering the Circle of Life or Wheel or Life. WIthout AIr, there is no life/shu/air. Life is based in a universal stability for it to exist and not self-destruct, which is Tefnut/Maat, order, air, wings.


Heka (Hike)

Heka represents the ability to transform by

using the right words. Therefore, Heka is identified

with both Sia and Hu. As such, Hu–Sia–

Heka represent a trinity of active transformation.

The right words have powerful transformational

(magical) effects.The words of power

(magical words) are called Heka-u (plural of