Us Final Study Guide

Us Final Study Guide


TEST: 2nd – 28th.Jan: 945-1115/4th – 29.Jan: 810-940

1920s – Ch. 13, 14, 15

  • What is demobilization? (p.390)
  • Define Red Scare. (p.393)
  • What FOUR events caused the Red Scare?
  • When was the 18th Amendment ratified? What did it do?
  • List the positive AND negative effects of Prohibition.
  • Who are Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart?
  • Why is the Scopes trial significant? What was it about?
  • Define bootlegging. (notes)
  • Who is Al Capone?
  • Identify Eliot Ness and the Untouchables. Why are they important?
  • What does the 21st Amendment do? When was it ratified?
  • What TWO advancements led to a market for new products?
  • Define Scientific Management. (p.414)
  • Who is Henry Ford?
  • What is an assembly line? (p.415)
  • Why did many assembly line workers quit their jobs?
  • What is planned obsolescence? (p.420)
  • Identify FOUR medias used for advertising in the 1920s.
  • Define Fundamentalism. (p.428)
  • What are speakeasies? (p.422)
  • Explain the problem with easy credit.
  • How does a Bull Market compare with a Bear Market?
  • Define Margin Buying. (notes)
  • When was Black TUESDAY? What happens on that day?

WORLD WAR I – Ch. 12

  • When did World War I (WWI) start? What DATE did the US join? What DATE did the war end?
  • What single event “sparked” WWI to begin?
  • Explain Alliance Dominoes.
  • Who are the Allied Powers?
  • Who are the Central Powers?
  • What was the purpose/goal of the Schlieffen Plan?
  • Describetrench warfareand how it becomes a “stalemate”.
  • What is “no-man’s-land”? (p.358)
  • Explain the Selective Service Act. (p.364)
  • Explain “unrestricted submarine warfare”.
  • Why is the Zimmermann Telegram important? What was its goal?
  • Identify Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. (p.375)
  • What treaty was signed to end WWI?
  • Who are the “Big Four”?
  • How did failures of the Treaty of Versailles lead to WWII?


  • The quest for colonial empires is known as ______. What FOUR things drive it?
  • What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
  • What caused the US to enter the Spanish-American war?


  • When did women gain the right to vote? Which amendment gave them that right?
  • How did Wilson win the 1912 election without a majority vote?
  • Define tariff. (notes)
  • Who is Upton Sinclair?


  • Identify the difference between horizontal and vertical integration. (p.204/205)
  • Define Social Darwinism. (p.202)


  1. Identify and EXPLAIN in detail the four causes of World War I. Also, decide which of the four YOU believe had the greatest cause in starting the war. Be sure to provide examples to support your answer.
  1. Historians and economists blame several factors for the Great Depression. Examine the SEVEN causes we discussed in class by examining their cause, effect, and result. How are these causes related to one another?