What Can Becoming a Member of the Lions Club of Gordons Bay Do for Me

What Can Becoming a Member of the Lions Club of Gordons Bay Do for Me

Who are the Lions of ______

We are a group of people, drawn from all walks of life, who spend some of our spare time working together in ______to provide help and raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves. Members support the club with whatever spare time and skills they have. Our motto is “We Serve”. We serve wherever we see a need and in many different ways. The needs of our and your local community are most important. Our resources are our members and the funds we collect.

What is the aim of Lions?

Our aims and scope are worldwide as well as local and are all practical. We assist families in distress, the physically disabled and mentally handicapped and our seniors citizens and of course our youth. Lions sponsor *Operation BrightSight and Lions Quest LifeSkills. We also assist in many local and District emergency calls. Each club is autonomous and performs many small acts of service each month, as well as larger service projects and necessary fund-raisers.

What can becoming a member of the Lions Club of ______do for me?

Give you the opportunity to improving the quality of life of others and at the same time meet new people and make new friends. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved in the community. Share with the Lions organisation your talents and expertise. We are a fun group who like to enjoy ourselves. There are also serious times while we go about our numerous projects and activities.

As a member what is expected of me?

You would be required to attend the monthly general meeting of the club. This is the meeting where activities of the club are tabled, portfolio reports given and finances of the club discussed. After meetings we encourage members to stay on to socialise and get to know one another. Each Lion is dedicated to participate in service to the community. You would be expected to assist in the various projects that the club undertakes. Members operate as teams in planning various club activities including fundraising as this is how we raise the money for our projects. The Projects team investigates and presents projects to the general meeting for acceptance by members. The Membership team looks at attracting suitable new members and retaining existing members. House and Entertainment looks after the fellowship of the club and organises social and fun activities for members.

What does becoming a member really mean?

You instantly become part of the largest voluntary service organisation in the world. There are approximately 1.35 million men and women of every race, colour and creed in 43000 clubs operating in 206 countries. You become part of a world wide team whose numbers make it possible to undertake projects that an individual could not possibly do on their own. You are immediately accepted in the company of any club be it local, or anywhere in the world.

Who can become a member of a Lions Club?

Anyone over the age of 21

Who should I contact to find out more about the Lions Club of ______?

Lion ______

Lion ______

Lion ______

What is my financial commitment in joining the Lion Club of ______?

Service requires effort and money – we provide the labour and administration, and the public provides the money by supporting our fund-raising endeavours. Because the clubs administration costs cannot come from public moneys we levy annual subscriptions from members.

Where does the Lions Club of ______meet?

At the ______


On the ______every month

What time?

20h00 sharp

You are most welcome to attend a meeting as a guest. Call one of the cell numbers to arrange a visit.

Why not become a member of our very large family of people? Give us a call today.


In 1917, Melvin Jones founded the Lions Clubs International in the USA. Clubs have no political or religious affiliations. It is perfectly positioned to attend to any local disaster or calamity and with the backing of Lions Clubs International Foundation – a huge trust fund established by regular contributions from Lions Clubs throughout the world, it is able to apply major assistance for larger projects or disasters.

Humanitarian projects on a major scale are common place. Diabetes features, as does sight conservation and hospital and clinics are being established all over the world to help eradicate preventable blindness.

International Relations is sponsored, as are Youth Exchange and Outreach programmes. Much attention is given to programmes dealing with Drug Awareness and our Quest Life Skills programme which provides youth skills, is accepted worldwide

The International aspect of the organisation brings about increasing contact between the Lions of the world, with our common interest and single goal –


Local Information

Despite Lions involvement internationally, our club is deeply involved locally. A few of these on-going projects are:

Collect used spectacles for Lions *Operation Bright Sight

Arrange eye tests and spectacles for the indigent

Food collections

Collect Easter Eggs from our local school for distribution to the underprivileged

Participate in the Lions International Peace Poster competition

Sell Lions Christmas Cakes

Various Youth Projects

Various Senior Citizens’ Projects

Diabetes awareness

Blood clinics

Various fundraising events


Lions make a Difference Everyday,


Club address ______


NPO ______