University of Dundee NSMW Showcase Partner

University of Dundee NSMW Showcase Partner

University of Dundee NSMW Showcase Partner

Week 1

We’ve decided to make good use of Valentine’s Day landing this week. We have events planned throughout the week aimed at raising awareness of the services the Student Funding Team offers and promoting better money management. Our financial capabilities mascot, Penny, will be on campus at various scheduled events channelling her inner Cilla Black, offering her wisdom on dating on a budget. She has lots of money-saving tips and advice on unique and affordable date ideas to surprise your loved ones, along with inexpensive yet personal gift ideas. Penny also has a special Valentine’s card to send to staff at the University to make sure they’re up-to-date on what the Student Funding Team has to offer. This week will be light-hearted and interactive to ease students into the initiative and help break down the sigma that can be attached to money worries. Students will be able to share their experiences with us and each other, and this will help reassure them they’re not alone in thinking about money.

Week 2

Using the pay day loans topic, the Student Funding Team will be on hand to give information on the emergency loan service offered by the University. There will be a pop-up shop “selling” many popular items on hire purchase, showing the realities of the expense the buyer will really incur over the payment period. Penny will also be battling loan sharks! COSLA and the Stop Loan Sharks Campaign have very kindly given us a number of freebies and leaflets to hand out during the week.

Week 3

“Rent, Heat, Save, Repeat” is the title for our events incorporating the accommodation and energy-saving theme. We have organised for the Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Project to come along and work with students. We also have an energy monitor loan scheme we will be promoting. As we know students can find managing their finances an even bigger challenge when moving from halls to private accommodation, the Student Funding Team will be offering information to help students with the transition. This will be accompanied by a Q and A session in person and on social media using the hashtags.

Week 4

As the theme for this week is healthy mind, healthy body, we have dedicated days of the week to different interpretations of the theme. We will be teaming up with the University gym and Sports Union to promote the benefits of exercise and activity, at the same time showing students how to do this on a budget. We will be working with our Enquiry Centre to promote healthy eating at affordable prices and challenging the students to a brand v own label challenge. As a treat and since it will be Shrove Tuesday, we will be making pancakes for students in exchange for them giving us one of their money-saving tips. Working with the library staff, academic skills unit and careers service, we will focus on maximising productivity when studying and how to give yourself a little boost without breaking the bank. A member of the gym staff will holding an energy boosting free fitness class for students. We also have a massage therapist coming in to offer free mini sessions with students to help stress release. Finally, we will be working with counselling and disability services to promote the importance of relaxation and chill out time from the pressures of being a student. Our gym instructor will be holding a free equilibrium session for students that mixes tai chi, yoga and pilates in order to help students have some “me” time.

Along with face-to-face events, we will be posting money-saving tips, competitions and event details using our social media accounts, @DundeeUniMoney