Who Are the Best Disability Insurance Companies

Who Are the Best Disability Insurance Companies

Who are the best disability insurance companies?

Lists of the best disability insurance companies differ greatly depending on who is compiling the list and what type of criteria isbeing using. Generally speaking you want a top notch disability insurance provider whose commitment to customer service is evident.

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If you are looking for an objective listing of the best disability insurance companies in the United States, the top rated companies according to independent insurance ratings is a good criteria to use.

Disability Insurance Companies With Exceptional Ratings

There are a variety of disability insurance companies that have very high ratings with the independent insurance ratings companies. These ratings firms, like A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch,

evaluate all insurance companies based on financial standing and economic outlook for the future. They assign grades to insurance companies that consumers can use when comparing different companies.

The disability insurers that are most top rated by these groups include:





Boston Mutual





Mutual of Omaha

Union Central

Any of these companies would be a good choice for a provider of disability insurance, based on the fact that they are financially stable and will likely be in business and able to pay out benefits for many years to come. However, when deciding on an insurance company, you should look at other aspects of the company also.

Factors that Make One Disability Insurance Company Better than Another

There are a variety of other factors that can make one disability insurance company look better than another. A stable financial outlook is just one of these things. However, it is very important to check into that when purchasing a disability insurance policy because chances are you will pay the premiums on this type of policy for quite a while before needing it. Dealing with a company that will be able to pay out when you need it is a good idea.

You should also make sure that that disability insurance company has a good record of customer service, especially with those receiving benefits. Quite often insurance companies talk about their satisfied customers, but those customers are the ones who have coverage and are paying premiums. It is quite easy for customer service to be impeccable when all the company does is receive premiums. Hearing good customer service reviews from those who received benefits is much more important and more accurate.

Some companies offer extras with their policies. These are often things that make them stand out, like a commitment to own occupation coverage, whereby if a person cannot perform their own occupation they are deemed disabled, even if they still work in other occupations. Companies that offer lifetime benefits stand out also.

Flexibility is very important for many people, who are seeking disability insurance. They want to be able to customize their own coverage as much as possible. Those with small businesses will also want to look out for policies that are especially suited to business needs and which cover things like business overhead expenses.

Finding a disability insurance company with reasonable rates is also extremely important for any policy holder. As with any type of insurance, price will vary from insurer to insurer. This is why it is so important to get quotes to compare and choose from before taking out a policy. Each company has its own set of guidelines and discounts that will impact the price you pay so expect variation and be sure to shop around.

Your Personal Best Disability Insurance Companies

Finding your personal best options in disability insurance companies is a matter of what you are looking for in your disability coverage. For some people the best company is the one which offers the cheapest coverage. For others it is the one with the longest period of coverage or the largest percentage of pay. For many people it is a combination of these things, combined with confidence in the company’s commitment to caring for their customers.
If you are considering purchasing disability insurance you will want to shop around by getting as many price quotes as possible. By using a free online quote tool to do so, you can select the criteria you want in your quotes, so that the prices you get reflect the ideal coverage for your needs. Compare those prices carefully, looking at things like the company’s financial stability and their customer service records. This will help you determine which is the right one for you.

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