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Site Council Minutes

Meeting Date: March 23, 2015

Room 217 at Vail Academy and High School

Members Attending: Betty Biswell, Bryan Witzens, Mea Santiesteban, Nick Mercurio-Sakwa, Tamra Ross, Gina DeLaRosa, Mike Meltonand Ed Kestler, Christy Creasy.

Also Attending: Dennis Barger, Tricia Kaparoff, and Mike Fester

Ms. Creasy called the meeting to order at 4:49 pm.

Mr. Witzens motioned to approve the minutes as presented. Mr. Kestler seconded the motion; all were in favor. Minutes were approved.

Old Business C:

School Plays: All members of the council received a copy of the new by-laws outlining the role of the council for approving plays and musicals, grades 7-12.

New Business A:
School Plays: Mrs. Young presented to the council a play approval form for “Murder In the Knife Room” by Jonathan Rand. Mrs. Young’s drama class will be performing this play Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the MPR. All members of the council received a copy of the play approval form pointing out the synopsis and hot spots. Mr. Barger pointed out we are the first school to go through this process. Mr. Barger’s recommendation was to approve the play as presented. Mr. Melton motioned to approve the play as presented. Mrs. Biswell seconded the motion; all were in favor. The play was approved.

Administrative Reports:

Mr. Barger reported to the council a few things coming upon the school calendar such as the Boxer Expo on Friday, April 24th 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. AzMerit testing, AP and ACT testing will also happen in April and early May. Mr. Barger shared today is the 1st day of the last quarter for one of the council members.


Mr. Barger spoke of Vail Pride Day in the Vail Vista. Support staff of the year Betsey Deevers and Teacher of the year Donna Misciagna. Science Fair winners, they listed all the kids that won the Academic Jeopardy, Math Bowl, we won the high school Math Bowl for the 2nd year in a row. In elementary and middle school we had our 6th grade and 8th grade win the academic jeopardy and 7th grade not only in Academic Jeopardy but Math Bowl tied than lost during the tie breaker. We also, had students recognized for their ACT scores and AIMs scores.

Mr. Barger recognized the Robotics team as they competed in the Arizona East Regional at Hamilton High School in Chandler. Mr. Barger shared with the council how the tournament worked. They will be off to Vegas March 25 to March 29th.

Mr. Barger also recognized Julie Ellis for coming in over break to work with FBLA students to get ready for the state competition. She was here Friday with students from 9 am to 7pm.

Consent Agenda: Mr. Meltonmotioned to approve, seconded by Mr. Witzens. Motion passed.

Old Business

Item A: Enrollment Summary – Mr. Barger shared current enrollment numbers with the council. We have held pretty steady with numbers. This is the first time in many years we held at 480-485. Normally we drop off after the Winter break. We will not be enrolling any new students as of now unless an opening for a current sibling opens.

Item B: Student Handbook-All members were given a copy of the handbook at the last meeting. All members were asked to read over the handbook and make notes of any items they feel need to be addressed. May’s meeting will be when the council votes on the new handbook.

New Business

Item B:School Budget: All members of the council received four pages of documents regarding the budget provisions. Mr. Barger explained the budget and what it will look like for the next couple years. Several questions were asked regarding VAHS becoming a public school, being chartered by the UofA, being charted by a private party. At this time Mr. Barger and Mr. Baker are discussing ideas.

Mr. Kestler motioned to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Mercurio-Sakwa. Motion passed at 6:04 pm.