Welcome to 2018! I Hope Everyone Is Enjoying Their Winter Break As Much As I Am

Welcome to 2018! I Hope Everyone Is Enjoying Their Winter Break As Much As I Am


Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone is enjoying their Winter Break as much as I am.

However, all breaks aside, we will be getting back into the swing of things on Tuesday. Now is a great time to restock on supplies. Somestudents could use glue sticks, headphones/earbuds, scissors, or a small pack (8) of crayons. Some students also need pencils cases. Ask your child about his or her supplies.


Reading Logs

Students have been doing a great job reading and filling out their Reading Logs often throughout the week. Keep up the great work! Students may use their time on Raz-Kids or their Reading Comprehension Folder on their Reading Logs. Just write Raz-Kids or Reading Folder under the story title and fill out how much time they were on the computer site or completing the folder.

Reading Skills Homework Folder

Students will be beginning the Reading Skills Worksheets in the blue folder. One worksheet page will be given on certain nights. Students should do the best they can on the pages. These are skills we have been working on and will continue to work on throughout the year. I will show the students how to complete these pages before I assign them.

Reading Books

I would like students to have chapter books available to read during down time and to use during reading class. I have many books in my classroom that the children can read, however I don’t always have everyone’s favorite books or series. Students can bring books to and from school daily, or keep books in the room to read.

Reading and Math MAP/CDT Practice

We will be taking the CDT computerized tests in January. It is similar to the MAP test the children have taken in the 1st and 2nd grades. They can practice skills found on the MAP Reading Comprehension test to improve all reading skills. Practice areas can be found on my website under MAP Practice for Math and Reading.


We are starting Chapter 6, Multiplication and Division, on Tuesday. It is very important that the children know their 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times tables fluently. It will make this chapter much easier for them.

a good way to practice these facts and the time can be put on the Math Calendar. You can use other sources as well.


Structures of Life Projects due by January 3rd.

We will be starting Earth Materials. Students will be learning about rock and minerals by being amateur geologists. They will learn how to tell certain minerals apart, and how to test for them. We will be completing a new STEM unit where students will try to discover which material is best suited to recreate a petroglyph. They will be also becompleting a small research project about their birthstone mineral with this unit. It can be found on the Science News section of my website.

Expected Behaviors

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe

These are the 3 basic rules that we encourage in our school. Please speak with your children about how they can show these traits in school, on the playground, in the cafeteria, and on the bus. Some children seem to forget the ways they can be respectful to each other, be responsible with their things, work and attitudes, and how to be safe.

Important Dates

Instrumental Lessons Every Friday

January2–Back to School

January 3 – Science Projects due

January 15 - No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 28 – Roller Skating Party

(other important dates will be provided throughout the month)