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GT-300 GPS Tracker

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Web Site and BRAND LOGO

  1. Introduction

Signal Indicator

A / B / C
LED(red) / LED(green) / LED(orange) / LED(blue)
steady / charging / Low power / Unsuccessful positioning / GSM/GPRS connection unsuccessful
Constant reduction / Complete charging
Slow flash / GT-300 normal work / Successful positioning / normal work
flicker / G-sensor status while sleeping
Flash twice / GSM connectionSuccessful GPRS connection unsuccessful
  1. Operation
  2. Insert Battery and SIM Card

SIMcard:Support GPRS / SMS / Phone Call

▲Turn the screw

▲ Left open the battery cover

▲Turn the back shell

▲ Prepare the battery and SIM card

▲ Right open the SIM card connector

▲Up the SIM card connector

▲Insert the SIMcard

▲ Cover up the SIM card connector

▲Take off the battery

▲Target the battery connector

▲Insert the battery cable to the limited space

▲Cover the battery case.

▲Lock by the screw

▲Finish the installation

2.2 Charge

▲Take out the USB cable

▲Confirm the Mini USB connector

▲GT-300 USBPort

▲Open the USB protector

▲Insert the Mini USB to GT-300 USB Port


▲It needs at least 2 hours for the full charge

2.3 Power on/off

▲When power on, long press the power key, the signal(green, orange, blue) will be on one by one.

▲When power off, long press the power key, the signal(green, orange, blue) will be on in the meantime.

2.4 SOS

▲ Press SOS, the three groups of the phone numbers you set will send SMS and alarm in the service web.


Download “TrackerConfig.zip” in the web ,



▲USBPort on PC

▲USB Cable

▲ Insert the USB Cable to the USBPort

▲ Insert the Mini USB end to the GT-300 USB Port

▲If it is not powered on, the device is in the status of charging when connected the PC USB port.

▲The device is in the status of working when press the power key.

▲ Basic setting: fill the car owner's phone number.

▲car owner's phone

1. The alert state in the web function can set SMS to send, and received by the car owner.

2. Car owner can dial the SIM card number in the device, to track.

▲GPRS Settings:Select and enter the country/telecom service provider/GPRS APN of the SIM card.

▲Web Service:

▲Click Save, and Yes to update the info for the device.

▲Make sure the info update complete.

▲ Close the device setting tool.

▲ Separatethe Mini USB from the device.


A area:Functions

B area: the status of the device

C area: tools

D area: the devices

E area: turn to pages

F area: Single tracking control.