Welcome Wagon PTA Meeting

Welcome Wagon PTA Meeting

Welcome Wagon PTA Meeting

Tuesday September 12, 2017


Jill welcomed and introduced.

Heather introduced herself.

Jill introduced herself.

Kathy introduced herself.


Jen Pevsner introduced herself;

Maureen Hand introduced herself.

Sharan Sokhey introduced herself.

Mrs. Dunne introduced herself.Hopes that people will get more involved. Welcome and thank you for being here.

Our minutes from last meeting are currently not here; We will approve them next meeting.

$21,609.12 in the account.

Justin Weiss spoke about the Spooky Walk. It takes a lot of people to run. It takes 2 days to set up. Volunteers are needed for both events. These events are for your kids; they will never forget the fun that they have. APR turns into a kid friendly haunted house to walk through.Teachers getting involved as performers in the spooky walk. Need help onSaturday October 21, 2017setting up. Everything that happens with the PTA makes it fantastic. Sign up, it makes a difference. When your kids see you involved in these events, they love it, and remember it forever.

Mrs. Dunne

We try to cater to all schedules.

Over the summer, a lot of work was done to prepare for the school year.

  1. Room 105 was made into a classroom
  2. Project in the library; platform was carpeted. Hopefully it will be used for genius hour and ted talk Jr.
  3. Some new concrete work around the school
  4. Brand new bleachers in the gym
  5. New Curtain in gym as well
  6. Summer Mighty Mind summer initiative
  7. it was a huge success
  8. opened the building for 2 hours; about 80 children came and learned.
  9. hope to add some pieces to it for the following summer
  10. Summer research projects.
  11. hoping to do morning announcements live in the entire school!

7. We have a new superintendent Dr. Kenneth Card

We had an opening day with K students arriving for their first full day of school.

We had welcome back assemblies to acclimate students back

We have had 2 fire drills so far.

Some changes to laws regarding emergency evacuation.

Before we break for the holidays, we will be having 4 lockdown drills. They will be a surprise to children. Assess children on how they are able to make themselves invisible to an intruder. If anyone comes to the school during that time, they will not be let in. It will last a little while.

You can be sure that children are being trained on how to respond to an emergency.

New School phycologist, Dr. Maziski; Mr. Leanord PE 2 days a week; Music teacher from Parkway, and library coming from Parkway…to accommodate the

Mr. Simone; PE teacher; every year Ronnie O’Donnell memorial 5K;October 22. Register online, you get a personalized bib. The flyers will go out next week.If you can help spread the word. A few major roads in our community will get shut down during the time of the 5K. More information will be coming to

Jill: Ronnie O Donnel was the school nurse here for a very long time…

Mrs. Dunne: Thank PTA for the ice cream party. The custodians worked tirelessly over the summer. If you could give them the kudos they deserve, that would be great.

State of McVey, one of the top schools in the State of New York. Niche is motivated by parent reviews; but we don’t have any parent reviews. We got there because of overall performance overtime. On Long Island, we are the 3rd highest ranking school. We are overall disclosing charter school. Our school is second to none. 9 to 1 student teacher ratio and ours is 15:1. Our school is doing better than any school in Sysosset, all but 1 in Jericho, but 1 school in Great Neck. Garden City,

Be a part of your childs education.Equally as important working on all those extra things; arts, music, etc.

southafrican work: it is the philosophy that you can be defined by how you treat other people; your self value is equal to the empathy, kindness, and serenity you show us;

Children have trouble distinguishing feelings. That is one of the things that we will be working on.

Feeding the right wolf. Cherokee legend about two wolves; a cherokee is sitting with his grandson, telling him that there are 2 wolves living inside each of us.one is dark, evil, self doubt, all of those things that make us feel badly about oiurslevs.the other is kindness, joy, etc. Which one wins?The one that you feed. The wolves that they feed will be the ones that win.Marriage of social, emotional growth and academics.

Bringing to school everyday, your very best; swedish word maraki.

The best way to get intouch with Mrs. Dunne during the day is through a phone call. Please call and not seek FB if there is a problem. If there is something going on, please reach out to us so that there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Mr. Coumer, Welcomed everyone. If there is anything we can do, we are help.we look forward to having a great school year.

We ask the faculty to make a square of a quilt and to have it be there representation on the McVey quilt.Its as they enter the building from the parking lot. The overwhelming theme is family, love, love of children. This is not a school; this is your children second home. Take alook at that, as it is a special indicators…

Jill: Ice cream social eventon Friday; NYCOB donated ice cream scoopers please take some before leaving. Stew Leonards; sprinkles and ice cream cones. It was a nice time, MR. TargroveDJed it was lots of fun. It says Behinds these doors, great things heppend, join the McVey PTA.

Heather: set upsmile.amazon.comas a charity; and McVey will earn money, easy way for us to get money. The other things we did was the Remind app. Teachers at woodland do it; so it’s a great way to

smile.amazon.comjust have to pick mccoy as a charity to donate to.

Stop and shop; you register and school gets some money from Stop and shop.

Welcome back sign at the school.

We are collecting Hurricane Harvey items.

Art Committee needs a chair/co chair:

Danica Valentine made a sash for the color guard

Shannon Necci introduced herself.

Bad Moms 2 movie Night; Nov 6, 7pm, 15 includes movie, popcorn, drink.

Long Island Nets game;January 20; lower level seating; $20 a ticket.surprise for the kids.it will be really fun for the kids

Models coupon good until beginning of Oct.

Pictures: 25/26 september. Please remember, as kids are off for Rosh Hashana for a couple of days and pictures aremondaytuesday.

Halloween Howl: the kids get to party like rockstarts; we give a lot away; we feed them; we need as many volunteers as possible for all of it.whatever time you can give for prepping or helping will be greatly appreciated. Only McVey students; do not bring siblings;

hat night, it would be a great help to us; the children look forward to this event every single year…Gym has a big dance party; Great food in the cafeteria; If you can be a volunteer t

If you know anyone that can donate baskets, or some food that you need specifically for your child, please let us know or recommend places where we can get something for the children.

Voting on Budget

Heather: all in favor of 2017-18 current budget as it is say I

Budget approved…

Kid stuff coupon book

By George school paper

PTA in the evening…

Andy Lindow; 5th grade committe; and 5th grade council so that children are involved in the fundraising; 2025 graduation year; FB group for parents;