Web Enhanced Only: Loading Content Into ANGEL

Web Enhanced Only: Loading Content Into ANGEL

Web Enhanced Only: Loading Content into ANGEL

All content is loaded under the Classroom tab in your shell classroom. If your college has requested it, the University standardized course content, including the syllabus, lectures, overviews, reference materials, etc, have been loaded for your use. Otherwise, it is only the shell. ANGEL is designed to allow content to be loaded in a number of ways so that information can be organized to meet your needs. You need to consider how you want the material organized and presented in your course. Material can be posted in the following ways:

Create an Item
/ Folder
Create a new folder to organize your content.
/ Page
Create a new page of content from scratch.
/ Link
Create a URL to link to a document on the World Wide Web.
/ Quiz
Create a new quiz, practice test or exam.
/ Survey
Create a new form or online survey.
/ File
Upload Zip, Word, Excel, graphic files and more from your computer.
/ Drop Box
Create a drop box for users to submit files for review or grading.
/ Game
Adds a crossword puzzle or quiz show content item.
/ IMS/SCORM Package
Adds a reference to a remote IMS/SCORM content package.
/ Discussion Forum
Adds a gradable Discussion Forum for collaboration or Q & A.

To add content of any type, go to your classroom shell and click on the Classroom tab>add content.

Click on Add Content

On the screen that appears, click on one of the selections provided under “Create an Item.” For example, let’s load a Syllabus with 2 options.

1)Click File and follow the online instructions to post the syllabus. Use the Browse button to identify a document from your personal computer files; please type in a Title for the document, i.e. BIB 123 Syllabus. Click Upload File. You will see a link to your document.


2) Click Page. Type in the Title, i.e. BIB 123 Syllabus. Under the Page Text box, click on HTML Editor. On the screen that appears, copy and paste your syllabus; then click Accept Changes. You will be returned to your original screen and the Page Text box now has your syllabus in it in HTML format. Click Save.

In either case, you will be returned to the Course Content screen. Notice that the word “BIB 123 Syllabus” now shows on the list.

Note: You can also use Folder under Create an Item to organize documents of the same type. For example, you could name a folder “Rubrics” and then use Add Content, “Page”, to add rubrics for several assignments.

The students will now be able to retrieve the material loaded under Course Content. If you have posted using File, students will have to use the link to download your syllabus onto their computer before opening it. If you have used Page, students will open the syllabus directly within ANGEL.

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