What States Are Part of the Mid-Atlantic Region?

What States Are Part of the Mid-Atlantic Region?

The Cuisine of the Mid Atlantic

What states are part of the Mid-Atlantic Region?
  • New York – the Empire State
  • New Jersey – The Garden State
  • Pennsylvania – The Keystone State
  • Delaware – The First State
  • Maryland – The Old Line State
  • Virginia – The Old Dominion State
  • West Virginia – The Mountain State

New York – America’s First Melting Pot

  • Founded as the Dutch colony New Amsterdam
  • Many that faced religious persecution fled to New York
  • Others arrived to seek a better life (refugees of the Irish Potato Famine)
  • Many cuisines are seen throughout the state (Chinatown and Little Italy)
  • Germans, Russians, Polish and Ukrainian Jews introduced the Delicatessens to areas of New York
  • Influences of the Caribbean, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans can be seen in Harlem
  • New York state is one of the nation’s top dairy producing states
  • More than half of the country’s farm raised ducks come from Long Island
  • State has over 3000 apple orchards – reason it is the state’s fruit

New Jersey – The Garden State

  • Nickname came from their being so many farms
  • Rich and plentiful soils make New Jersey a very productive farmland area
  • Leading producer of Clams in the US
  • Home to many famous food product companies (M&M’s candy, Campbell’s Soup, Oreo Cookies, Heinz Ketchup, Lipton Tea
  • One of the top ten producing states of blueberries, peaches, lettuce, tomatoes

Pennsylvania – The birthplace of American Independence

  • Philadelphia’s name is Greek for “City of Brotherly Love”
  • Specialties of these Quaker (which become known as the Pennsylvania Dutch) settlers were known mostly for their “plain and plenty” foods - breads, dumplings, doughnuts, and chicken pot pies
  • Food is one of the state’s most important products
  • Hershey is the world’s largest producer of chocolate
  • Like New York, Pennsylvania is one of the country’s leading dairy states (milk is the state’s most important farm product).
  • Leads the nation in the production of mushrooms

Maryland and Delaware

  • Chesapeake Bay provided colonists with a plethora of seafood which they learned to harvest because of the teachings of the Native Americans
  • Chesapeake translates to –great shellfish bay.
  • Oysters were found in great abundance and the shells were used for brickmaking and lining streets
  • Maryland produces more oysters than any state in the US
  • Delaware’s original settlers focused on agriculture (until disease killed many peach trees in the late 1800’s)
  • Began raising chickens as a food source and not just for their eggs.
  • Delaware is the nation’s second largest poultry producers
  • Delaware poultry breeder Frank Perdue is known for putting marigold into chicken feed which gives the skin that yellow golden color

Virginia and West Virginia

  • Economy of Virginia at one time was entirely based on plantations
  • Tobacco was Virginia’s major agricultural crop
  • As tobacco became less important of a crop, fruits and vegetables began to take the place
  • Virginia today is a major producer of apples, peanuts, and potatoes
  • West Virginia’s main commodity is livestock
  • West Virginia is the first state where Golden Delicious Apples were grown.
Mid Atlantic Food Items and Dishes
  • Apple Butter –butter like spiced apple spread made by the Pennsylvania Dutch
  • Beef on Weck – thinly sliced roast beef served on a caraway roll encrusted with salt and topped with beef juices and horseradish
  • Bialy – chewy round roll with an indented center where chopped onion or poppy seeds are placed prior to baking to a crisp golden brown
  • BoovaShenkel – Pennsylvania Dutch beef stew with potato dumplings
  • Borscht – a soup of beef, beets, and cabbage
  • Chicken Pot Pie – Pennsylvania Dutch chicken stew
  • Funnel Cake – crisp pastry eaten as a midmorning snack by Pennsylvania Dutch farmers
  • Latke – Jewish fried potato pancake
  • Lox – salt cured side of salmon (not smoked)
  • Maryland Stuffed Ham – a ham larded with cabbage, onions, mustard, hot pepper that is wrapped tightly in a cloth bag and simmered for several hours
  • Philadelphia Pepperpot – a soup made of tripe, pepper, and seasonings
  • Philly Cheese Steak – shaved ribeye steak and grilled onions served on a hard roll and topped with Cheez Whiz
  • Scrapple – pan pudding made of boneless pork (head cheese) and cormeal
  • Shoofly Pie – famous Pennsylvania Dutch pie consisting of brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and butter baked over a layer of molasses in a pie shell
  • Smithfield Ham – ham cured and smoked using a patented process created in Smithfield, Virginia