Watch Us Grow .We Re Adding a New Bank of ACT

Watch Us Grow .We Re Adding a New Bank of ACT

Watch us grow….We’re adding a new “Bank of ACT”

To streamline our system and place as much responsibility & ownership on ACT students as possible, we would ask parents to send $40.00 cash for deposits during the first week of each month. In other words, for the month of February we will accept deposits from Mon-Thur, 1/30/17 thru 2/2/17

Welcome to the Bank of ACT

While you are a customer at the B.O.A you will receive a “Bank book” with a money register.

That bank book is your (the students) responsibility. You are responsible for entering all banking transactions and having each transaction initialed/approved by a staff member.

Prior to going to the bank:

A deposit or withdraw slip will need to be filled out and approved (by a staff member)

Staff will approve slip AFTER verifying

  1. Accuracy of slip completion
  2. Verifying bank book balance accuracy

Once slips are approved and entry has been made in the bank book you are ready to line up at the bank during banking hours.

Banking hours:

Monday-Wednesday 10:15am-10:45am

(Deposits only during the first week of each month)


Re-opens @ 2:30 for deposits and receipts


Hand the banker the deposit slip and the money you are depositing.

The banker will verify the amount of cash given matches what is written on the deposit slip. The banker will stamp the slip if money and slip are accurate. If they are not accurate or incomplete the banker will send you back to your group to make corrections, you can return to the bank.

***The banker will enter all deposits into the student’s ledger**

Bank of ACT


These are done the same as a deposit however you will fill out a withdraw slip entering the amount of money you will need to go out in the community with. This will also be done with a staff member and that staff member will approve the bottom of the withdraw slip.

When withdrawing money at the bank you’ll need your withdraw slip and some form of ID this could be and ASB card, state id or your ACT work badge.

Once your slip is complete and ID is in hand you’re ready to line up when the bank opens.

***The banker will verify the amount to withdraw; initial that amount on the slop and give you( the student)the money requested.***

The student will then return to group with money and wallet/purse

Returning from the community:

Upon returning from your community outing, pick up your bank book and a deposit slip.

Each student that withdrew money and has change will need to fill out another deposit slip and make a new entry into their bank book (money register) and return to the bank when it opens with the deposit slip and the change leftover.

Students that use a debit card will still need to make the entry into their bank book writing down the amount spent.

All students need to have their name along with the staff members (that went out with them)initials on the back of every receipt

***All deposit slips and withdraw slips along with receipts will be filed into the student box under each students name***