Why Did Some People Who Had the Plague Flog Themselves?

Why Did Some People Who Had the Plague Flog Themselves?

First, learn about the Black Death by going to read the information presented, and then answer the questions below. NOTE: Plugging in your headphones will enhance this experience.

Why did some people who had the plague flog themselves?

Why were people during this time period forbidden from bathing, exercising, or eating poultry?

Why did those suffering from the plague pluck chickens?

What was the purpose of church bells ringing loudly and cannons being fired?

Why were dogs and cats killed throughout towns?

Why did doctors cut open the buboes caused by the plague?

What were the most popular theories about what caused the plague?

Learn a brief history of the Renaissance by going to Answer the following questions:

What is the approximate time period of the Renaissance? ______
What does “Renaissance” mean? ______What was “reborn”, exactly? EXPLAIN:

Part of the Renaissance was the development of humanism. What is humanism?

The Renaissance gradually replaced the Middle Ages as life picked up pace and gradually improved, in part due to new inventions. Go to learn about these inventions and fill out the following chart:

Invention / What did it do? How was it helpful?
printing press / (click on “printing and thinking” on the left to read about this one)

Next, go to to check out some of the famous paintings from the Renaissance. Check them all out, then pick the three you like the most. What are the names and artists of the three you liked best and what did you like about them?

1.) ______What did you like about it? What “spoke” to you?

2.) ______What did you like about it? What “spoke” to you?

3.) ______What did you like about it? What “spoke” to you?

Another important time period following the Middle Ages was the Reformation. Go to to read about this event and answer the following questions:

What allowed many Catholic priests and clergy to grow rich? Explain.

What were some practices conducted by Popes that upset people?

Who was Martin Luther and what did he do that sparked the Reformation?

How was the founding of the United States tied to Martin Luther’s deeds during the Reformation?

Finally, go to to see a visual representation of the different denominations of Christianity. Fill out the following chart:

Denomination / What is one interesting fact about this denomination of Christianity?
Eastern Orthodox

Any time left over? Play the Reformation “Walk the Plank” Game at