Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks at Riverfest

Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks at Riverfest

Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks at Riverfest

September 2, 2018 (Sunday)

BOARDING INFORMATION: Parking and passenger boarding will be from the rear parking lot of the Green Sales Company located at 2172 East Seymour Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237 Boarding will begin no earlier than 5:00 pm. You must check-in prior to boarding the train to obtain your boarding ticket.

The train will depart promptly at 6:00pm. We will arrive at the riverfront by the Montgomery Inn Boathouse approximately 7:45pm. Any passengers wishing to de-board the train should do so at this time. As soon as the last firework sounds, all passengers must begin their way back to the railcars immediately. The train will depart the Boathouse PROMPTLY at 10:15pm. We will arrive back at our boarding location approximately 11:30pm. The train will depart on time; guests are responsible for getting on the train before departure. Any persons left behind are responsible for their own transportation. Unauthorized persons are strictly prohibited from entering the train.

Tickets: Guests need to keep their tickets on them at all times. You will not be permitted onto the train at any point during the trip unless you have a ticket.

Carry-on's: Any items brought on board the train must be small and easily storable. This includes strollers and foldable chairs. Storage space will be limited. NO BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND MAY BE CARRIED ON BOARD THE TRAIN. Coolers are not permitted. Additional restrictions may be enforced by Riverfest and the City of Cincinnati.

Once you arrive downtown: Upon arrival at the boathouse, guests may either remain on the train, or walk to view the fireworks. You will not be able to view the fireworks if you choose to remain on the train. Walking distance from train to Riverfest is approximately .42 of a mile (or less than ½ mile).Should you wish to walk to Sawyer Point, you must do so by exiting the train and walking through the East Parking lot or on the main sidewalk at the street to the main entrance of Sawyer Point which is located just west of the 471 Bridge and south of the East Pete Rose Way and Eggleston intersection. There will be a security team that will check bags and allow entry at that point.

*Please Note*Due to the historic nature of our equipment, the dinner train is not handicapped accessible.

We reserve the right to cancel a ride(s) or event(s) for any reason. In the event of a cancellation, you will have the option to move your tickets to a new date/time, or receive a refund.